5+ Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting Providers For Business Sites in 2022


Are you running eCommerce websites? Or a Gaming website? And face data transfer throttling in your website? Then, you should find the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting providers to host your websites.

The unlimited bandwidth provides no hesitation about monthly data transfer in the websites, even the websites use high-quality images and have a high level of traffic.

The Unlimited bandwidth is the amount of data transferred between server and users in a month. If we have a bandwidth limit in our VPS hosting, we should use the data transfer below the limit; otherwise, throttling may happen.

Likewise, we know if our VPS hosting plan has limited bandwidth, other VPS accounts may use data transfer channels; ultimately, speed will slow down.

Why Do We Need Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting?

The bandwidth fully depends on three factors. One is the amount of data used in the web page, the number of monthly visitors for your websites, and the number of pages each visitor views. 

The data used in the web page depends on a few factors: the images, videos, and audio files, web applications from API integrations, The HTTP request used in the web page, such as scripts and coding language used in the web page databases. 

These factors will provide the amount of data transferred during webpage loads for every user request. The amount of data multiplied with the number of visitors in the month and pages views of each visitor gives total. Therefore, it provides the total amount of data transferred in a month. It is called bandwidth used by our website.

So our hosting plan needs to have a bandwidth limit more than this threshold level or unlimited bandwidth. The Unlimited bandwidth provided by the VPS hosting is the best choice for eCommerce, gaming websites, and other domains that use heavy data.

Best VPS Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth

To find the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting, we need to concentrate on two things. One is the server’s speed; the second is the amount of data transfer allowed by the VPS hosting service provider. 

The server speed is measured in Mbps, Gbps, or even Tbps based on VPS hosting service providers. If they provide unlimited bandwidth in low Mbps speed, throttling occurs. So here we have the list of the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting providers with better speed.

1. InMotion VPS Hosting

InMotion VPS hosting provides high-Speed Webhosting to agencies, eCommerce websites with unlimited bandwidth usage. It has 2 to 8GB RAM, 140GB storage with 8 CPU cores in its VPS hosting.

It provides a free domain with unlimited emails and an SSL certificate. Inmotion VPS allows us to host an unlimited number of websites with 3 dedicated IPs in every account.

Features of InMotion VPS Hosting

  • It gives Unlimited Bandwith hosting with managed hosting control panel support.
  • It has 5 cPanels in every account to host more clients in agency services and ecommerce websites management.
  • VPS server uses high capacity SSD storage disks for faster data transfer.
  • The resource monitoring dashboard will always indicate the usages of VPS hosting resources and bandwidth threshold for every month.
  • The scalability function is used to add more hosting resources instantly using the managed control panel.
  • The UltraStack adds custom infrastructure, latest technology tools integration, Speed optimization methods for high traffic websites and workloads.
  • It uses Brotli compression, Nginx, PHP-FPM, apache and Redis available for speed improvement during data transfer.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee in VPS plans with the best customer support.

2. Veeble VPS Hosting

Veeble is the best choice for VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth. The Veeble hosting provides unlimited bandwidth at three different speeds 20Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1Gbps. We can select the server speed according to the website requirements and applications used in our websites.

This unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting provides different plans such as professional, enterprise, and custom VPS plans as well. The hosting resources CPU, RAM, Storage, server speed, and Even number of IPs can be scalable in Veeble VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

Feature of Veeble VPS Hosting

  • SSD based disk storage with fully managed cpanel and WHM available in all VPS plans. We can select the cPanel with domain usage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is available in three different speeds with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Easy scalability of the resources is available at any time for both upgrades and downgrades in business requirements.
  • Both Cpanel/WHM has full root access with full time server management and resource monitoring.
  • Cent OS, hexacore processors, SSD storage, Raid 10, Automated backups with DDoS protection are available in Veeble VPS hosting.
  • Bothe managed and Unmanaged VPS hosting are also available with cloud support.

3. Dreamhost VPS Hosting

Dreamhost is provided the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting at cheaper prices. We can fully scale the server resources in the US-based VPS servers. It has many plans for small websites, businesses, enterprises, and professional domains.

All VPS hosting plans have unlimited bandwidth, Traffic, unlimited websites, and unlimited emails for a domain. The server resources are dedicated to the VPS account. We can manage it via the Dreamhost custom control panel.

