List Of Best 6 Emoji Keyboard For Android Devices

In this post, I’m going to share the list of best Emoji keyboard for your Android phone so that you can install your favorite one and use the Emoji faces while texting with your family and friends. 

People extensively use smartphones to communicate both written and verbal. It is used for almost everything like communicating, sending official emails, posting on social media and a lot more. This is why typing on a smartphone has become very common.

Many Android users make use of the default keyboard app which comes pre-installed on the mobile device. There are plenty of emoji keyboard choices for the Android application.

You can customize the app, add fun themes, personalize the layouts and lot more. If you are searching for efficient android keyboards for your smartphone, here are the best 6 Emoji keyboard for Android device.

Excellent Emoji Android Keyboards To Install


1. GBoard

GBoard is one of the best Emoji keyboard apps; it has got high speed, efficiency, reliability, gesture typing, amazing emoji, voice typing and a lot more. You can easily download the GBoard keyboard app from the Google Play Store.

The app gets updated regularly and includes excellent features like an inbuilt google search engine, GIF suggestions, google translate, loads of emojis while you are typing the message.

You can also send stickers and create unique stickers for yourself with this Google Emoji keyboard. Text predictions are highly helpful for those who use different Google services.

The Emoji Android app is simple to use with minimalistic design. In addition to it, you can explore multiple options like a prediction of phrase, detection of voice, dark theme, hand-drawn emoji recognition, add the unique image as the keyboard background, 100+ language support, etc.

In short, GBoard is an excellent keyboard for all the android device which is available free of cost.

GBoard Keyboard App Highlights

  • Offers glide type facility.
  • No need to sign in into your google account, hence GBoard will not show up in the search history.
  • Space bar works like a trackpad; you can swiftly move the cursor between texts.
  • Search emoji via text. Now, finding emoji is very easy.
  • The app can do dictation as well.

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2. Galaxy Emoji

There are many keyboards which offer dedicated options to enjoy different emojis. If you are looking for an awesome emoji keyboards for your Android device, Galaxy Emoji is something which you should check out.

There are more than 2000+ emojis in this brilliant keyboard app which are well designed and pleasing. It is easy to install these emoji in any conversation and transform a regular boring conversation into a fun chat.

The stickers are sharable too; you can share the innovative stickers with your family and friends via chatting app from your smartphone.

This free Emoji App for Android is also excellent, and it can be used for everyday purpose, apart from including new emojis you can get support in more than 30+ languages.

Galaxy emoji gets updated regularly, the emojis like throwing up, wizard, mage, tons, zombies are highly popular. The best part is, you can get the Galaxy Emoji in various skin tones too. 

Moreover, it includes clipboard feature to quickly copy and paste, the text begins with capital letter always, access to 1000+ colorful themes, customization of color, font and lot more.

Galaxy Emoji Highlights

  • Get access to 200+ fabulous emoji.
  • The app is simple to use and free of cost.
  • The Galaxy emoji can be used across different social media platforms.
  • Smart emoji prediction based on the words you use.
  • Offers customization of keyboards.

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3. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard applications for the Android device, which works as an efficient replacement for the native keyboard app in Samsung smartphones.

The SwiftKey app makes use of artificial intelligence and can predict the text and word which you are intended to type. Moreover, the gesture typing allows fast typing; you get access to tons of cool emojis, GIF, stickers and a lot more.

In addition to it, SwiftKey allows customization of the keyboard, and you can get access to 100+ themes. You also get an option to create a personalized theme based on your preferences. In short, with this Samsung Emoji keyboard app, typing is more comfortable and simple.

SwiftKey is the product of Microsoft which is highly reliable and supports 22 Indian languages; now you can type in your native language at ease. The keyboard adapts your typing style, slang and emoji choices.

SwiftKey Highlights

  • A simple swipe to type and include emoji.
  • Get access to 100+ exciting keyboard themes.
  • Plenty of emoji, GIF, stickers to express yourself in a better way.
  • The SwiftKey offers 300 language support.
  • The spell checker and AI predictions make the conversation meaningful.

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4. Textra

If you are looking for a highly efficient, fast and customizable keyboard app for your android device, Textra is the best choice. The app is loaded with exciting features that include access to tons of amazing emoji which makes your conversation super fun.

