6 Best Snipping Tools For Mac OS That Deserves To Use

Snipping tools are similar to little apps which helps to efficiently take screenshots of your Mac desktops, that also includes the active windows.

If you are not looking forward to capturing the entire screen and want to focus on only a single portion of the Mac desktop, snipping tools come handy.

Taking a snapshot of the screen is the easiest way to make a copy of something. This is why snipping tools are majorly used.

Here is the list of 7 best snipping tool for Mac users to take the high-quality screenshots of anything you saw on your Mac computer screen.

These tools have a simple and effective interface and come with built-in functionalities to enhance the image of the screenshot.

Let’s see How To Snip On Mac! 

6 Amazing Mac OS Snipping Tools For Screen Capturing 


1. Grab

The Mac operating system has Grab built in. It is an excellent snipping tool for Mac to capture the screen including the cursor. The Grab snipping tool is available in applications and utilities. You get an option to select the active windows.

You can drag to select and with the help of timer option set up a menu for the perfect screenshot. The screen mode of this Mac OS snipping tool allows you to capture the screen by clicking on it. All you need is to position the cursor accurately.

Once the screenshot is taken, you can save them as image files. There are many screen capture features available in Grab which is fully supported by the keyboard shortcuts.

The best part is, the Grab snipping tool comes will all the latest versions of the Mac operating system, you don’t need to download it separately.

All the screenshot captured by Grab is saved in the PNG image format, this format ensures lossless image. The size of the PNG file is little bulky; you can also change the file format to JPEG, GIF or PDF as per your choice.

Here are the complete guidelines to use Grab for Mac to capture the screen of your choice! 

Best Features Of Grab Snipping tool for Mac

  • The interface of Grab is easy to use.
  • Grab allows multiple screen capture modes.
  • Grab is inbuilt in all latest version of MacOS.
  • Available free of cost.

2. Snagit

When we talk about the best premium snipping tools, Snagit is a powerful tool. It works seamlessly on both Mac and windows. This tool specializes in capturing nice screenshots, video stills, animated GIFS in a fast and straightforward way.

With the help, if Snagit you can also capture scrolling screens. The tool allows you to capture the entire desktop, a particular region, and even window. It provides many features which enable you to take a screenshot as per your need.

Moreover, when you get the desired screen capture via this excellent snipping tool, it also provides you with an option to edit the captured image, add effects and do the necessary modification.

This MacBook snipping tool comes with multiple options to magnify the particular object, create stamps, include text and lot more. It is the perfect screen capture Mac tool for content creators, educators, businesses, digital marketers or anyone who wants to develop visually exciting and engaging content. 

Best Features Of Snagit

  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • The wide range of flexible choices to modify the screen capture as per your choice. Best snipping tool for content creators.
  • Built-in advanced image editing features and screen recording options to edit, add and modify the visual content.

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3. Greenshot

If you are looking for an advanced snipping tool with great features, Greenshot is a reliable choice. The Greenshot tool comes with inbuilt OCR captioners, which allows you to take a screenshot of a particular region, window or the entire desktop. You can capture the whole web page without any add-ons.

Once you have taken the screenshot with this brilliant Mac OS snipping tool, you can save it as an image file, send to print directly or can every copy to the clipboard. The screenshot can be attached in the form of email or can be uploaded online via Picasa or other similar photo websites.

Greenshot provides multiple options to work on the captured screen that includes highlighting, editing, annotate and then export in your desired image file format. The best part about Greenshot is, it is free of cost and executes seamlessly on both Windows and Mac operating system.

So, if you can’t buy the premium software and look for the best free snipping tool for Mac OS, then Greenshot is the ideal choice. 

Best Features Of Greenshot

  • Open source snipping tool, which comes with exciting built-in features.
  • A light weighted snipping tool with an excellent user interface.
  • An effective tool to annotate or obfuscate the selected screen capture.

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4. Lightshot

Lightshot is a capable snipping tool which works for both Mac OS and Windows. This tool is helpful to select the desired active window and capture the screen.