Features of Dreamhost VPS Hosting

  • Fully managed VPS hosting with best technical support Server monitoring, security patches and OS updates on a 24×7 basis.
  • SSD based storage is available from 30GB to 250GB with scalable RAM within 10 minutes will be updated.
  • It gives Unlimited MySQl databases, emails for a Domain with SSL encryption and privacy protection.
  • Dream compute uses Openweb, Open stack and cloud stack for virtual machine access in unmanaged VPS hosting.
  • Apache, Nginx, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Perl, SSH, SFTP, IPv4 and IPv 6 used for speed performance and server protection in Dreamhost VPS hosting.

If you are looking for cheap VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth, Dreamhost is one provider you can rely upon.

4. OVH Cloud VPS Hosting

OVH Cloud VPS hosting provides unlimited traffic and bandwidth in VPS hosting with its four plans at different speeds.

It uses 250 Mbps, 500Mbps,1 Gbps, and 2Gbps speed plans with fully scalable VPS hosting resources like RAM, Storage, and CPU. We can scale up hosting resources when the business grows using the OVH control panel.

Features of OVH cloud VPS

  • OVH Cloud VPS uses Intel next-generation processors with NVMe SSD storage upto 640GB for faster performance of VPS hosting.
  • The dedicated root admin is used for monitoring and scaling the server resources and its environment.
  • Best technical support provides reliability in VPS hosting with a pre-installed control panel for Linux and Windows operating systems. Perhaps, the Windows VPS hosting unlimited bandwidth feature makes it more available for Windows users.
  • Easy automated backup options are available in the cloud as well.
  • Unlimited traffic at maximum 2Gbps speed is available in the VPS plan, and its server is located in Asia-Pacific.

5. Scala VPS Hosting

Scala Cloud VPS Hosting is available in both managed and self-managed to host control panels. Scala VPS provides unlimited bandwidth with up to 10 Gbps redundant speed networks. It uses fully scalable hosting resources such as CPU, Memory, and RAM up to 128GB.

It provides VPS hosting for businesses and enterprises with 24/7/365 technical support.

Features of Scala VPS Hosting

  • 100% SSD storage devices used in VPS with 10+ datacentre in US and Europe locations.
  • Free website migration, domain with SSL and one-click installer for 400+ web applications.
  • Spanel control panel used for full management of resources and SSheild protection used against the malicious attacks.
  • Highly protected cloud VPS with three copies of data in 3 different servers makes maximum availability.
  • It uses an SSD cloud server dual CPU E5 Intel xenon machine with 256GB RAM in cloud servers.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

Whether you are looking for a VPS hosting Europe with unlimited bandwidth or USA, Scala is highly flexible.

6. JavaPipe VPS Hosting

JavaPipe is the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting provider with 1Gbps server speed. JavaPipe uses three different VPS hosting as KVM (Kernel-based virtualization), Linux, and Windows OS support. Under the category of Linux VPS hosting unlimited bandwidth, this is a reliable option.

It uses four different VPS plans with 1Gbps sped port with varied hosting resources such as RAM, Storage, and CPU. JavaPipe use both managed and unmanaged control panel with multiple locations.

Features of JavaPipe VPS

  • It uses DDoS protection upto 750Gbps speed with unlimited bandwidth in VPS hosting.
  • Kernel-based VMs, SSD storage, and DDR$ RAM are used for faster data transfer to avoid throttling.
  • We can upgrades the next VPS plans at any time with full root access. The server can be re-installed with different OS and Solus VMs control panels.
  • 24×7 customer supports available as L1, L2 and L3 for technician support.
  • JavaPipe has different control panels WHM, Cpanel and InterWorx, for VPS hosting process.
  • ZenOpcache, APCu and IronCube loaders are used for faster performance.

Conclusion: Best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting providers

By wrapping up the article, the best unlimited bandwidth in VPS hosting depends on the Speed of the server port and the amount of data transferred between server and user in a month.

So unlimited bandwidth should be available at a higher speed even Gbps is the best option to choose a VPS provider. Perhaps, finding a free VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth might not be reliable.

The Bandwidth threshold for our business requirements should be lesser than the available bandwidth and speed port that prevents throttling of data. From the above list, InMotion VPS is the best-suited choice for unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting for many business applications.

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