How To Write A Resume For The First Time – A Complete Guide

Writing your first resume can be struggling and a tedious task, if you are the one who doesn’t know where to get started, here are the essential resume writing tips which can help you in your job hunting.

Excellent resume writing skill is important to grab the right job, many students and graduates often find it difficult to write an appealing resume. If you want to know how to write a resume with no experience you are in the right place. Here are the best

Helpful Tips To Write Your First Resume


1.Emphasize On The Education

If you are a fresher or a graduate, your education is the biggest asset which you must showcase in your resume. If you are not sure about How long should a resume be, you can Hire Resume writer.

They are skilled professionals who display your academic skills under the education section. It is not mandatory to include the school name but you can always display the other achievements. If you have scored a high GPA make sure to include the same.

2.Highlight Work Experience If Any

If you are a fresher or an individual with relatively less work experience, then it is advisable to approach a professional resume writer. These trained personals can highlight your relevant experience based on the job type.

3.Select the Professional Resume format

As you know, a resume is a professional document, which replicates your personality and professional information, which is must while you are applying for a job. Before beginning with resume writing, you must select the format. Here are 3 types of resume format

  • Reverse Chronological resume
  • Skilled based resume
  • Combinational

Reverse Chronological Resume

This format is highly preferred by Resume writer, it is the most used format among the job seekers. You can do little changes in the format based on your level of experience.


  1. Preferred by recruiters
  2. Depicts vertical career growth
  3. Best if you want to apply similar job profiles


  1. Avoid this format if you have taken professional breaks
  2. Not suitable for those who are looking for a career switch.
  3. Frequent job switching
  4. Lack of creativeness

Skilled Based Resume

The primary focus of this type of resume is to showcase the abilities and skills of individuals. It is best if you want to emphasize on the qualification and skill sets to job providers. This type of resume works well if you have good skills to put on a resume.


  1. Gap or break in the professional graph.
  2. Change in the career path
  3. Emphasize and highlight a particular skill set
  4. Best for entry-level job seekers and freshers


  1. Lack of convincing skills
  2. Not suitable for experienced professionals.


This is the combination of both reverse chronological and skilled based format. This type of Resume writing works well for professional with good experience and great skill sets.


  1. Best to showcase special functional skills
  2. Expertise in a particular subject
  3. Switch in a career path or highlighting a specific ability


  1. Not a common type
  2. Not suitable for fresher and entry-level candidates

4. Display Achievements

If you have a good experience, under each work experience, you can mention the roles and responsibilities you took care in that position. List all the achievements which can add more value to the company. A reliable resume writing services can help you to write a quality resume.

5. Use Special Keywords

Search for the common and popular skills, look for essential keywords which can be included in your resume. If the hiring official is taking a glance at your resume, these unique keywords are of great help which can help you to grab a good job which fits your skill set.

It is best to create a readable resume, highlight the headlines, crucial facts, achievements. Avoid big paragraphs and too much data. To show variation, you can highlight the important points with bold, italic, keywords or even phrase.

6. Keep It Descriptive

If you wonder how to write a resume for the first time, you won’t have many things to include your resume. The resume for freshers and graduate should not be more than a single page. It is advisable to fill the entire page. A Professional resume writer can help you to create a detailed resume.

7. Skip The Non Relevant Part

The primary role of a resume is to emphasize and highlight your skills which can add value to the company and form; it is always advisable to leave out the things which are not relevant. This is one of the critical Resume writing tips which you should not ignore.

8. Don’t Miss to Mention the Basic Information

It is evident for a resume to carry necessary information like full name, residential address, contact number, email ID and date of birth. It is always advisable to include a permanent contact address; it can be your parent’s address as well.

Also, take care while mentioning the email ID. Keep the user ID simple and avoid objectional terms and numbers. You can also set up a new email ID only for professional dealings.

9. Proof Reading

While resume writing avoids using the word “I”, try to use strong words like created, developed, involved, organized, designed, etc. If you are a fresher and need help, don’t hesitate to hire a resume writer. Avoid sending a resume without thoroughly proofreading it.

An error-free resume not only looks attractive but is the best key to get you land to the personal interview round. It is must to have flawless language skills and grammar to make sure the readers have extra interest in going through your resume.  Avoid including any negative feedback about previous employer or yourself.

10. Never Lie or Mention Fake Information

If you are a professional with experience or a fresher, never every lie or add any false information thinking the company won’t figure it out. The companies usually do background checking, hence don’t misinterpret the information or lie on your resume. You may end up getting blacklisted from the job seekers list.

11. Select Attractive Yet Readable Font Type

The Resume writing services can help you to design an attractive and readable resume. Most people prefer the default font of Microsoft, i.e. Times New Roman. You can always look for other beautiful font types, make sure it is readable, simple and look better on screen. Avoid using your resume as your canvas, too much of artistry won’t look good on a professional resume.

12. Add On with a Catchy Cover Letter

A good resume should be backed with a well-formatted cover letter; it helps to describe the tone of your resume. It conveys the message in a convincing way to your interviewer. Hence, properly select a cover letter to impress your interviewer and achieve growth in your career.

Wrapping Up

In short, your resume is the gate pass for the job interview; it should be attractive as well as informative. It is best to take help from a reputed professional resume writer to create an appealing, short and to the point resume.

Moreover, These above-mentioned resume writing tips will help you to build an apt resume which showcases your talent and skill set.

I hope you have learned how to write a resume for the first time through this blog post. Is everything clear? Share your viewpoint in the comment section! 

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