How To Start A Software Reselling Business From Scratch?

Are you a one-person or small-business owner who cannot afford to hire IT professionals, to produce the software you require? You’ve arrived at the proper spot. In this article, I will cover the topic of how to start a reselling software business from scratch.

The notion of having in-house IT expertise to create required software for online sales is not always accurate.

Software is made up of flexible codes that are used by many businesses to develop white-label software that can be easily customized to meet specific needs. The easiest way to go is to choose a reputable firm that manufactures white-label software and purchase it from them.

Later, resell the software for a significant profit with zero to little effort.

Significance Of Reselling Software

It takes time, efforts, and money to create any product. It is a sensitive operation that demands a high level of experience. You may be hesitant to leave this duty to an outsider. The fact is that you and your team might not be able to handle it.

Several things can go wrong if your organization does not specialize in software development. Assume you’re a blogger looking to sell branded sneakers. Do you intend to create them yourself?

Even if you opt to engage a development team, it will be pretty expensive and time-consuming. So why not utilize ready-made software that can be customized? With that said, let us now get to the crux of the article and discuss the significant factors to consider before reselling software.

Who Is A Reselling Software Agent?

Software reseller agents are people that locate software for end-users. These organizations often assist corporate clients that lack the time or knowledge to discover software on their own.

Agents may charge a set fee or a portion of each sale to organize the company’s software. In any case, the agent serves as a liaison between the seller and the buyer. The program is marketed under the trademark of the product’s inventor.

Essential Factors To Consider Before Reselling Software From Scratch

There are quite a few essential factors to consider before involving in a reselling software business. The business might be tricky, but with the proper knowledge, it can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Now, let’s have a look at the factors to consider on how to start reselling software.

1. Registering The Business: Any software provider will always lookout for a fully registered business enterprise. To start from scratch, it is essential to reach out to specific authorities and begin the process of registering the business for reselling software. Once done, it is also mandatory to understand if a reseller license should be acquired as a lot of countries demand them to start the business.

Once all the process is completed, double-check if there is something else required to obtain legal authority to resell. Also, consider updating registries that provide more opportunities to add recent resell services.

2. Find Your Niche: There is software that is developed to meet individuals’ requirements, and there is software that is aimed towards strengthening an enterprise, which is more profitable comparatively. Enterprises have a lot of ongoing business processes and would need separate software for various processes. Hence, selling enterprise software can boost the revenue of the business drastically.

Also, the consumer is the king of any business. Therefore, it is very critical to understand the needs of the consumers when it comes to the various niches. Setting a niche for the company sets the business apart from other competitors, and resolving consumer issues can significantly affect the reputation of the business.

3. Finding The Software Provider: A lot of companies that sell software have a very limited trusted circle. They rely on the registration of the business, positive working relationship, and the target audience in choosing who can resell their software. So, make sure that the company meets all the requirements of the provider.

Once agreed on doing business, you will have to sign a few papers related to software reseller agreements provided mainly by the company itself. One biggest issue that needs to be addressed before signing the documents is the pricing model. Some companies would not allow setting a preferred price or brand for the software reselling.

4. Analyzing The Product: To resell software effectively, it is critical to understand and explore the product specification. It is mandatory to also explain about the reselling product to the customers. Presenting the product briefly is also an excellent strategy to drive traffic towards your reselling website.

5. Start The Race: Start by creating a website and working on visually attracting the audience. It can prove challenging to start making good revenue at the start of the business. However, good strategies and promoting the product in other domains can make a significant difference.

Also, with the help of various social media available, start by creating pages and advertisements about the reselling product and provide detailed specifications on how the product can be better than the competitor’s entry.

6. Significance Of Adding Additional Services: Software reselling can prove complex at the start, with a lot of established big names as competitors to your product. However, adding other services to your websites, such as installation, training, maintenance, and support, can boost the revenue and have small profits from here and there.

7. Building A Credible Team: Once the website and the product have become successful, make sure to create a team to support your cause. The team should consist of specialists in the field of the specific niche, IT developers, and marketing executives, who can take the business to the next level.


With this step-by-step guide, you are almost ready to start your reselling adventures. However, practical work is more efficient than theoretical studies, as proven by many.

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