5 Best Spell Checker Tools For Faultless Writing


Are you a student, writer or blogger? 

If you’re serious about your writing, then you need to use spell checker tools.


Well, Writing is a tricky job where you have to spend hours of time to craft the essential things such as business emails, project files, essays, assignments or articles for your blog or client. 

The spelling mistake is the common fault make by most of us, and sometimes we need a person or software to proof-read the content

Yes! I came across many students and bloggers with the questions

How to check my essay for spelling?

How To spell check my sentence?

Where to check my writing to get the correct spelling of words?

Which is the best spelling mistake checker tool? 

And much more queries related to English spelling correction! 

If you also have any of these questions in mind, then you are at the right place to find the ideal spell check app to get error-free writing! 

Before getting into the details, let’s see what features that the spell checker tools can possess which could polish your writing skills! 

What Can A Spell Checker Do?

Professional spell checker tools help you to remove the elements of ambiguity in your content. Along with that it will help you to polish your work and render your articles and make them free from syntax, punctuation and spelling errors.

Key features of online spell checker tools are

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  • Identify repetitive words.
  • Vocabulary enhancements and identifies complex sentences.
  • Suggest synonyms for most used words.
  • Suggest simpler words.
  • Identifies correct words used in the wrong context.
  • Some tool even detects plagiarism and grammatical errors[/tie_list]

Now, it’s time to have a look at the best English spell checker tools that are worth using! 

Top 5 Spell Checker Tools To Get Errorless Content

Now, let’s have a glance at five best spell checker tools that can help you write error-free content.


1. Grammarly

If you are searching for the best online spell check tool, then I recommend Grammarly because it is an excellent auto spell check app that instantly detects the spell faults in your writing. 

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform which helps writers to write better content. This tool checks for more than 400 types of grammar, spelling, punctuation errors along with enhancing vocabulary suggestions.

You can use this Grammarly tool just by creating your free account and installing its free extension to your browser. It allows you to proofread your content wherever you write on your browsers such as Facebook, Email, Website, etc. 

This fantastic online spell checker will help you to get rid of simple and silly spelling and grammatical errors. Grammarly for Mac OS is available, and you can use it for Microsoft Word as well. 

If you need advanced help from Grammarly means you should upgrade your Grammarly account to its premium version.

Features Of Grammarly

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  • Identifies critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Genre-Specific writing style checks
  • Detects all repetitive words.
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Weak adjectives
  • Word suggestions
  • Missing articles
  • Outdated Spelling checks[/tie_list]

Once you have started using the premium version of Grammarly, then you will never stop using the tool. 

Download Grammarly

2. Ginger

Ginger is another world-class grammar checker that can help you a lot in correcting your spelling and grammar mistakes.

It can help you resolve typos, sever spelling mistakes, misused words and phonetic mistakes with unmatched accuracy based on the context of the sentence. This tool stats that it uses patent-pending technology to correct grammar errors that’s why they will get unmatched accuracy.

Along with these advanced features the most likable feature of ginger is its single click proofreading option. You can correct all your grammatical and spelling mistakes in a single click to make your content error free.

Ginger has both free and paid versions. Premium version is having lots of advanced features along with that it is also having a desktop and Android app for mobile users. Depending on your task you can opt for the best option.

Features Of Ginger

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  • Sentence rephrases
  • Contextual spelling
  • Text reader
  • Misused words
  • Available in 50 languages[/tie_list]

Having the spelling book for the Misspelled and Confusing words is the important quality of the Ginger website spell checker tool. 

Get Ginger Software

3. White Smoke

WhiteSmoke is an amazing “Check my Writing” software that helps you to ensure your writings are crystal clear and error-free. In my earlier days of blogging, I was using this tool and impressed with its features. 

This free spell check app also earned golden awards from the topnotch sites like Forbes, and toptenreviews. It uses tailor-made technology which helps you to find out grammar, punctuation, structures and other writing style errors.

Even though the White Smoke is a free spelling correction online application, it can be a perfect alternative to the Grammarly tool. It offers various handy tools such as style checker, structure checker, plagiarism checker, grammar and syntax checker, etc. 

Features Of White Smoke

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  • Enhance your sentences with word suggestions.
  • Detects all kind of typos and common spelling mistakes.
  • Gives detailed information about your writing style.
  • Checks your grammar to perfection with the grammar checker[/tie_list]

Get WhiteSmoke

4. After The Deadline

After The Deadline is also known as “Polish My Writing.” It is an excellent tool to check grammatical and spelling errors.

The specialty of this tool it comes with a built-in spell checker tool with additional features. Along with these, you can check the readability of your content as well.

Firstly, signup for this site and install the extension in your browser. Then you need to click on the extension and select options. It will open the extension setting page where you can click on the check button that you want, or you can uncheck those settings.

After The Deadline tool will work while writing your blog posts, essays or assignments. All you have to do is click on the spell check icon. It is situated at the bottom right corner of the editor.

Features Of After The Deadline

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  • Contextual spelling checker
  • Advanced style checking tool
  • Misused word suggestions
  • Helpful Grammar checker[/tie_list]

Visit After the deadline

5. Online-Spellcheck

If you write a lot of content and want to proofread your content, then make use of this effective online spell checker tool.

Generally, this tool will not offer any extension, so whenever you need to check your content you need to copy paste your content from your text editor, or you can even type your content and hit check text.

This correct spelling tool will automatically check for spellings and grammatical errors. It highlights the words in color form so that you can quickly identify what mistakes you have made in your content.

Here Red color stands for errors, Orange color stands of Unknown, Green stands for Auto Corrected, and Blue stands for correct by the user.

If you are tired of correcting your mistakes in good old fashion, then you can use this useful spell checker tool because of its auto-correct feature all you’re spelling errors will be automatically corrected. Coming to the other errors, you can quickly replace them with replace option.

Features of Online-Spellcheck

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  • Auto-correct feature
  • Unknown word checker
  • Enter a URL and find out errors
  • Upload a document to correct the mistakes
  • You can even upload from the cloud
  • Can create your own rules[/tie_list]

Visit Online-Spellcheck


Sometimes, you may struggle with the complicated spelling of some words and make mistakes in your writing. To avoid such embarrassing situations, the spell checker tools have been made. 

Moreover, It is vital to proofread your content before delivering it to your client or before publishing it on your website or before submitting the essays & assignment as it is related to reputation. 

Although there are tons of tools & software’s readily available on the market and web, I have spent quality time to list out the reliable products to correct the spelling mistakes. 

So,  what do you think about these tools? How do you spell check your writing? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.  

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