You get a choice to add timers and edit the image to make it look appealing. Moreover, Lightshot comes with a social sharing option; you can directly share the final captured and edited the image on social media sites.

The most significant plus point of this screen snipping tool for Mac is the user interface; the navigation is easy and simple to use.

With the help of Lightshot, you can choose any area on your desktop, capture the screen with two button clicks. You can select the tool to edit the captured image and save it or share it on the social media page.

In short, Lightshot is used by various content creators to enhance the overall image and use high-end features to make the final capture appealing to the audience. It is the top snipping tool for Mac free download available, and hence you could utilize its best features. 

Best Features Of Lightshot

  • Helps to capture the screen via drag and select option efficiently.
  • Additional tools are handy to edit the captured screen, and the final image can be easily shared via social media.
  • Works seamlessly in Mac, and Chrome operating system.
  • The user interface of Lightshot is straight forward and intuitive.

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5. Screencloud

The Screencloud works as both a snipping and sharing tool for Mac. It has the usual drag and select option along with the timer to capture the image.

In addition to these features, Screencloud allows you to share the captured image with your friends and colleagues in the cloud. Moreover, apart from sharing the file, you can save it locally in the desired image format.

The Screencloud snipping tool is simple to use and highly efficient tool with a few different editing options. You don’t need to install any tool to get started. The Screencloud can be used as a browser extension.

Screencloud provides an additional option to share the screen capture on favorite image sharing sites like Dropbox, Imgur, etc. It is another free snipping tool for Mac in the list. 

Best Features Of Screencloud

  • It helps to capture and save images locally quickly.
  • The browser extension does the screen capture effectively without the need to install the tool.
  • Hotkey or just a tap on the screenshot button provides the best capture.

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6. Apowersoft Mac Screenshot

Apowersoft works as a full-fledged screenshot app for the Mac operating system. It is simple to take a screenshot of the Mac desktop. This snipping tool comes with a built-in uploaded an image editor to enhance the final image.

This Safari snipping tool is capable of adding annotations like brushes, rectangles, including texts, adding highlights, etc. Moreover, it helps to save the screenshot of the image in any image format of your choice. The vast editing options come extremely handy for unique content creation.

Moreover, with the help of Apowersoft, you zoom in the desktop screen before capturing it. This zoom technique offers more explicit text. In short, Apowersoft offers multiple screenshot outputs of the image. 

Best Features Of Apowersoft

  • This snipping tool comes with vast image editing options.
  • The zoom option is highly helpful to enhance the readability.
  • Easy one clicks uploading and sharing the image.

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How To Take Screenshot In Mac? 

I have been using the MacBook Pro for the past couple of months for my blogging and writing profession. It’s simply a great gadget that lets me work with high productivity. 

When you are in a hurry or not in a mood to use the professional snipping tool for Mac, then you may use the easy screen capturing shortcuts to get the job done. 

Let me tell you, how to take the screenshot in MacBook quickly without any dedicated tool! 

  1. Shift + Command + 3 = Entire Page Screenshot
  2. Shit + Command + 4 = Selected Screen Capture
  3. Shit + Command + 3 + Space Bar = Desired Window

Wrapping Up

So, are you ready to Snip it for Mac? It’s that simple with the awesome tools available. 

These are some brilliant tools that make the capture of screen easy; the best part is, these tools come with multiple features so that you can enhance the image quality.

Finally, upload the edited file in desired image format or any image sharing website or social media sites. These tools do the core job of taking screenshots well.

If you need the Mac version of snipping tool, then go with the in-built app “Grab” from Mac device. 

If you can’t afford the paid tool and search for free snipping tool download for MacBook, get either Greenshot or Lightshot.

When you have massive work and looking for a dedicated snipping tool for Mac, buy Snagit or APowerShot premium tool that I’ve listed in this blog post. 

Now, you tell! Which snipping tool would you like to get it for your Mac device? 

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