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What is FoneMonitor? What are its best features? Let me tell you all about this mobile phone tracker through this post! 

Undoubtedly digital devices are addictive; everyone can spend hours exploring new thing online; it includes both adults and kids. You are not much aware of the time spent.

It is the worst enemy when you want to be productive, even when you keep a check on your child’s screen time you might always not be aware of things which are simply popping on the screen from nowhere.

Both children and pre-teens extensively use the smartphone; it is not only a great choice to research studies but also essential to stay in touch with their parents when they are away.

When you hand over the smartphone, the kids can easily get access to the internet; it is the gateway for huge information. But, unregulated use of the internet is not at all safe for kids.

So, you might be wondering, how to track my child’s phone without them knowing? 

Well, it is a must for the parents to monitor the kid’s activities and you also don’t want your child to get distracted. It can be tough at times; thankfully there is a brilliant tool which can help you to keep a track on smartphones remotely.

Now, you are can be aware of the content which is been seen and read online by your loved one, kids and employees via FoneMonitor, it is also an effective tool to monitor the activities of employees, manager so that they utilize the work hours to the fullest instead of checking out anything else on the web.

What Is FoneMonitor?


FoneMonitor is a brilliantly designed tool which can perform different activities and helps to effectively monitor the target smartphones. All you need is to install the tool on the target smartphone which you want to monitor.

This phone monitoring app works seamlessly on both Android as well as iOS. It can be accessed in almost all the major languages that include English, Japanese, French and also Spanish.

How FoneMonitor Works To Track Any Smartphone?

The FoneMonitor is the best Android monitoring solution without rooting the device. All you need is an active internet connection to gets started; using it is very simple. It involves three basic steps


  • The initial step is to create an account on their website.
  • The next step is to install the FoneMonitor tool on the target smartphone which you want to monitor. It is mandatory to verify the target smartphone; this will ensure that the smartphone is linked with your FoneMonitor account.
  • The final step is to monitor the target smartphone activities via the online account.

FoneMonitor is a premium application; you must create an online account to access all the advanced feature of the tool. However, you may try it for free before buying the premium plan. 

It is must have legal authority of the target device in order to monitor the smartphone; else it would be considered as a violation of the individual’s privacy policy.

Best Features Of FoneMonitor

Following are the exceptional qualities of the best spy tracker app for phones, FoneMonitor! You will come to know how to check phone activity! 

1. Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard of FoneMonitor is simple to use and highly intuitive. The dashboard provides all information likes battery level, the current status of GPS, last know location, the last message received, last call, topmost calling contacts, the recent five messaging contacts, etc.

The dashboard is excellent, and you can immediately get to know about the current status of the smartphone whether it is locked or in use.

2. Keeps A Check On Social Networking Apps

This is another excellent feature of FoneMonitor; you can keep a track on the social networking sites of target smartphone. Everyone spends tremendous time on social media sites, both the kids and adults can get distracted easily on social media sites.

This best phone monitoring app can easily spy up to 13 social media application that includes Facebook, messenger, Skype, Instagram. Tinder, hangouts, WhatsApp and a lot more. You can easily monitor up to 5 apps at once; there is an option to toggle between the “feature Status ” and “OFF” for any desired application.

The tool is also helpful in taking the screenshots of the app; this will help you to monitor the loved one effectively. You have an idea about the message being sent and received.

3. Access The Browsing History

The internet is a hub of information, both right as well as wrong. It is very important to check the browsing history like what is the website which is last visited, how much time is spent, are they surfing the web to get right and important information. All this can be found in the browser history section of the app; in fact, you can notice the URL link and the number of times visiting the website.

4. Track Calls And Messages

The FoneMonitor is effective in tracking all the calls, messaged that include state, time and also the duration. You can also know whether the call is incoming or outgoing and you can see the phone number along with their contact names. You can read both sent and received the message on the dashboard.

5. Set Restrictions

This phone spying app can also help to limit the device time; the option schedule restriction allows you to define a particular start and end time to use the device. Once the device reaches end time, the device gets locked automatically, and the individual cannot open the basic apps like phone and even a camera. You can get a timer for selected days and also all seven days a week.

6. Get Current Location And Activate Geofences

This spyware app allows you to keep track of the last location when the GPS is activated. If your child is in any specific area, you can also activate the geofence with a specific circle.  You also have an option to receive an alert in the form of an email. You get prompted via email when the target is away from the geofence circle.

7. Get Screenshots

This is another helpful feature of FoneMonitor. You can simply capture a screenshot of the current activities of the target device. Once you tap on the “Take Screenshot” option, you can immediately get the screenshots of their phone in just a few seconds.

8. Access To Photos And Videos

With the help of this option, you can track the photos and videos on the target device; you also have an option to download the images and video file on your current device.

9. Track Keyboard

The FoneMonitor also helps to keep a tab on what your child is typing from their keyboards. You can read all the typed words and sentence of the target phone via your dashboard. The Keylogger feature is highly helpful to read what is going on your child’s mind.

10. Blocking Of App

It is one of the best tracking apps for cellphones that allows you to see what all app is installed; you also have a choice to block the app and keep a tab on all the app activities. You can easily block the apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Tinder on the target app.

11. Phrase Alerts

Some special type of keywords or text which you find not appropriate for your child can be restricted but enabling alerts. You get immediately notified via mail when such text, word or phrase is being used while calling, messaging or browsing online.

12. Check Emails

The FoneMonitor tool has a special feature which allows you to check the emails received on Android smartphones; it means you can keep a track on Gmail and Microsoft outlook accounts. You can check all the incoming as well as outgoing emails including the email’s content, subject and time, etc.

Benefits Of FoneMonitor Tool

Why should you get this cellphone monitoring app? Check the below reasons! 

  • In order to get started with FoneMonitor, you don’t need any rooting of the device. That means you can easily track all the apps like Facebook, and Whatsapp without rooting the smartphone.
  • It does not need any jailbreaking of your iOS devices, but due to the iOS policies, you can access limited features.
  • The overall user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Once you create FoneMonitor online account and the target phone is connected, you can keep a track on the activities of the smartphone.
  • This phone tracking software can be effectively used on the desktop as well as on mobile phones just open it on the phone browser and keep track of the target smartphone. It is easy to monitor the child when you are on the go.
  • This spyware app does not occupy much battery of the target phone. Data sync happens in just a few seconds.

Wrapping Up

FoneMonitor is one of the best and well-designed tools which makes monitoring of smartphone easy and effective. It has almost all the needed feature which is must for spying parents.

The advanced features of this spy app are not only track the kids but also the employee if you are looking at this tool for your company.

You can always get an alert when your child is indulging into any unnecessary activities or browsing. Moreover, you can set a fixed schedule to use the device, and you can also block the apps if you feel it is not safe for your kids.

With the help of FoneMonitor app tracking, the browsing history with URL is easy, you can also see what is running on the target phone’s screen.

In short, the FoneMonitor is an amazing secure teen app which is available with great features at an affordable choice. If you are puzzling on how to track a cell phone without them knowing, then it is the ideal app to proceed! 

You can get this phone spy tool through special pricing now! 



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