Why Should You Get The Fastest Hosting For WordPress?

It is always said that we should never settle for less! The same is true when it comes to business or to be precise Blogging.

When we’re just starting with something and running out of the budget, we often settle for low-quality services to reduce the weight on our pockets.

However, what if I tell you that this can affect your business in the long terms? Well, I’ll discuss that in this article.

When it comes to Web Hosting, they are available in both Free and Paid plans. To save our pockets initially, we often go with Free plans as they ‘work fine.’

Exactly! They just ‘Work Fine’ and not that good.

Here’s something from my experience which would put more light on this topic.

Recently, last year, I switched one of my AdSense based blog on a low budget web hosting server to save my costs. Initially, I didn’t face any issues, and the website was running fine without any downtime.

I was surprised to see that I didn’t face a single downtime in 7 months. However, there was something else that I discovered which made me realize that I made a mistake.

My AdSense revenue started decreasing every month. At first, I thought it might be a traffic issue, but there was not much fluctuation in the traffic according to the revenue.

I spent three days just to monitor every stat of my website to diagnose the issue.

Finally, I found the issue, and I immediately switched to my other premium paid hosting server. I monitored the website for a month, and to my surprise, the AdSense earnings started coming back to normal as before
So what was the issue? The issue was the server response time.

During my tests, I realized that whenever a new user visits the site, the site takes a long time to load. Even if the website is loaded completely, the ads were kept on loading and were taking almost 15 seconds to load completely.

Hence most of the visitors on my website already scrolled down below the Ads before they even loaded completely eventually reducing the CTR.

That’s the reason why I decided to go with Fast and better web hosting services providers for my primary websites.

Here is the conclusion from this Case Study which would tell you exactly why you should go with Fastest Hosting for your WordPress sites.

Valid Reasons To Buy The Best Fast Web Hosting 


1. Get Loyal Readers

As discussed, websites with slow loading speed will provide a bad experience to the visitors. This will increase your bounce rate as many visitors might leave your site without reading any content as it took the longest time they expected.

Take it practically, which site would you open when you want to search something online quickly? Google or Bing?

A quick loading website can bring you loyal visitors by offering the best user experience for them. As they don’t have to wait to read the content what they look for, they will be returning to your site for sure. 

2. Server Response Time

This is yet another critical factor for getting the fast web hosting server. Websites with slow server response time will take ages to load, and some of the scripts in your webpage may not even load at all.

It is also better to choose a lightening fast web host server that provides better server response time. You can also utilize the power of CDN to improve the server response time as per your geolocation.

Most of the modern day web hosting providers come with integrated support for CDN. All you need to do is connect your CDN with your web hosting panel.

For example, most of the web hosting providers these days with cPanel system have integrated CloudFlare support. You can enable it directly from your cPanel. You may also try cloud hosting for optimal speed performance. 

3. How Does It Benefit When It Comes To SEO?

Some people say that the website’s speed has no relation to SEO. To be honest, that’s not true at all. Google itself uses its Pagespeed technology to analyze the speed of the website.

According to many experts (which is true), Google Pagespeed stats are considered as an important factor in determining your SERP.

Google loves fast websites. If your website is fast and optimized, Google would love to give it a push.

Although Google won’t penalize websites with slow speed, it might skip pages during indexing if they don’t load properly when it attempts to render.

How To Check If My Website Is Loading Properly For Google?

If you’re wondering whether Google can see your website properly, then you can get an idea of it through Google Webmaster Tools.

Open Google Webmaster Tools, Under “Crawl” navigation menu, click ‘Fetch as Google.’ This tool will provide you with an overview of how Google sees your website.

4. How Does It Help In Conversions?

Just like my AdSense story, slow websites may decrease your Affiliate Marketing conversion rate. Imagine, a visitor is looking for a product review and ends up at your website. However, your website is so slow that the content isn’t even loaded completely.

The visitor would just skip your website and will try to go somewhere else. You’ve just lost your probable conversion.
If you have an Affiliate Marketing website, make sure you do everything to support your customer.

If you have written good Marketing Articles but still not able to get any conversion due to increase in Bounce Rate, then slow website might be a factor.

Here is the proof! Image Credit – Kinsta

loading speed vs conversion

How To Test The Speed Of Website?

After reading this article, you might be looking to test the speed of your current web hosting provider. To check the performance of your website, try the tools below.

  • GTMetrix – Provides Highly Detailed Analysis of your Website’s Performance including a suggestion to optimize further.
  • Pingdom – Allows you to test the Page Load Time according to different geolocation.
  • Uptrends – Test your website according to different browsers, resolution, and devices.

Which Kind Of Websites Must Have Fast Web Hosting?

Although static WordPress sites aren’t affected much by standard web hosting providers, it is important to note that there are few kinds of websites which depend entirely on the optimization and user experience. Some of them are:

  • Affiliate Marketing Websites
  • AdSense Based Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Live Scores and Updates Websites
  • News Portal Websites

Wrapping Up

The site loading speed impacts the user experience, SEO and conversions. If you please your site visitors with quick loading site, they will get converted for the product you recommend or turn into your subscriber. Likewise, you can get better search engine page results by satisfying the search spiders.

Even though I have consolidated the $1 hosting for the new businesses and bloggers, I would like to suggest the best fast web hosting to please the search engines and visitors. So, make sure that you have a fast loading site to skyrocket your web presence and make huge income. 

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