Everything You Should Know About VPN – Why It Is Essential?

Nowadays, the internet has become less secure space to rely upon even though the banking and other financial transaction services are highly secured; there are lot many cases of hacking and online theft reporting.

The hackers are creating a storm by cracking the highly secured systems over the internet and destroying the data or stealing currency from various sources in evidently building a huge bang on the economy.

That’s the reason why the privacy and anonymity of the end users are precious for guarding them against the hackers.

Hence the importance of the tool called VPN or Virtual Private Networks is really immense from protecting both the enterprise and consumer security from this virtual catastrophe.

What Does VPN Mean?

The Virtual Private Network is described as the group of computers on the internet that shares the encrypted data through the secure tunnel as if they are accessing each other on a local network.

How Are VPNs Used?

It was earlier used by the multinational companies to connect their roaming employees securely to their office network or to link the branches remotely rather than letting the users connect to public networks.

The consumers who are allowed to use the network can also use VPN to shield their browsing to improve the privacy and become invisible in the virtual world.

VPN is also used to avoid the website blocking and censorship barriers imposed by the country or ISPs in countries like China.

Why Should You Use VPNs?


Logging in to the Virtual Private Network offers you secure and encrypted environment for your private internet connection, and you can go anonymous on the web.

The data including media, documents you send or receive is encrypted by the VPN so that it becomes harder to track your online activities or to track your details.

It will give you a virtual existence by transferring your geo-location meaning that it changes the location where you are logged in from.

The VPNs are highly recommended to use while you’re browsing over a public Wi-Fi network since the chance of getting malicious attack can be reduced.

If you are still being hazy about choosing the VPN service, then continue reading, which is going to discuss the things that you should know about the VPN.

Understanding Data Caps

Sometimes the VPN services may put you in chaos due to sudden disconnections from the server, blocks the access and stops running.

The perfect VPN service shouldn’t cause any of these troubles that affect user’s convenience, and constant flow of data should be received to them from the provider.

The plans offered by the VPNs might not be same as the Internet Service Providers out there, so finding such unlimited data plans for VPN will not be more comfortable since the servers are limited space.

Find out yourself a better Virtual Private Network service that has a suitable plan for you with more data usability, which is applicable for both Paid and Free versions.

Number of Servers & Connected Devices

These days, people have more than one devices for daily uses, and if you require the VPN account to be used from more than one device simultaneously, you should be check with the provider itself.

Most of the Virtual Private Network providers are limiting the number of connected devices to an account, which is against the taste of the regular user for now.

As I mentioned earlier, the VPN does its task with connecting to its server by tunneling between the user and server remotely.

The Virtual Private Network provider should maintain a massive number of servers to keep up with uptime, speed and the convenience of the user.

Get Virtual Existence & Enjoy Local Blocked Contents

Bypassing geo-blocking feature of the VPNs is the coolest and accessible, also might be the most significant reason why the people use the service.

Since most of the countries restrict the consumers to use specific contents using the VPN the user can jump on to servers in any other countries around the world and view or browse the websites.

The standard example for this is watching Netflix and getting access to websites blocked by the governments from the restricted or unavailable countries like China with protecting your unique Internet Protocol address that reveals your identity.

Choosing Between Free & Paid Version

The VPNs are available in both free and paid versions, but the matter of fact you need to be sure about its scheme of service that they are providing. Since the applications aren’t created equally, the VPN plans will be depending on the provider.

There are free VPN services available in the market, which is mostly regarded as freemium models that display ads and if you like their free service you could upgrade to its paid version for an annual cost.

The free version has limited connection speeds, the minimum number of server selection but if you aren’t a regular user, then the free plan might be sufficient for you.

The TorGaurd and CyberGhostsare the most recommend free VPN options.

If you are checking out a premium VPN application to purchase, then you should understand that they are differentiated by download speed throttling or data limits. Some of them also offer no log keeping features.

Multi-platform Supportability

Since the Windows Operating System is the most commonly used today, almost all the VPN providers ensure the support to Windows PCs with the dedicated application.

But then you should make sure that it does support other Operating Systems like Mac OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. If any chance of updating your device in the future, this might come at help.

Virtual Private Network Doesn’t Provide Solid Anonymity

Using a VPN never mean that you cannot be tracked for your internet activities since the VPN providers (not all) are maintaining a log of your data with every online activity breaks the point of anonymity.

This may even cause some security susceptibilities that may lead you to risk of losing identity, so be sure and do enough research before signing up with the provider.

If you got a VPN service, then keep an eye on the provider, about the risks of privacy leaks. You can also use the antivirus software and other internet security applications for your safety online.

Using the open wireless networks will be subjected to risk of hacking since the attackers can use the same interface and break the privacy and security using various tools and methods.

Thus the hackers can obtain the passwords and user information primarily from the websites that don’t comply the HTTPS certificate.

Even clicking on the additional ads from the Open Networks may guide to the illegal breach and tracking.

Through a powerful VPN, the application can even defeat the hackers by stopping your connection being throttled in an instant while you’re online, making it a remarkably useful tool for the internet users.

Wrapping Up

If you could just search online for the list of VPN services available, then you could find the VPN providers.

But ensure that the VPN service that you’re looking forward to subscribe has described their terms and policy clearly with flawless authenticity.

Thus choose the provider sensibly and leave the chance to regret later. So, are you ready to use VPN? Already using it? Share your priceless thoughts! 

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