Best Books Like Percy Jackson That Gives Reading Fun


Are you love to read mythology books? The books like Percy Jackson may inspire more, with the novel series to chase many events in life with courage. The Percy Jackson books describe a young boy abandoned by the big three fathers oath that does not father any more children after World War II. Rick Riordan authors the book Percy Jackson. It is fantasy novel series of five books with powerful characters that make Percy Jackson more powerful.

The novel moves like a fictional character Percy Jackson. The Demigod and Son of Poseidon are one of the big three fathers who made the oath. The oath makes the demigod children more powerful. Many forces and characters tried to kill demigod children based on Greek mythology that said they became very dangerous. The book describes how Percy Jackson fights for the attack from the enemy with his friends. It concludes either he destroys the world or saves the world from the destruction is the mystery behind the Percy Jackson book series.

Similar Books Like Percy Jackson

The books like Percy Jackson always provide the unique ability to fight against powerful enemies with organized friend groups. Sometimes the main character in the friends’ group needs to help others move forward and succeed in the fight.

These kinds of books always have a mythology that heroes will suffer a lot. Initially tries to escape from the attack and later fight against the monsters and the hero becomes more potent than the initial stages. It makes the reader interested that the hero successfully saves the world.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a famous fantasy Novel written by J K Rowling. We have seven parts in the novel series with the mystery of magic done by Harry Potter and his friends. The novel moves like harry potter studying in a school with his friends, and he struggles against Lord Voldemort and the dark wizard at the mystery of magic. When time moves, he will become more potent with magical attacks.

The exciting characters with their decisive actions against harry potter in the different situations make the readers more intended towards the end of the novel. The mystery of magic with sticks has become more potent in fantasy novels like harry potter.

The young adults who love magical journeys with their powerful impacts can read all the seven books of the harry potter series. It is one of the best books like the Percy Jackson series with a young adult to be attacked by enemies to attain immortal powers. The harry potter series inspires young kids with its mystery of magic.

The Magnus Chase Series

The Magnus Chase and the god of Asgard is a fantasy novel written by Rick Riodarn. The novel is entirely based on Norse mythology. It has three books in the series the sword of the summer, the hammer of thors, and the dead ship. The story moves like the Manus chase is the son of Vanir god of fertility frey. The boy has become homeless in Boston street and then finds himself as a Norse god. The battle begins with a fire saint, and he kills an enemy. Then found his ancient interpretation.

The second book in the novel series helps find the hammer of thors. The thunder god displays the weapon in this novel. Mangus Chase and his friend find that hammer and then enter into mortal worlds with defenseless saints. The ship of the dead is a boat trip with friends to the farthest borders in the pursuits of Asgard’s god. It provides wild, wet, and adventurous wonders throughout the book.

The young adult homeless with the journey of Norse mythology makes the readers become more intent to the end of the journey. How he found the necessaries with friend help with survival makes the boat drip more adventurous. The Mangus chase and god of Asgard are similar books like Percy Jackson, which narrate how a homeless find his journey with his friends and become more powerful. 

The Chronicles Of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia is the seven fantasy novel series Written by J S Lewis. Narnia is the fictional fantasy world of magic. The novel describes the adventures of the Narnia world with a character that plays the game. It is one of the best books like Percy Jackson novel series. The seven books in the Narnia novel series are the lion, Price Caspian, dawn treader, the silver chair, horse and his boy, Magician’s nephew, and the last battle.

In the world of magical Narnia, The story begins with four children after the evaluation of World War II. They discover a book at the professor’s home and enter into the world of Narnia by playing it. Eventually, of the children, Penvensie helps Aslan, a talking lion, and saves Narnia’s world at the end of the novel. 

The similarity between Percy Jackson novels and the chronicle of Narnia is that children alone enter into a new world of magic and save the world with adventure. It uses the interesting magical transformation of characters while reading the book. The last battle allows Aslan to lead the characters of Narnia.

The Storm Runner

The Strom Runner is a novel written by JC Cervantes. The Books describe a thirteen-year-old Zane Obispo with her favorite activity of exploring the sleeping volcano. The story begins like Zane discovering cracks and creases in the mountain with a small airplane crashes into it. After this incident, the girl tries to explain the myths are real.

The volcano is the oldest prison for the Mayan god of death, whose destiny is linked with Zane. The storm runner books have the similarity of children’s experiences the Mayan mythology with adventure. The first novel is the fire keeper, which explains Zane’s life events on an Island. Now the storm runner will describe how kids experience destiny with a volcano. The storm runner is similar to books like the Percy Jackson series; a disabled girl found her destiny with friends’ help and then connects with a volcano.


Gone is the fictional novel that dealt with southern California town, written by Michal Grant. The town has every child gets vanishes at the age of 15. The place named Fallout Alley Youth Zone is FAYZ. The gone series have eight novels, with the first series containing Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear and then light. Series two comes up with monsters, villains, and heroes.

It is one of the best books like Percy Jackson, which describes every child with 15 years old will disappears at the Perdido beach. It is a superhero with supernatural powers like a novel to find the children. The Sam temple is the main character in the novel who finds his superpowers and saves the children in the FAYZ.  

Monsters and Villains fight with Sam and his team and finally rescue the people of the Perdido beach. The Gone is similar to books like Percy Jackson with a boy who found his supernatural powers. Fight against the monsters and villains and then save the people.

The Series Of Unfortunate Events

The series of unfortunate events is a thirteen children’s novel written by Lemony snicket. The books describe the miserable lives of children Violet, Klaus, and Sunny after their parents died. Children are placed in murderous related custody, who attempt to steal goods. One of the best books like Percy Jackson, tells how children face life events without parents.

A Series of unfortunate events contains fictional, Mysterious, and then comedy events in life after parents’ death. The book series follows the three children with the eldest age of fourteen. Many real-life events facing teenagers without parents have been described in this book. The first six books tell about their life accomplishments with stealing, murder, and other crimes. The next four books deals with orphan adopt while running from the police.

The complete series tells about the children’s struggles who grow without parents. It is not just like a superhero with superpower novels listed above. However, This novel has the books like Percy Jackson describes terrible life events of children after losing their parents.

Wrapping Up The Books Like Percy Jackson

By wrapping up books like Percy Jackson, The children who have separated from their parents for their protection or any reason will experience many things in life. These people may grow as superheroes or not. They struggle in many situations to face live events. Finally, their friends and then situations help them to find their abilities. 

These children are grows up as heroes to save the people from destructive forces and harmful enemies. Fantasy and fictional stories convey these messages with the imaginative world and then supernatural powers. These novels help grow the thought of helping people and saving the world for living even if the children are growing up without parents.

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