Trello Vs Asana – Which Is The Best Project Management App?

Which is the best application for project management? Trello Vs Asana. Let’s see the comparison in this post. 

Well, I can compare these two apps in a better way as I’m using both the tools to manage my online freelancing team of 5 members. I have been blogging since 2010 and now I handle 5 blogs. Due to the time limitations, I’m outsourcing the blog tasks to a group of freelancers. 

Now, let’s get into the topic! 

A good project management app is the backbone of any firm. It ensures that all the projects are on the right track and every resource is being used efficiently.

While you are looking for the best project management apps you must have come across Trello and Asana and want to know who is the winner, am I right? 

Both are exceptionally great and it is obvious for you to get confused between both. Let us perform a deep analysis between these two project management app – Trello vs Asana and compare their strength and weakness.

Trello or Asana, Which Is Suitable To Manage Your Team?  

trello vs asana

Trello is a smart card based project management app which can be used for almost all the projects, this supports limited team collaboration. Moreover, Trello supports real-life board which helps to efficiently manage the projects.

In the case of Asana, it follows a task-oriented technique, it works well for rigorous projects. An excellent choice for a project with fewer team members i.e. small projects.

Let’s have a detailed view of both! 


Trello is a unique project management app which focuses on tasks and has the best approach to get the project work done on time. It focuses on UX perspective.

The visual approach manages the task easily, each task is mentioned on the pinning board. You can also do the brainstorming session and assign the task to various team members.

Best Of Trello

  • It is a fantastic tool that offers zero pricing for basic services.
  • It provides a quick overview of the cards.
  • Smart drag and drop functionality along with inline editing.
  • Quick uploading of documents and files.
  • Smart data filtering and deadline reminders.
  • Complete SSL data encryption.
  • Efficient search function and user-friendly interface.
  • Easy information back up and access.
  • Access to activity log and task allocation.
  • The text and visuals can fit into any screen size.


When it comes to Asana, it follows a project-based approach and the team is well organized to take care of the projects.

There is a list of tasks which team can work on. Moreover, each task has subtasks where you also can create a nesting of tasks to make the completion fast.

Best Of Asana

  • Smart visualization which ensures effective management of the project.
  • Task prioritization with the smart auto promotion of different tasks.
  • A single platform can be used to assign multiple projects.
  • Efficient cross-indexing to manage project easily.
  • Easy task allocation to the team members.
  • Protects crucial information by hiding sensitive information.
  • Advanced search and views.

Advantages Of Trello

1. Flexibility

Trello is super flexible and an open system. It can be used for all type of projects starting from a publishing website to the marketing projects.

2. Visually Appealing

The best part about the Trello is beautiful visuals. You can get everything done by using the cursor. With the help of smart visuals, you can see the progress made in the tasks.

Trello Pros

  • You can get started for free of cost.
  • The layout is super simple.
  • Highly compatible with both iPhone and Android app.
  • Can be integrated with google drive.
  • Zero limits on Trello cards.

Trello Cons

  • A lot of limitations on the free plan.
  • Having too many cards can be difficult to manage.

Upsides Of Of Asana

1. Excellent User Experience

The biggest benefit of Asana is the excellent user interface. The design is intuitive and the different colors help you to focus on the task efficiently.

2. Flexibility

Asana app is highly flexible and setting a project is super easy. You don’t need to pay anything to handle projects of the team with small size.

Asana Pros

  • Loaded with excellent project management features.
  • Free trial and color code to focus on an important task.
  • Compatible with Android as well as an iOS app.
  • Email and google drive integration.
  • Efficient time tracking to keep a check on the project.

Asana Cons

  • The learning curve is long.
  • You cannot add a personal view.
  • A task can be allocated to one member only.
  • Lack of two-factor authentication.

Trello Vs Asana – Which One Is Better?

Both Trello and Asana have a lot in common starting from creating the tasks to managing everything hassle free can be done easily with these smart tools.

Now let’s compare their basic and significant features so that it would help you to determine the best app for your project management. 

1. Task Management

Trello primarily manages the workflow with easy to use drag and drop option. The task from one column to another can be dragged and dropped, whereas Asana arranges the tasks so that you can easily track everything in one place.

This feature is helpful when you are working on a large project. When it comes to ease, Asana tops the chart.

2. Work Priority

In the case of Asana, you can manipulate the tasks, it ensures total dependency management. You can specify the task which should be given first priority.

This helps you to track done the bottlenecks issue so that you don’t miss the deadline. Asana is a clear winner when it comes out managing all the task in a timely manner.

3. Team Strength

When it comes to managing the work among the team, Trello is the best tool. You can have as many people as you want to be part of the project, that too in the free version.

In the case of Asana, the team strength should not exceed 15 members for the free version. Trello is the ideal platform for sharing the resource and working in a team.

4. Flexibility

The user interface of both Trello, as well as Asana, is incredible. The interface Asana is more refined whereas, in the case of Trello, the interface is intuitive.

Asana manages to grab the vote for great interface and ease of use, all thanks to the help button. With this button, you can easily get access to your file, tasks and critical project information.

5. Cost

Costing is one important thing while deciding the best project management app. This will help you to make the right decision in terms of productivity and cost of the team.

Both the platform allows you to get started with their free version. Asana does ask you to share critical credit card information, there is an option to skip it.

The gold package of Tello is available for $45 which is affordable, whereas the premium version of Asana is available for $9.99 each month which is a bit expensive.

This version eliminates the team size limit and you are free to invite as many users as you want them to be part of the project. When it comes to value for the money, Asana is a clear winner.

6. 3rd Party App Integration

Both the tool offer plenty of flexibility to integrate the third party application. You can incorporate features from cloud services, other tools, software to effortlessly manage your work data.

Since both the tools provide ease and complete support to third-party app integration there is a tie between Asana and Trello.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that both Trello and Asana are great project management tools. Trello works best for the team only where there are individual contributors. Whereas Asana app is excellent for individuals like Project Manager and CEO.

If you want a business tool that is easy to use and manage the projects and tasks, Trello is a preferred too. It works best if you want to access only basics. If you need a project management tool with loads of features, Asana is the winner as it is more versatile.

In the war – Trello vs Asana, I would like to conclude that both the project management apps are excellent, each has its own strength and drawbacks. Based on the usage, budget and required features opt for the best app to manage the tasks and projects effectively.

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