Mercari vs Poshmark – Which Is The Best Platform To Sell?

Mercari Vs Poshmark – Which is the best place to buy and sell fashion clothes? Let’s discuss in this post! 

Mercari is a Japanese e-commerce company which was founded in 2013. Currently, the company operates in Japan and America. Being the largest e-commerce company in Japan, it has gained the trust of 94% of the people and has maintained an excellent reputation by providing outstanding services.

It is widely gaining popularity not only in Japan but worldwide. With about 150k new listings every day, the company keeps its users on the top of its priority list and is the first Japanese company to reach unicorn status.

Poshmark is an American social market place where people buy and sell clothes, accessories and various other fashion items. Since its launch in 2011, this online platform has gained a lot of popularity among the people of the US and Canada. People prefer using Poshmark because it is reliant and provides excellent services in comparison to its competitors.

Companies like Poshmark are significant for ordinary people because these online social platforms provide local people with services that are easy to operate. With around 60 million community members across the US and Canada, this company offers a unique way to connect customers to the sellers.

It has brought up a range of products bracing quality and affordability packed together, for the general public. Quite a few people are dependent solely on such platforms for their basics.

Now it is time to begin the battle – Mercari Vs Poshmark

Mercari Or Poshmark – Which Should You Use For Selling? 

Mercari vs Poshmark

1. Listing Hurdles

Listing items on Mercari and Poshmark is a simple process, but many people might face some complications in this. So here are some of the obstacles sellers may face, in listing their products upon these websites.

Mercari has the easiest listing process as compared to all other e-commerce platforms on the internet. There are not many fields to fill for this site. A seller just has to sign up for the website to start with the process. After that, one has to upload pictures of the product he or she wants to sell, along with the basic description including size, brand and the condition of the product.

After that set its price and the shipping method, and you’re good to go. Hence, the listing process on Mercari is very smooth, and there are no possible technical glitches that one may face.

Poshmark, on the other hand, has too many fields to fill, which makes it a lengthy and tedious process. The fields required to list a seller’s item are usually self-explanatory, having basic requirements like uploading pictures, filling in the description, and setting a price.

The only difficulty one may face is that a seller cannot upload more than eight photos for a particular item. First-time users need to go through a tutorial to understand the process of listing. There are no technical glitches, but numerous fields make it a difficult and time taking process.

2. Shipping Process

Mercari has a straightforward and easy shipping process. Amongst lots of options to choose from, the company offers free shipping or buyer paid shipping. A unique feature that differentiates Mercari from any other e-commerce platform is that it gives the customer a choice of suitable shipping methods. This ensures proper safety of fragile items and helps the company to reduce pressure on their employees and workers.

Poshmark, too, has a very efficient shipping process. Since reliability and highly skilled delivery is something that the company boasts about, it generally doesn’t compromise on this part.

However, if the buyer wants to ship objects which are less than 5 lbs in weight, they have to pay flat $7. If the buyers want to buy objects which weight more than 5 pounds, they have to select a heavy label from the transaction, and the cost would be adjusted accordingly.

3. Fees Involved

E-commerce platforms have various kinds of fees which are usually charged on the sales. Poshmark has a free listing of items, but it charges a 20 % fee on the sales and approximately $3 on purchase of things that cost less than $15. These charges are very high as compared to other e-commerce platforms, so sellers do not prefer Poshmark as they have to pay a significant part of their revenue as charges.

Mercari, too, offers free listing but charges a lesser amount as compared to their competitors. It charges only 10 % on sales. This substantial low cost makes Mercari more preferable by the sellers as they have to pay a smaller amount of their revenue to the website.

4. Customer Base

Poshmark is an American company which is restricted to only America. So it has a low customer base. On the other hand, Mercari is a Japanese company that has expanded to the United States and is planning to grow to Europe as well. So, it has a significantly larger customer base.

Poshmark has 40 million estimated users who are very less in comparison to other e-commerce platforms. The reason for a smaller customer base of the is that it has fewer varieties, and its trade is restricted to only America.

However, Mercari has a worldwide customer base, and it offers a range of products, so it is more popular. The customer base of Mercari is estimated at more than 100 million. This makes Mercari more popular than Poshmark.

5. Feedback And Rating From Buyers And Sellers

Mercari and Poshmark both have a massive family of happy customers and sellers. Hence, both of the online e-commerce sites provide excellent services to their clients.

Both the companies have kept their business values and ethics right at the top of the priority list and kept everything else below that. This particular characteristic of the companies makes them reliable more than other e-commerce platforms. The average rating of both these companies are above 4.1, proving it to be really popular amongst buyers.

Poshmark has some complications in their return policy, but it takes excellent care of its customers and sellers. However, Mercari has poor performance in customer care centres, as there have been many cases of pending transactions. Mercari and Poshmark both provide excellent services to their buyers and sellers, but according to surveys and rating, Poshmark has better client service than Mercari.

6. Customer Service

Mercari and Poshmark both e-commerce platforms have kept their customers as the first priority. Both of the sites provide instant and excellent facilities for the benefits of their customers and have a dedicated branch that deals with customer issues instantly. The customer service provided by Mercari and Poshmark is very efficient and reliable.

According to many surveys, these sites offer the best after-sale services to their customers. Both platforms have a massive network of customers that prefer these companies only because of their services.

Mercari Vs Poshmark, both companies, have kept their business values and ethics in front of everything else, which makes them reliable more than other e-commerce platforms.

Overall Comparison

Poshmark is a great e-commerce platform, and it is more suitable for sellers who want to sell high-end and designer products. On the other hand, sellers who wish to sell a variety of items should prefer Mercari as it has broader categories. Mercari also has a more straightforward listing process which is far more convenient and straightforward as compared to Poshmark.

Poshmark is easy to use, but the sales are not as fast as expected, so people prefer it only for a limited amount of items. Mercari is very simple and easy to use, but the sales on Mercari are quite slow until the things are not in demand. The only problem that Poshmark and Mercari face is low sales volume, as both platforms are preferred only for high demand items.

Poshmark has great extra features like bundles, bundle discounts and sales, which attract customers a lot. However, Mercari does not have such features and promoting items on Mercari is quite complicated. Overall both e-commerce platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, but after a proper comparison, Mercari is a better platform than Poshmark.


Mercari and Poshmark are two very prominent e-commerce companies. These companies have created a massive market for themselves, and ordinary people are very dependent on these online platforms. Mercari and Poshmark have very efficient employees who provide excellent quality services to their customers.

These two companies have proved their worth by delivering exceptional services, and their customer feedback defines how excellent their services are. In spite of having faced struggles and business complications during their early phases, the determination of the employees and management showed that with commitment, nothing is impossible.

Mercari and Poshmark have proven their worth to the whole world. They give the credit of their success to the management and their employees. The owners of Mercari and Poshmark believe that without the talent, hard work and determination of their employees, they could have never gained this success.

Companies like Mercari and Poshmark show us that it is essential to believe in your dreams and work hard daily to fulfil them. They choose business ethics to provide best services to their customers instead of running after profit which made them very popular among their customers. Such small actions define the real worth of a company.

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