6 Best Books like The Alchemist that Teaches the Truths of Life Journey

Books like The Alchemist

Are you have the interested in learning life lessons?. Then, the Books like The Alchemist are the best choice to experience the truths of life journey. Paulo Coelho writes the Alchemist novel. The novel describes the journey of a boy to find treasure in a place. It appeared in his dream much time while he was in the ruined church. The sharpened boy named Santiago’s journey towards taking the treasure in the Egyptian Pyramid will also teach many life lessons for the readers.

The Novel starts by chasing the dream by asking a fortune-teller. He finds the route to go to Egypt by selling his sheep. It was the advice given by the local king. After reaching Egypt, one person robs his money by guiding the wrong route to Pyramid. Later Santiago meets a girl who falls in love. She is promised to marry him after the successful completion of the journey. Finally, he meets an alchemist, and both of them are making the journey to reach Pyramid just like in Fantasy novels.

Meanwhile, the Alchemist teaches about the true self and how he connected with all other souls in the world. Before finishing it, he has taken into Pyramid by storm. There the treasure has been robbed by another thief. Later the thief’s head realizes the real treasure had found when he sought treasure at the church. The life journey always starts from lust; only happiness resides in life.

Top Life Changing Books like the Alchemist for Goodreads

The alchemist book teaches the true meaning of lust, love, destiny, and then happiness. We have many books that teach life lessons by meeting different people on life journeys. According to the Alchemist, they are connected with our destiny to realize our true self. The books like The Alchemist provide the true meaning of love, friendship, money, happiness, etc., through life journeys. Every book teaches a different lesson that realizes the nature of self in human life. It is not a similar books like super hero novels however it relates to human life lessons.

1. The Little Prince

The Little Prince is one of the best books like all time The Alchemist that teaches life lessons by visiting various locations in the universe. It has written by a military aviator Antonie de Saint-Exupery. The navel story moves like a Little Prince visits various planets and moons in the universe. Finally realizes the life lessons about the themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and then loss.

The book is available in many languages. Even the little Prince novel may explain in many forms like media, audio, film, etc. It was a journey of a prince with a narrator to various planets. Once a narrator traveling in a plane is about to crash, it needs to be repaired in eight days and find the asteroid is moving with three volcanoes, one dormant and the other two active. A rose, narrator, and the Prince make the Novel more interesting.

We can find the love between Rose and Prince, friendship between narrator and Prince, Finally money and happiness among the peoples on different planets. Finally, a loss helps the Prince to return home. The Little Prince novel provides the true lesson that death is not an end of life. It is the transformation of the soul from one body to another.

2. Rich Dad and Poor Dad

The Rich Dan and Poor Dad are other best books like The Alchemist that teach life lessons to parent a child. Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lecture write the book. There are two kinds of dads for growing children. The Rich dad teaches about the brand and tells about financial literacy, independence, business investment, and then growth.

The Novel describes two kinds of dads. The first one is the Kiyosaki friend’s father was a rich dad, Who generated more wealth and ran the best business. These things make him a skilled person in technology industries and then investing. These things kept him always busy.

The second kind is the Kiyosaki’s father, the poor Dad, Who always worked hard throughout his life but never reached financial security until the end. In reality, financial independence and then wealth generation are started by investing in assets and owning a business. It increases financial intelligence.

3. Life of Pi the best books like the Alchemist

Life of Pi is a similar book to The Alchemist to teach many life lessons such as the life is a story, we can choose our own, and The has with its own. In reality, people can accept what they believe in. Yann Martel writes this Novel. It describes the life of PI. The story behind the survival of a boy and tiger with a lifeboat at 227 days in sea lands after the shipwreck.

It is a three-part novel; First part is about leaving a boy, tiger, and his father and mother from the zoo in their homeland via ship to Canada. This journey is because of an emergency in the homeland. The second part describes the shipwreck and escapes via lifeboat with Frenchmen, boy, and tiger. The third part covers the investigation of local police to the boy with three stories, one with animals, the second with people, and third with god.

Li of Pi is teaching life is interdependent of all beings. Everyone lives with a belief in others. Which concludes the same feelings as the Alchemist teaches.

4. The Prophet

Kahlil Gibran writes the Prophet. Which has much poetry for life experiences was taught by the divine communicator. It is one of the best books like the Alchemist to realize the nature of living beings. The story play begins like A Wiseman; the divine communicator lives for twelve years in villages. Now he is ready to leave the villages via ship. The onboarding point group of people stop him and asks about their doubts about living beings and reality.

The Prophet describes the reality of life and the human condition via many stories. This book has many chapters on love, marriage, children, eating, giving, work, etc. Moreover, the feelings like sorrow and joy. Even the material needs clothes, hours and food. The human condition is described as poetry with crime, law, punishment, reasons, pain, teaching, friendship, and then religion.

5. The Secret

The Secret┬áis a self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne. It provides life beliefs similar to the books like the Alchemist. The book describes the truth based on the laws of attraction, which says thoughts can directly change an individual’s life. The Secret book teaches that beings can ask, believe and receive anything in the world.

Once We can achieve desires by visualizing them using the thought process and believing it is available for us in the world. If you do this, it will automatically come into your life by the law of attraction. It is based on religious beliefs to ask the desire it will be granted to you.

Meanwhile, this book develops a thought process to demonstrate and visualize something we want. It helps to improve one wealth, relationship, and health from the universal thoughts. The readers may feel as spiritual one on many occasions during reading.

6. All These Wonders

All These Wonders is the book that describes many stories from the moth’s radio program. The book contains there are forty-plus stories about the universe and planets. It is one of the best books like the Alchemist to convey life reality by telling stories about life journeys.

The nature of the space and planet’s reality is described as a story. Therefore, it makes it possible to have a family tour to a certain planet and know the surface and survival reality of beings in that location with special tones. Moreover, this book teaches the risk and courage to know the strange things with a passion for survival even in unknown conditions of the space.

The main similarity between the Alchemist and this book is that an adventurous life journey never ends with death at any location. Instead, it travels with another body until the true self knows reality.

Conclusion – Best Books Like The Alchemist

By wrapping up books like the Alchemist, the life journey will provide experiences that tell about the self. Moreover, the story conveys why the journey starts in the self. Every being is connected with the soul of the world, and they have the belief in living in particular places. Later realizes that love, friendship, happiness, and loss are all based on our chosen destiny.

In the end, The life of PI and The little Prince has taught the nature of humankind and its reality after fulfillment of its desires. Moreover, every story leaves footprints on others to find their destiny to know themselves, and find happiness. These books provide the courage to survive in unknown places to reach our destiny.

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