Software like HTTrack Helps to Copy the Web Pages

Software like HTTrack

The best way to download websites from the internet to the local directory is HTTrack software. It is free to organize web pages. Software like HTTrack is the right choice to archive web content securely using the offline browser. Moreover, these tools support Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It helps arrange directories, HTML files, images, and other files from the server to our computer. It can be viewed at any time using mirror links on the browsers.

HTTrack-like software uses to organize the link structure during the website updates. This linking structure is mirrored to the local machine, and it will be displayed in the browser, even online. This software has a fully configurable help system to update links while resuming interrupted downloads. Moreover, HTTrrack is like a web crawler or copier software that works in various operating systems. Software like HTTrack provides a self-hosted internet archiving solution to collect, save and view sites.

Best 7 software like HTTrack web copier to collect website Pages

Here, we list the seven best software to archive websites and their internet file into a local drive. Moreover, the best software regularly has a scheduler to export the data to the local machine periodically. It examines HTML resources and links available on web pages. Finally, download a complete copy of a website with images and other resources. The software packages help retrieve files from HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and FTPS internet protocols. We can use the downloaded file for offline and online requirements. 

1. – best software like HTTrack


The Archive box is the best software like HTTrack for downloading files and images from the internet. It is a powerful internet archiving tool to collect, store and view websites and files. We can set this platform as the desktop app, command-line device, and web app in windows, Linux, and Mac. We can schedule the regular imports from browser bookmarks, feeds, history, and other bookmark services. Moreover, It helps save the URL and resources in different formats such as HTML, PDF, PNG, and WARC formats.

Features of

  • Get archive box with docker and add links to it using a command-line interface.
  • It is free to open source software to store internet data locally without any sign-in.
  • Extracts a wide variety of content such as media, articles, and codes.
  • It keeps the content in long-term, durable, and standard formats.
  • We can use CLI, web user interface, rest API, and desktop apps for web page storage.
  • It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

2. Site Puller

Site Puller software like HTTrack

Site Puller is the better software like HTTrack for downloading source code and assets as an online zip file. We can download website templates using the web copier software. Moreover, This software provides website migration to the new hosting. The template cloning is possible with customization. So, no need to design from scratch. This software helps extract data, files, and images using the wizard. We can crawl any website to take the data for analysis using Site puller software.

Features of Site Puller

  • Clone a website of our dream one and even for our competitor’s website. 
  • It helps to download all website hrefs and has easy offline access.
  • This software helps to scrape an existing website with an internet connection.
  • It downloads worldwide websites from the internet to the local directory. 
  • Download HTML web source code, images, videos, and other files from the targeted server to the local computer.

3. Cyotek Web copy

Cyotek WebCopy

Cyotek Web copy is a suitable replacement for software like HTTrack to copy website files for offline browsing. It is free to help automatically download web content into a local drive. The web copy will scan the specified website and download all its content and links with style sheets and images. It will automatically remap with local path help in offline browsing. Moreover, it helps to download a static website for offline browsing.

Features of Cyotek Web Copy

  • It supports the latest Windows version with the .net framework from Windows eight onwards.
  • The rules control helps in excluding a section of the website. 
  • We can optionally post one or more forms like a login form with a password.
  • The link map viewer allows viewing all the links available on our website.
  • It helps draw and customize the visual diagram of our website.

4. GNU Wget 

GNU Wget

Gnu Wget is a free software package that helps retrieve website information from the internet. It is the right software like HTTrack for storing the website data like images, HTML code, and other resources on the local computer. Moreover, we can download the website content from HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and FTPS internet protocols. These are widely used protocols by anyone recently. We can use non-interactive command-line interface scripts, cron jobs, and terminals to collect the information from the websites.

Features of GNU Wget

  • It helps to resume abandoned downloads using REST and RANGE.
  • We can use wildcard file names to mirror the directories recursively.
  • It supports and runs Unix-like operating systems and windows as well.
  • Wget supports HTTP cookies and proxies even with a secured internet connection.
  • Gnu Wget uses local file timestamps for the downloads for re-initiation while mirroring.
  • NLS-based message files support many languages.

5. Offline Explorer

Offline Explorer

The Offline explorer is a suitable alternative to software like HTTrack for downloading websites. It is helpful for offline browsing with mirror URLs. Moreover, it provides ultrafast smart downloading of websites. The proper application for website archiving, downloading, and offline explorer delivers the downloaded web pages. This software helps copy the downloaded website directly into hard drives, external media, DVDs, or flash drives. Furthermore, we can download social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It helps easy file retrieval from HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP.

Features of Offline Explorer

  • It supports proxy servers like TOR, HTTP, or SOCKS.
  • We can download 500 files simultaneously with this software.
  • We can quickly relocate the downloaded files with relative links.
  • The offline browser fully supports XML, XSL, and DTD files.
  • Download speed control is possible with a scheduled, sequenced, and command-line interface.

6. Website Downloader

Website Downloader

Website Downloader is an excellent software like HTTrack for website downloads with all source codes and assets. It is a web-based interface that helps to download a website, so it is platform-independent. It works in any operating system without downloading or configuring the software to store the website assets on a local drive. A faster preview is available to know about the precious disk space. The website scraper is very simple with advanced functionality.

Features of Website Downloader

  • The website downloader helps in downloading or copying and ripping the website to the local computer from the internet.
  • It arranges the downloaded site by the original website by relative link structure. 
  • The Gripper takes each HTML file and downloads it to the local drive.
  • Link conversion, CSS and javascript files, and images are downloaded using the software.
  • Moreover, Backups and offline site downloads are possible with a website downloader.

7. Fossilo

Fossilo software like HTTrack

The Fossilo is the best software like HTTrack help to preserve website content by web archiving. Moreover, it helps in monitoring and information governance for the web archives. It can archive websites, social media sites, and even mobile text messages. The fossilo help archive web content and capture the changes with record-keeping regulations. It helps in monitoring the market and competitors. Furthermore, it is helpful for the local government, educational institutions, and financial services. 

Features of Fossilo

  • It provides the cloud nature of infrastructure with scaling for the storage.
  • Fossils offer software as a service to preserve digital data.
  • We can store a single PDF website with more than a thousand web pages.
  • Fully automated website capturing with relevant link content.
  • The custom storage is available at AWS, IBM, Google cloud, and any S3 services.
  • It helps track the changes in the web archives with new, modified, and removed web data.

Conclusion –Best Software like HTTrack

Wrapping up software like HTTrack helps to download websites and their assets. These software support all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac to download websites. Moreover, the HTML source code, images, CSS, and other resources can be archived and arranged for offline browsing. The website clone and mirror links can also be possible with software like HTTrack. 

In the end, is the best software like HTTrack to archive the entire website into the local computer from the internet. It supports the most commonly used web protocols to download the website content. Moreover, it is a free open source software with a command-line interface, web application, and desktop application to download websites.

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