Everything You Should Know About Smart TVs

Entertainment and its modes have covered a long way over the years. From the grand old day’s cave paintings to the sports events to the path-breaking radios and finally the televisions, entertainment has walked past the years, metamorphosed itself to the needs of the day.

Not only has the modes of entertainment changed, but with each passing day, the methods of entertainment and the time people spend on it has increased.

The introduction of television in the early years of the 20th century has been a remarkable advancement in the technology associated with entertainment. The initial years of television were primarily dominated by the cathode ray tube.

The CRT (cathode ray tube) television sets have had the market eloped in itself till the latter halves of the last century.

Undoubtedly, in this time, CRT tv sets had already helped us shift from the black and white display to the coloured screen, refined the visual experience, and shrunk in size from the initial days.

Soon after the 1980s, the television industry started with rampant changes that hardly anyone could have foreseen. In the last four decades, television has walked quite a distance from the old day CRT models to LCDs to LEDs and 4Ks and finally making its way to the smart TVs.

Well, although LED, LCD, and 4K smoothen the viewing experience and reduces the size of the tv considerably when compared with the age-old CRT sets, the smart televisions metamorphosed the entire way one looks at televisions at large.

What Are Smart Televisions?


Smart television is the thing of the day. It is in the market for quite some time, and customers have been in awe of it. Now, what exactly is this smart television? Well, a smart tv helps us connect to various electronic gadgets and equipments at the same time.

What do I exactly mean by that? Well, it’s easy, using a smart television. You can connect to your favourite content providers like Netflix or Amazon prime; you can log in to YouTube or can even surf the internet.

And to do all these, what is it that you would be needing? Well, you might have guessed it by now, if you haven’t, then let me tell you, you can do all of these with your smartphone!

Exciting, isn’t it? Well, the most compelling advantage of smart television is the fact that it can be connected to various channels without an antenna.

And to top it, you can enjoy content on TV even without having a cable connection, through your internet connection. Another advantage would surely be the ease with which you can view the contents present on your phone on the television screen.

For many, the smart televisions are acting as both, a desktop as well as a television. You too might be looking to get just the same. Well, then, in that case, our suggestion to you would be that you get a small smart television.

Advantages Of Small Smart Television

If you are looking to optimize the use of the smart television fully, then make sure that you buy a smaller variant. Well, many might not be agreeing with me, but then I have my reasons.

A small smart TV is way portable than its bigger counterparts. Thus, if you are looking forward to using your smart tv to all its functionalities, then make sure that you get a small variant.

Apart from being portable, the other advantage that you can note in the small smart televisions is that it would allow you to enjoy low-quality pictures with the minimum tear effect.

Thus making your viewing experience better when you are using a smaller set. This is primarily a point to ponder on when you are using the smart television as a desktop whenever needed.

Essential Points Before Buying A Small Smart Television

You need to make sure that you hit on the following checklist before moving on with the purchases:

1. Budget

Well, this for sure, is the first thing that needs your attention. Make sure that you set your budget before you sit on the couch to surf your smart television.

The reason I say so is you would be spoilt with choices. With the various size variants and the display variants, you would have a hard time settling on.

2. Company

Well, while many would be suggesting that brand is something that we do not need to focus on much, I would insist that you should take up the brand that you are willing to purchase and research on it with all that you can. Now, why do I say so?

Well, buying a television is the first thing that you do, what about its maintenance? Well, then you need to make sure that you have a television set from a company which is available near you to provide you with the services that you need.

You can check out small Samsung smart televisions or small LG smart TVs, as they have quite a profound list of service centres and its almost certain that you would have a service centre somewhere close to your place.

Final Verdict

Well. The final verdict from my end would be that you should get a small smart television that has all the features assembled in itself and can also provide you with the viewing experience that you have been looking for.

Our recommendation would be to go ahead with the small Samsung smart televisions or similar brands which has service centres readily available in your locality.

I would also suggest that you must try to get a first-hand experience before you settle on for your final choice as, for every person, the options might differ and also the priorities.

Thus, go for the best that you can afford and have the experience before you buy the one that you have been looking forward to! We hope you enjoy the experience in your new smart television!

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