Once you download the Textra app, you get access to more than 2000+ of android emoji and iOS emoji at on place. The swipe option makes the conversation super-fast and effective.

So, if you wonder, How to see iPhone Emojis on Android, then Textra is the ideal keyboard app. Yes, you can get iOS Emoji for Android through this smart application. 

In addition to it, you can customize the window, switch background, broad themes to control the bar, accent color, and conversation. It is one of the fantastic free Emoji Apps for Android that gets updates regularly. Hence you get access to new amazing emojis more often.

In fact, with Textra the emoji are also customizable, choose the exciting emoji which you want to add to your message, the same can be used for various social media channels.

Textra Highlights

  • Get access to 2900+ iOS styled emojis to enhance your conversation.
  • The emojis in Textra supports skin tone diversity.
  • The app is compatible with almost all type of Android smartphones.
  • Customize your keyboard and create unique GIFs.
  • It is the best iPhone Emoji keyboard for Android

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5. TouchPal Emoji

If you are searching for a fabulous keyboard app for your android device, you must consider TouchPal Emoji. It is one awesome package which has everything to spice up your boring conversation.

Be it the Avatarmoji, 3D theme or the quirky GIFs, you will like them all. You also get a chance to DIY emoji and customize the keyboard themes based on your preferences.

With this best Emoji keyboard for Android, you can DIY the emoji keyboard layout, the font type, color and lot more all in one app.

This app is totally free of cost and helps you to type faster and easier. The gesture keyboard and text prediction enhance the overall experience.

Once you download the TouchPal Emoji, you get access to more than 5000 fun emoji, stickers, GIFs, themes, emoticons which can be included in all form of conversation.  Moreover, this Emoji keyboard is highly compatible with all leading social media application.

TouchPal Emoji Highlights

  • TouchPal Emoji allows fast typing, prediction of text and emoji.
  • It is the best swipe keyboard app for android which encourages contextual prediction.
  • The keyboard theme, layout, wallpaper, color are customizable.
  • Create your own DIY GIF, emoji, and theme.

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6. Facemoji Emoji

If you love to send cool emojis to your friends and family, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is an excellent companion for your android smartphone.

With this Emoji Keyboard app for Android, you get access to more than 3600 Emoji, GIF, stickers, emoticons and a lot more. Yes, it has all the cool features which you look in a brilliant keyboard app.

You can get the latest version and combine the emoji during your conversation. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard comes with emoji prediction, and it is super powerful as well. Get access to all the trending GFs, stickers and cool emojis.

The name says it all; the Facemoji Emoji has a massive number of fabulous Facemojis which allows you to create unique emoji via your face. Yes, you can capture your image and transform itself into an emoji.

Facemoji Emoji Highlights

  • Enjoy free access to well-designed 3600+ emoji, stickers, GIFs, which can spice up your boring Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp conversation.
  • Customize the keyboard based on your choice; it allows personalization as well.
  • Get access to 1500+ emoji keyboard themes, boost you the keyboard style and incorporate new style every alternate day.
  • With this Android face Emoji, you can type fast, and it supports smooth gesture typing too.
  • You can select the tapping effects and even music as the keyboard buttons.

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Emoji Keyboard App For iOS

Now, you can also enjoy the emojis on your favorite iOS devices too. These keyboard as mentioned above can be used for the iOS devices. But you won’t be able to find this app on iOS App store since Apple allows only their specific apps which have passed their strict guidelines.

The only way to download this app on an iOS device is to jailbreak your device and download the desired keyboard app. But, jailbreaking iOS and downloading a third party app is a risky thing! 

Wrapping Up

These are the best keyboard apps to get free Emojis for Android phone which are safe to use as well. You can select the desired one, install on your favorite device and get the Emojis to use in text instantly.

All these apps mentioned above allow you to get personalized service like text prediction, customization of themes, creating unique stickers, GIF creation, etc.

Make the conversation interesting and exciting with these six best emoji keyboards for your desired android devices (including smartphones and tabs). Before downloading the app, you can go through the privacy policies to be assured about what you are downloading.

So, you have come to know, How to get Emojis on Android keyboard, right? Which keyword app would you like to install and use? Share your thoughts with me! 

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