Thinkific Pricing Plans and Comparison with Online Courses Creators

Thinkific Pricing

Are you looking to purchase online course creation and selling platforms?. The Thinkific pricing plans help us choose the right one for our business requirements. It uses flexible pricing methods for content creators, teachers, and business people to purchase Thinkific for their usage. Moreover, the comparison of pricing overs its competitive platforms guide us to find a suitable plan at the realist. It can reduce expenditure during the initial stage of business.

When Business grows, the Thinkific has scalability in pricing with extended features inclusion. We can use the platform for long-term in reliable knowledge sharing business like teaching, training at university etc. The add-on and integration available in Thinkific provide clarity of its usage for our business in the long term. Moreover, The article discusses the free trial and refund policies to buy Thinkific confidently.

1. Thinkific Free Trail

Thnikific Pricing offers a free trial that helps find the extended features opportunities with complete online course creation. The free version provides a full ecommerce function to sell online courses using Thinkific. We should only use a limited number of courses in the free version.

No credits are required to use the free test drive for online courses creation and selling. We can sell the course to unlimited students with a single site admin using the free version. Moreover, The drag and drop course builder helps organize the course materials to deliver after the subscription through ecommerce operation.

So there is no hesitation to test the free version to create online courses and their selling. We can upgrade the free version anytime using flexible pricing plans with scalability. Moreover, Thinkific free trail provides email and phone support to create online courses with its set for its successful delivery.

2. Flexible Pricing Plans of Thinkific

The best online course creation and selling platform provide multiple pricing options for teachers, influencers, business people. The purpose decides the price of the platform with scalable options. It helps the content creators to create online courses, teaching materials, even an academy of courses for learners. So they can earn money by selling courses, teachings and membership subscriptions using Thinkific marketing. Moreover we can use promotion tools. 

We should analyse the different pricing plans with available features, customer support, and then multiple user support. Moreover, business tool integration opportunities with flexibilities in plan upgrades during business growth.

3. Basic Plan at $39/mo in Thinkific pricing

The basic plan from Thinkific is available for $ 39 per month, including an annual discount of 20%. We can create an unlimited number of courses to sell online using membership sites with the basic plan. However, the site admin is limited to single users. So for, academy of course creation with multiple admins, we need to upgrade the plan.

Here, We can run as many courses with basic academy creation with a single site admin. Moreover, the courses can offer as many students with unlimited content. For students, content request with drip schedule.

Moreover, Thinkific apps store access is available for extended activities such as marketing, customer relations, tracking, etc.

It provides live chat support and one-to-one student email support when it comes to support. We can choose this plan to launch our first course to sell online.

4. Pro Plan at $79/mo in Thinkific

Thinkific pro plan is the popular one to create online courses with live teaching opportunities. This plan helps for live tutoring, teaching, and then coaching to our online courses academy students. The pro plan is available for $79 per month. Moreover, It provides two admin accounts with unlimited courses creation to deliver as many students.

Apart from the features mentioned in the free and basic plan, it has added features for teaching with better student experiences. For example, we can create membership sites to provide live teaching and multiple courses by subscription. Moreover, flexible pricing schemes are available to accept the payments from the learners.

For the best student experience, Thinkific provides a single online community, live sessions with ZOOM meetings and webinars. In addition, the learners can follow the courses with assignments, quizzes bank within the learner’s membership area.

When it comes to supporting, it has prioritized support over previous plans. Growth addons of Thinkific support the advanced academy and then its development. We can provide the courses to the student at flexible pricing plans. The multiple plans are single payment, additional courses, bundle and then membership options.

5. Premier Plan in Thinkific pricing

The Thinkific premier plan is available for $399 per month. It helps to create a learning business with scalable education for the students. This plan allows five admin accounts with unlimited courses for as many students. 

Moreover, Premier plan provides all the features available in free, basic and pro plan with group training. We can use 15 group analysts for training courses with Thinkific premier. It includes additional features like,

  • On-boarding,
  • Brillium exams integration
  • API access
  • While labelling helps create a custom brand for online course teaching and selling.

6. Thinkific Pro and Growth Add-ons

Thinkific Popular plan can use growth addons for business development. The growth add-on helps scale the learning business over the period with sustainable development. In addition, the growth add-on can reduce initial expenditure for online academy creation. 

We have growth addons such as Groups, branding, API, communities, student reporting, webhooks for developers, email. Moreover, we have other tools integration for CRM, marketing, promotions and student experience. For example, infusion soft, active campaign, zapier, brillium exams, student imports and their enrolments.

These growth add-ons and integrations help learn business development from scratch. It starts with group analysts for academy creation. Moreover, Progress to the student, course tracking with student communication.

7. Thinkific Plus for Custom pricing

Thinkific Plus’s most extended platform feature is available based on the customer request. In addition, the Thinkific plus provides scalable education with online programs for customers and employees.

It offers,

  • Lead generation,
  • Customer education, 
  • Revenue generation 
  • Employee education

Out of these, We can achieve lead generation by creation of landing pages with email marketing services. In addition, customer training can be offered using live streaming, on-boarding, and then product training with task process tracking. Finally, revenue generation can be achieved using online courses sales, membership programs and course subscriptions.

Moreover, The employee education can be provided locally and remotely using Thinkific plus. 99.9% service level agreements, advanced security features with 24×7 monitoring helps to provide uninterrupted services for local and remote training with Thinkific plus. 

Thinkfic pricing Comparison with competitors 

The comparison of Thinkfic with its competitor’s pricing helps figure out even alternatives for Thinkific to create and sell online courses. The best competitors of the Thinkific platform are Kajabi, Podia, Ruzuku and then Teachable. Here we should compare the features available for basic plans with support to create online academies or schools. Moreover, we can find free trial availability with selling options.

Free trial yes14-days14-daysyes14-days
Basic Plan$39/mo$119/mo$39/mo$29/mo$74.75/mo
No of Admin1120$ per additonal11
coursesunlimited15 productsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
No of studentsunlimited1000unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Live trainingGroup trainingwebinarscommunityGroup coachingVideo conferencing
Phone support yes nononono
Scalable pricingGrowth addon, plusnononono

Comparing competitors’ pricing tables helps to find the best platform to sell the course and live teaching. Moreover, it helps create online schools and universities for long-term learning business.

Conclusion Thinkific Pricing

By wrapping up Thinkific pricing, Thinkific is the best platform to create online courses and sell teachings with membership options. Moreover, we can create an academy of courses and employee training with live sessions. The flexibility in pricing is available in Thinkific in various forms, such as a free trial, custom pricing requests for training and growth add-ons.

Thinkific requires no credit card for a free trial to test drive all the core features of online course creation with ecommerce operations. In Thinkific, we have free, basic, pro, premier, Growth addon and then Thinkific Plus with scalable pricing. These Thinkific pricing options help upgrade and downgrade features in learning business development during the long run.

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