Should Notebook Computers Replace The Traditional Books Of Students?

Should students textbooks be replaced by Notebook computers? It is a huge debate over the past few years.

Most of them argue that textbooks should be replaced by notebook and few tells that it should not! 

Now, what’s your opinion on this? Should Notebook computers replace the traditional textbooks?

Let me tell my viewpoint through this post.

Notebook Computers Vs Traditional Textbooks

Students carry the tons of books to schools and get back pain. Every year along with class promotion, there is a promotion in the count of books as well.

Not only that, apart from the textbooks, students should take the traditional notebooks (to write) and study materials, etc. which even weight more.

Now, the average high school student’s bag weighs over thirty pounds or nearer to that value.

Besides, in today’s digital age, do you still believe in the textbook that has to be revised every time. Of course yes, and it’s is very true that books served as the backbone of education previously.

But what about now?


I mean students are less willing to carry the entire textbooks which are out-of-date and instead, they want to take a lighter weight computer notebook, where they can store as much as of information they need.

Students are getting used in finding the information electronically instead of reading textbooks manually. And it’s the best way as well because whatever information they are getting from the search engines, they could be an updated stuff. It’s not like school material which is outdated!

In this modernized world, students would need to know the ins and outs of the topics and it can be done with the Notebook computers.

On the hand, the information in textbooks gets older, and it’s simply not giving required knowledge to the students and making them even worse when coming to the competitive levels. Here in these cases, notebooks could be helpful.

Now, Notebooks computers are not only meant for easily downloading the latest updates on the particular topics but also the students could exploring the new information without having to buy new books each and every time.

Notebooks also make students’ lives easier outside the classroom by improving their concentration levels, and it has advanced features to learn in an interactive and fun way.

Nowadays, publishers show the keen interest in making the engaging study materials through fun word games or crossword puzzles on the particular subject. 

A few years back, the notebook computers were tough to buy, but in today’s world, you can get the standard computer notebook for less cost. 

Instead of the purchase of a whole lot of textbooks for every year, it’s the best option to buy a notebook and use it for future studies.

Why Textbooks Should Be Replaced By Notebook Computers?

Let’s see some benefits of using the notebook gadget instead of the usual books so that you’ll get the answer for the unsureness, should students textbooks be replaced by Notebook laptops! 

1. Relief From Back Pains

Most of you might think this as a stupid point but it isn’t! The school children will be at growing stage and if they carry loads of weight and get back pains then it will affect their health.

Do you think an ordinary high school student will take pounds of weight regularly?

Now if students use, computer notebook which weighs less than a kilogram then there will be no harm for their spinal cord. They can carry several books in a notebook, and having the internet connection will be an added advantage for them.

2. Best For New Information Search

While students want a piece of information from any book, then they should keep on rotating the pages to get that information. Sometimes they might skip a page or search for the last read page and it could be quite confusing to get back.

But in Notebooks, it is simplified and easier for them to find the information they need and can get help from Google search to find the answers. 

3. Notebooks Are Editable Where Else Textbooks Can’t

If you want to edit some sentences in some book or if you want to write the sentence in a different perspective then you may feel very disappointed with the textbooks.

Now, with the help of notebook computers, you can do it easily without any stress. You can add or remove sentences or unwanted words, or you can just create a fresh copy by copying/editing what you want.

4. Main Aspect Is Notebook Synchronization

Sync option is the best answer for the question, should Notebook computers replace the traditional books of the students! The computer Notebook can be synchronized with the smartphone to access the copy of the textbook and the students may keep on reading from the online computer library. 

5. Notebooks Are Interactive

Textbooks can only provide students with the static content! However, a notebook computer is highly interactive with tutorial videos, puzzles, short stories, and much more that would nudge them to learn with dedication.

6. Lost Books Can Be Retrieved

It is possible to recover lost book in Notebook laptop with the help of online back-up. The textbooks can be stored in cloud platform and retrieved easily and thus they don’t need to buy the lost books again. 

7. Learn To Use the Computer Tools

By using the Notebook computer, the students can use the computer tools like Microsoft office documents, Google Docs, PDFs, Slide share presentation and infographic tools. Thus, they get the nice opportunity to learn and use the advanced tools for high-quality presentation. With the these, they can stay productive as well. 


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Finally, I would like to conclude that the textbooks should be replaced with notebook computers so that the students can learn in a smarter way. It will also save the time and money.

I’d say that schools should prefer using the Tablets or Laptops to perform well in their academics. By doing so, they would be able to save some time by finding information more quickly, and also they can study almost anywhere and anytime.

So to be in pace with this world, it is good to change the way of learning. Textbooks to Notebook could also be a change.

Now it’s your turn! You tell, Should students textbooks be replaced by Notebook PC? How would it improve the students’ education? Share your valuable viewpoints in the comment section below!

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