Genogram Maker Apps For Mac, Android, and Windows

Are you puzzling how to make a Genogram? Want to create a family tree? Then this article is for you that has an excellent list of Genogram maker resources! 

A person is nothing without their family; it is every person’s backbone. How about creating a family tree and displaying beautiful relationships among individuals?

Moreover, it comes convenient when someone is experiencing a particular health issue which could be majorly due to family history. 

How To Make A Family Tree On Mac, Android & Windows? 

There is plenty of family tree apps which can be used to create genogram. It is the best choice if you are looking forward to recording the family history, manage data, use the same for comprehensive genealogy research.

What Is Genogram?

A genogram is a smart way to build a family tree. It comes extremely handy when you want to analyze the hereditary factors and psychological patterns between the relationship. Moreover, it helps the doctors and physicians to get an idea about trends of family health history quickly. It usually has an impact on the current patient’s state.

The primary use of family tree app is to create and identify the hereditary pattern; it is highly prevalent in the field of medicines, social work, genetic patterns, education sector, psychology and lot more. There are many online drawing tools which can be used to develop genograms for families.

Every genogram includes necessary information like full name, gender, date of birth, common behaviors, patterns, occupation, life event, chronic illness, family relationship, habits, lifestyle, etc. The data can vary because there is no limitation when it comes to the family tree. Majorly genogram symbols and genogram templates are used for easy understanding.

Need of Genogram Tools?

We need genogram tools to have clear and consolidated information; this online drawing tool puts together everything in a readable format. The therapist uses genogram symbols to display and diagnose health issues, psychological behavior, personal problem, chronic illness, etc.

Moreover, the genogram templates help to manage all the date in a precise, readable and organized manner which can be effectively used in future too.

Genogram-Maker Apps For Mac

To create genogram, it is must to have a useful software which can be used to develop a highly specific type of diagrams, symbols, and genogram templates. How to make a Genogram on Mac? 

Here are best 3 Genogram Maker For Mac which are loaded with features and can create smooth, interactive and detailed genograms.


1. SmartDraw

When it comes to user-friendly Genogram Maker Apps For Mac, SmartDraw tops the chart. It is a useful tool which develops attractive genograms super fast. If you are a health practitioner, SmartDraw is the best choice. It is powerful and makes professional looking genograms for detailed research work. Moreover, you get access to a lot of genogram templates which can be customized and edit as per need.

Visit – SmartDraw Genogram Maker 

2. ProGeny Pedigree

The ProGeny Pedigree is highly preferred by the medical professional; it works best to describe the hereditary pattern and genetical health issues. Moreover, with ProGeny Pedigree, you can develop Pedigree charts for free. It is one of the best tools for Mac which has an excellent user interface and provides vital data in a consolidated form which is used to track down genetical illnesses in families.

Visit – ProGeny

3. Edraw

The Edraw tool is available for Mac which includes genogram symbols for creating customized genogram. There are several symbols and default genogram templates to describe the family relationship, emotional conditions, medical state, etc. The final output of this family tree maker can be exported and saved in the form of PNG, PDF form.

Visit – Edraw Genogram Maker

Genogram Maker Apps For Windows

When it comes to windows, there are the best tools to create genograms. Here are the best three tools which have an excellent user interface and they are super-efficient as well.

4. Free Genogram Maker

With the help of Free Genogram Maker, you can build a nice family drawing. The features are simple, and this windows app is also super compact. This genogram maker app is compatible with almost all version of windows that includes Windows 98, Server 2008, 7 and 8.

Download – Free Genogram Maker 

5. WinGeno

It is another free tool for Windows, which contains default genogram templates which can be used to create a family tree. You can customize the genogram templates and convert the final output into PDF, Excel, PPT, etc.

Download – WinGeno

6. GenoPro

The GenoPro works well for students and school projects, with GenoPro creating a family tree for research is easy. It is an excellent choice to manage crucial family information; you can show the family legacy with the help of this online Genogram maker tool.

Visit – GenoPro

Genogram Maker Apps for Android

Here are the best Genogram creator apps for Android, the below-mentioned tools are well compatible with android mobile phone and tab.

7. Family Tree Maker – FamilyGTG

Now building genogram is extremely easy; the family tree app for Android is a pocket-friendly choice to analyze family history. With this app, you can search member via name, add their personal information, marriage details, mention descendants, add daily event reminders and lot more.

Install – Family Tree Maker 

8. RootsMagic

Now, build your family tree within just a few taps with the help of RootsMagic genogram maker app for android. It can be used for family research; it does not have an option to add multiple parents. The user interface is intuitive, and the app is available free of cost.

Install – RootsMagic

9. FamilySearch Tree

Ancestry is another fabulous genogram making app for Android which is an excellent family tree app. With the help of this app, you can discover your family pattern, historical data, photos, social behavior, chronic illness and a lot more. It is a free Genogram maker for Android where you can easily add, edit and share your family history. 

Install – FamilySearch Tree 

10. Ancestry

Ancestry is a nice Android app to preserve and share your family history with a family tree. In just a few clicks, you can make the family tree and add members to the tree from FaceBook. Uploading the pictures and facts to the Genogram is an easy task with this Genogram Maker for Android. 

Install – Ancestry

Wrapping Up

A Genogram tool is helpful to understand the people and relationship within a family. It displays patterns in the family, generational factors, behaviors in a single consolidated form.

In short, it works as a framework to explain an individual’s life. These tools can be used to customize and edit crucial family information to build a family tree.

So, if you are looking for nice Genogram templates for your family tree project, you may make use of these Genogram maker tools and create a good one. 

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