Best 7 Softwares like Sandboxie for Virtual Operating Environment

Softwares like Sandboxie

Are you looking for an isolated operating environment for windows?. Then Softwares like Sandboxie are suitable option to run unsecured applications. Moreover, It runs the applications at an isolated virtual location. So it won’t affect other applications installed in the system. The new applications are installed or run without modifying the local mapped drive. This software secures the PC from malware and then vulnerable virus attacks.

The isolated virtual operating environment helps many benefits to the system and users:

  1. It offers secured web browsing and protects the system from malicious software downloads.
  2. The enhanced privacy gives complete control over cookies, browsing history, and then caches in operations.
  3. The Sandboxie-like software secures emails from viruses and then malicious software attacks.
  4. It helps install applications into the isolated sandbox with secured access.

Top 7 Softwares like Sandboxie for Isolated Working Environment

Here we have the list of seven softwares like Sandboxie, which provides a secured environment for application development. It protects the windows operation system on PCs and then Laptops with an isolated virtual environment. It covers the malicious activities and unwanted changes in the machine. Moreover, it can eliminate system downtime due to cyber-attacks and maintenance costs.

1. Shadow Defender -one of the best Softwares like Sandboxie

Shadow Defender

Shadow defender is a powerful tool to protect our computers from malicious attacks from unwanted software. It is one of the best softwares like Sandboxie to protect our virtual working environment. Shadow Defender is an easy-to-use security solution for Windows operating systems. Which covers the system from malicious software, and then it is not being executed in the machine. It uses shadow mode without changing the actual system environment. This software protects permanent files and folders on every reboot.

Features of Shadow defender

  • The shadow defender helps to prevent all viruses and then malware.
  • We can do safe internet browsing, and it eliminates unwanted tracing of our programs.
  • It reduces system downtime and then leaves it maintenance-free.
  • A reboot will restore all the permanent files and folders to protect the system.
  • The test software and game installation occurred in an isolated environment.
  • It provides complete protection against unwanted changes made by shared users.

2. Cameyo

Cameyo Softwarres like Sandboxie

The Cameyo is the right tool for secure application delivery to any digital workspace. It offers a productive hybrid and remote workplace for application development. Moreover, the secured access to the remote location with shared user support. This virtual application delivery platform helps secure access from browsers to any workspace. No infrastructure is required to set up this application on our machine, and then we can install it in minutes. It has built-in security features with HTTP access, single-user sign-in, and then isolation of applications from the operating system.

Features of Cameyo

  • It empowers the remote work with no VPN for a safer working environment.
  • We can choose cameyo fully hosted or self-hosted service with cloud, hybrid or On-premises environment.
  • Securely deliver any applications in windows directly from the browsers.
  • Manage all customers with a single pane of place to the apps.
  • Moreover, It helps to provide software as a service without having redevelopment costs.

3. VMware 

VMware softwares like Sandboxie

VMware is one of the better softwares like Sandboxie to create an isolated working environment for the new operations. Moreover, the cloud working environment helps build, run, manage, and secure cloud applications. We can get secured access from cloud services. It is the best software for a distributed workforce that can work from anywhere securely. The multi-cloud briefing helps in removing complexities in the proper change. It helps build cloud apps that serve all the customers in isolated environments.

Features or VMware 

  • Accelerate the modern app operations network with high security.
  • It enables the workplace for employees anywhere globally with secured remote access.
  • We can deliver any application from the core to any cloud and anywhere securely.
  • The cloud infrastructure helps in-app monetization and then multi-cloud operations.
  • Manufacturing, technology, and then health care industries can use this platform for application delivery.

4. Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox

Shade sandbox is a suitable alternative to softwares like Sandboxie for running applications in isolated places. The isolated application runs help to prevent malware attacks. Moreover, It provides solid protection against brand new and unknown threats. It offers complete safety to opening suspicious websites. So there is no need to decide on selecting trusted applications. This software locally virtualizes applications and locks all incoming internet files. So it makes the virtual operating system free from malware and viruses.

Features of Shade Sandbox

  • The cookies, history, and temporary internet files are isolated from the OS environment.
  • It has a registry, executable, and system files protected from cyber-attacks.
  • It is more compatible with other security products for protection.
  • This software restricts unwanted installs and then malicious attacks.
  • The malware gets trapped inside the sandbox, and then makes operating system stays clean.

5. Island Sandbox

Island Software like SandBoxie

Island is the sandbox environment for android operating systems. It helps to clone applications and isolate them from accessing our data, such as call logs, contacts, and then photos. It has the managed profile feature for android 5.0 plus versions. We can freeze the frequently accessed applications and clone them into the island and then uninstall the original one from the device. This process will freeze it. Moreover, we can create a launch shortcut for quick de-freezing and launching the apps.

Features of Island Sandbox

  • It restricts permission-oriented apps from accessing private and personal data from mobile devices.
  • We can use two accounts for the applications. One is to clone it, and another is to log in inside.
  • It helps in achieving the rarely used apps.
  • Moreover, we can hide our private applications.
  • We have the managed mainland location to handle the mobile applications.

6. Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box

The Enigma Virtual box is one of the best softwares like Sandboxie for file virtualization applications used in windows operating systems. It converts all files and registries in the applications into a single executable file. It does not extract temporary files to HDD. Moreover, it can help virtualize any files such as dynamic libraries, video music files, etc. it supports all versions of windows from 2000 to windows 10. The enigma virtual box is used as virtual file protection software for windows. It embeds a particular locator into main application modules, which runs before the execution of the application.

Features of Enigma Virtual Box

  • This Enigma protector doesn’t extract virtualized files into a disk or temporary files on the computer.
  • It is a free application that supports all windows operating systems.
  • It allows compressing application files and then reduces the size of the applications.
  • The enigma Virtual box allows registering ActiveX/COM components
  • Easy to use application for files and directories into main virtual box.

7. Anyrun software like Sandboxie

Any. run is a suitable replacement for softwares like Sandboxie for interactive malware hunting service. It is a cloud-based sandbox with full access. For some types of malware attacks and vulnerabilities, direct human interaction is required for access. It uses a set of malware analysis tools that allows watching the process. Moreover, it potentially tracks suspicious, malicious files, URLs, and registry activity. It works like a treat intelligent platform to protect our system.

Features of Software

  • It provides the fastest malware analysis with interactive access.
  • We can use it in many environments and affect the malware behavior in a few clicks.
  • Moreover, It helps quickly copy and paste the data from or into the sandbox.
  • We can open URLs in any popular browser. It will find malicious and then vulnerable sites.
  • The structural understanding of attacks is essential for threat security analysis.
  • It provides an interactive process such as graphs for a more effortless experience.
  • We can analyze the content of different file types.

Conclusion Best Softwares like Sandboxie

Wrapping up softwares like Sandboxie helps to create a virtual operating environment with isolated applications. Moreover, this application run or installation does not affect the primary operating system. The sandbox environment provides a secure place for an application to run malware-free. These sandboxes help avoid malicious and vulnerable attacks from unwanted changes while running the application.

In the end, The shadow defender is the best softwares like Sandboxie, with an isolated virtual environment for the application process. It supports all windows operating systems with shadow mode operations. While working in shadow mode prevents all the viruses and malware from unwanted downloads. Moreover, it helps to restore the permanent files during the system reboot. So it is one of the best softwares like Sandboxie.

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