7 Games Like Little Nightmares For Android, iOS, Xbox (2022)

Games like little nightmares

Are you an avid gamer who likes adventure with puzzle-solving nature?. Then, the games like little nightmares are the best choice to play with your PC and PlayStations. The Little nightmares game played in a mysterious world full of monstrous, twisted beings. The game is about a character of a hungry girl with the journey of six. It plotted with the best atmosphere, graphics, and sound effects with monsters and their effects.

The small girl must escape from the location by solving the puzzle. The correct answer leads to a different location with monsters. Games like little nightmares can provide more thrill and adventure with a situational puzzle-solving ability. It also provides a checkpoint system for moving forward in the game. The gameplay is with a 2D world with a puzzle that must be solved to proceed to the next level.

Best games like little nightmares

Many games are available in the gaming networks and PlayStation, similar to little nightmares. There are also mobile games like little nightmares that you shouldn’t miss. Here we have the best game which provides more adventure with horror and puzzles. The below-listed games can feel that we will be in a particular situation to escape from the monstrous beings. These are perfect games to play if you like little nightmares. Moreover, these games are different atmospheres and sound effects with thriller experiences.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is an action-adventure game to be played in a 2D atmosphere. It was published by team cherry. It uses a player named knight, Who is the warrior. The game moves like Knight is the wanderer of the damaged kingdom and finds the mysteries of the place. Moreover, the player can meet friends and enemies during the journey.

The game is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Moreover, we can play it on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles. It provides a bit little nightmares games like experience for the players.

Hollowknight is available with four saint-free content packs:

  1. The hidden dreams with new bosses and fights. Apart from that, it uses excellent sound effects for the gaming adventure.
  2. The Grimm troupe with the light of a nightmare happening.
  3. It has a new boss fight and significant quest. 

The third one is kingdom upgraded with new bosses. In addition, it has more tweaks and experiences throughout the game. The final one is god master, the character who has a new boss and quest. Moreover, it provides the best soundtrack to play the whole game. So, it ranks on the list of free games like Little Nightmares

Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep is a single-player game with a first-person perspective. It is a horror adventure game developed by krillbite. It is a game-like little nightmare. A two-year-old child woke up from Sleep by observing mysterious sounds. Moreover, the game environment provides dark knight nature with thrill comfort.

The horror survivor game is available for Windows, OSx, and Linux operating systems. In addition, we can play the among the sleep game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. Players can move the two-year-old child to walk, crawl, and move to survive in the night atmosphere.

A child can drive by the unknown or hidden forces. The players much save the child and escape from the mysterious circumstances. The sound effects and atmosphere make to help the child from horror locations. We can also play the game with a Nintendo switch.


Inside is another best game like a little nightmare. It was developed and published by play dead. It is the puzzle performer adventure game. The single-player game can control a boy in the mysterious world by solving the puzzle. It uses 2.5 D gameplay with an adventurous gaming area.

The game is available for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Mac systems. Moreover, we can play the game with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles. The game moves as a boy enters the 2.5D environment full of mysteries and puzzles. Boy can run, swim, climb to escape from the monstrous attacks.

Survival of the boy with puzzle-solving provides a great gaming experience. Apart from that, The sound experiences make horror and thrill environments while playing the game. Moreover, the game was plotted with forest, with many transverse areas inside the room. Therefore, the gaming atmosphere is added advantage to playing the game. Moreover, It offers such a thriller experience with a problem-solving attitude at every game stage.


DARQ is one of the scary games like little nightmares; it lets the boy know he is dreaming while the game progresses. Darq is a puzzle-solving game developed by an independent studio. It is available for windows. Moreover, we can play the game with PlayStation 4, Xbox One game console, and PC. The game is plotted with 2D play gameplay with better graphics and environment.

The Dark game is about a boy’s survival from his dreaming state by bending the laws of physics and the dreaming world. While dreaming, he can encounter lots of mysteries. By solving the puzzle, he can survive. The player gets the best gaming experience with Darq and its dreaming world.

Gravity-defying puzzles help to increase the knowledge of the player. The game also uses properties when enemies around us escape from the situation. It is a single-player game with 2D gameplay.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is the best single-player adventure game. It is an exploration game where the player meets many friends and enemies during the journey. The game provides the most extended night experience by many characters involved in the journey. It is the best game like little nightmares PC.

The Night in the woods game is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Linux. Moreover, we can play the game with game consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo switch. The Night in the Woods game uses the best soundtracks, stories, dialogues, and characters during the entire gameplay. Therefore, it will be the best experience with the longest nights.

Players can run, jump, and other mechanics by exploring possum strings. The game moves like a 20-year-old college dropout can relocate the home down with possum strings. The 2D gameplay with animated adventures provides the best gaming experience like little nightmares.

Little Misfortune

Little Misfortune is an adventure video game developed by killmonday games. It is the best game like little nightmares for iPhone. An 8-year-old child is the main character of the game. The child can move forward and backward to find the misfortunes in the playing area. The 2.5D animated playing area provides better adventure to the player.

The Little misfortune game is available for Linux, Microsoft windows, android, and Mac OS. Moreover, we can play the game with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch gaming console. Moreover, It is the single-player adventure game best suitable for ambitious children.

The play moves like a child with loneliness and sadness in nature. A narrator’s voice guides the child to play the game and get the prize with eternal happiness. Moreover, while playing the game, death can happen. The player can select 16 objects to protect him from the obstacles. Once survived, it achieved the prize of eternal happiness.


Undertale is a 2.5D adventurous role-playing video game. It is similar to a bit of a nightmare with a single-player game and is also one of the best horror games like little nightmares for Android. The player controls the child who is fallen underground. The underground is a separate area from the world. The comfort, dialogue, characters, and story change based on the monster attacks and their outcomes.

The game Undertale is available for Windows, OsX, and Linux. We can have a game console with PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The top-down approach is used for communication with the child. It helps to perform acts against the monstrous beings in the underground. Animated underground environment with soundtrack experience for the monstrous underground beings provides players with the best gaming experience.

Conclusions Games like little nightmares

Wrapping up Games like little nightmares uses 2.5 D gameplay with action, adventure, and horror games with a better gaming experience. The little nightmare game provides a survival experience by puzzle solving. Moreover, we can escape from the attack in mysterious places and living beings.

In this article, we have listed many Android games like little nightmares. All are deals with a child of age between 2 to 9. It helps protect the child from mysterious places and monster attacks by encouraging them with comments. Moreover, the animation environment and sound effects make the games the best choice to play.

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