Best 7 SSL Certificate Providers 2022 for Secured Website Services

SSL Certificate Providers

How protected is your website data?. Whether Is it protected against hackers? If not, secure it by SSL encryption from the best SSL certificate providers.

SSL is a Secure Socket Layer with encryption to protect sensitive data during data transfer between browser and servers. The sensitive data are personal information, payment details, passwords, etc., provided by the customers. Once your website is protected by SSL encryption, your customer has no hesitation in buying the product. Some of the best hosting service providers offers free SSL certificates for secured websites.

Why is an SSL Certificate Important for our Website?

  • To avoid data theft in ecommerce websites during product purchase. The customer needs reliability to submit the personal details.
  • Google provides higher authority to protected websites (i.e., HTTPS) than an unsecured one. However, users need trust and privacy.
  • Free SSL is not always well. Many agencies offer free SSL certificates for website protection. But it has limited validity, such as 90days. It will protect only the main domain and subdomains are not protected.
  • These free SSL protections can only alert the users about the unprotected web page’s risk in the browsers.  

How to choose the Best SSL Certificate Providers?

The best SSL provider should protect the domain and subdomain (Wildcard SSL) and multiple addon domains (Multi-domain SSL) in an account.

SSL certificates have three levels of protection;

  • Domain validated (DV) SSL- ownership verification
  • Organization validated (OV) SSL – organization authentication
  • Extended Validated (EV) SSL – verification of business, legal status, and address

They should provide the best customer support for installation and certificate validation.

7 Trusted Websites To Buy SSL Certificate for Multiple Domains

The best SSL certificate protection contains data protection and verification in all the ways, such as DV, OV, and EV SSL. The kind of support offered by the SSL provider for the installation and configuration of SSL makes them best.  

They should also provide the troubleshooting options for mixed content detection, i.e., www and non-www, URL mismatch between HTTP and HTTPS. Here we have the list.

1. DigiCert SSL

Digicert provides SSL certificates for Single, WildCard, and multi-domains in different types such as basic SSL ownership verification, Business SSL certificate, and Pro SSL certificate.

It has TLS protection as well. It uses a Public and Private Key Interface (PKI) system for the security and encryption of web pages. The email, wireless, and VPN authentication are available for secure access. 

Features of Digicert

  • The basic SSL and Secure site SSL certificates have flexible encryption with 24/7/365 support from its provider.
  • It is fully compatible with all the browsers with the CSR generation tool for sign-in verification.
  • DigiCert smart seal is available in business SSL certificates and has priority in support and validation.
  • Digicert certcentral tool used in Pro SSL certificates for management, such as discovering order, revoking, renewing, automating, and reporting on all the networks.
  • It has 70+ malware, anti-virus scans, and URL blocklist service as well.
  • The pro SSL certificate has monitoring, malware, and fraud checks and 18 central cert validations for OV and EV certificates.

2. COMODO SSL store

Comodo provides three different validation levels (DV, OV, and EV) and four different types of SSL certificates. The validation levels are domain, organization, and extended validation, and the four types are Instant, Positive, Essential, and Enterprise SSL certificates based on their functionality. It provides security and authentication provided by email and IDs.

Features of COMODO SSL store

  • It has single-domain SSL certificates used for one domain or IP validation.
  • The single-domain wildcard SSL certificate used for a single domain or IP with an unlimited number of Subdomains belongs to a single domain.
  • The multi-domain SSL certificate is used for 250 domains.
  • The multi-domain wildcard SSL is used for 250 domains with unlimited subdomains validation, and its protection and EV are not available here.
  • All these types have DV level; the Wildcard domain only has DV and then OV levels.
  • EV is not available for multi-domains SSL certificates.

3. Global Sign by GMO

The Global sign SSL certificate provider uses the Public and private Key interface (PKI) management as an automated, scalable solution for digital certificate validation. It provides SSL/TLS certificates with online ticketing support, and it also provides intranet and then cloud SSL certificates for business applications.

Features of Global Sign

  • Global sign used to manage, discover and then analyze SSL certificates.
  • It has free certificate monitoring with its life cycle management.
  • It provides EV, OV certificates for a wildcard and multi-domain with more than 100 options.
  • Intranet SSL certificate has internal server names with long-term validity for internal networks.
  • The global sign uses simplified, automated SSL deployment and management; the monitoring and tracking of SSL are available with inventory tools.

4. Godaddy SSL

Godaddy SSL certificate providers provide DV SSL certificates for a single domain and UCC san for five domains. It also provides wildcard DV for unlimited subdomains at a yearly price. Godaddy also offers organization validated and extended validated SSL certificates for multiple domains as well.

Features of GoDaddy SSL

  • DV SSL only proves domain ownership. It has google rank booster, SHA-2 and 2048 bit encryption, padlock address bar, security seal features. And these are used in multi-domain and wildcard then domains as well.
  • OV SSL proves the ownership, confirms the organization’s authenticity and has all the features mentioned in the previous point.¬†
  • EV SSL proves ownership, confirms the authenticity of the organization, and finally, verification of business, legal status, and then address.

5. GeoTrust by DigiCert

The best SSL certificate providers offer flexible SSL certificate plans with the best support. These certificates are available from the roots of DigiCert. The GeoTrust SSL, GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID and GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID with EV are the three different plans available for single, multiple, and then wildcard domains. 

Features of GeoTrust SSL

  • Its DV certificate has DigiCert cert central basic account with 1 authentication check and certificates provided in minutes without identity check.
  • The OV SSL certificate is available with cert central basic account with 9 authentication checks, and most of the certificates are available in one day.
  • The EV SSL certificates are available with priority support and validation; it has 16 authentication checks, and most of them are available in 1 to 3 days.


It gives DV, OV, and EV SSL certificates for a single domain, multi-domain, and then wildcard functionality. These SSL certificates are available for six years of validity, and we can also buy this with one year license. The SECIGO SSL gives domain validation that enables HTTPS, padlock image in the address bar. The DV certification is issued in a minute with 24/7/365 support.

Features of SECIGO SSL 

  • It is a fast, convenient, and reliable way to secure your website data transfer through encryption.
  • 24 hours support is available for planning, boarding, and SSL certificate maintenance service.
  • Through the OV and EV SSL, they provide SSL certification for 20 years in commercial business authority.
  • The EV certificates are available with the highest level of encryption and authentication with 30 days money-back guarantee.

7. Click SSL

The cheapest SSL certificate provider is available in the market for secured data transmission. It provides fast loading and top ranking in search engines by its encryption and authentication methods. It also provides a digital signature to the software products. Click SSL displays the company name in the address bar for the trust and reliability of the customers.

Features of Click SSL

  • It has DV, OV, and EV SSL certificates for single domain, multi-domain, and wildcard domain websites.
  • The click SSL provides low-cost SSL certificates from the certificate authorities such as DigiCert, rapid SSL, Thawte, Geotrust, and then Digicert.
  • Click SSL provides value-added services such as gathering CSR reports, SSL installation, SSL finder, and 24×7 customer support.
  • It provides 30 days money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Best SSL Certificate Provider Companies 2022

By wrapping up the best SSL certificate providers. The SSL certificates are the authority for a highly protected website. The encryption method used to protect the data and authentication available for the data received gives the best SSL. 

Digicert provides DV, OV, and EV SSL certificates that have 18 validation checks, CSR monitoring tools. The malware scan options, PKI, and IoT security with 24/7/365 support make Digicert one of the best SSL certificate providers in 2022.

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