Which Is The Best SEO Web Hosting? Check 4 Reliable Services [#1 Is Super Fast]


So, you are looking to buy the best SEO hosting for your business site, right? You are at the right place to know some of the excellent SEO web hosting companies that are well-established in the industry and gained an excellent reputation among digital marketers and bloggers. 

Let’s get into the topic! 

When you have a website and are following the right SEO practices like quality backlinks, content creation, keywords analysis, etc. you want your WordPress website to be on top. But, apart from all these, there is another major factor that affects SEO that is a good web hosting provider.

This gets often overlooked but can highly affect the website uptime and overall page loading speed. These are two crucial factors to boost the organic search and increase traffic. A good web hosting offers a significant number of organic visitors and reduces the bounce rate.

4 Key Features Of SEO-Friendly Web Hosting

Before getting into the best SEO hosting providers, here are the four key factors which a reliable web hosting should have.

1. Good Uptime

It is an essential factor to decide whether web hosting is SEO friendly or not. Uptime is nothing but the time your website is available online and is fully accessible by all the visitors.

The more uptime you have, you are likely to get more visitors. You don’t want to disappoint your visitors with a down site; the search engines can rank your website low if such cases repeat.

2. Location Of Server

The location of the server helps the content to get quickly accessible to the users. The best practice is to opt for SEO web hosting which is located as close as possible to your target audience.

The distance can affect the overall site loading speed. Eventually, it will harm SEO and page ranking.

3. Distinct Options

A web hosting with multiple features like auto backup, SSL, and different hosting plans always tops the chart as compared to their competitor.

  • Auto Backup: Automatic backup is a must for every website because you cannot afford to lose precious data.
  • Server Response Time: Your server response time should be very low to have improved page loading speed. Dedicated SEO hosting can respond fast to the server requests, and hence it could lower the bounce rate, which is excellent for SEO. 
  • SSL: It is crucial to transit your website from HTTP to HTTPS for better page ranking. In addition to it, web hosting must support SSL. These two factors play a significant role in boosting SEO.
  • Plans: When your WordPress website has good traffic, you must switch to better plans or opt for a dedicated server or cloud. Opt for a web hosting company that offers easy transition without spending a bomb.

4. Users’ Feedback

User reviews are real! Try to get first-hand suggestions from people who have used web hosting. Before signing up for a hosting company, always look for online reviews and testimonials from the users. 

4 Best Hosting For Great SEO Performance 

A top web hosting is essential for SEO. Here are three brilliant web hosting which can optimize the search engine ranking and help you to generate organic traffic.


1. Cloudways (#1 SEO Hosting For WordPress)

Cloudways is one of the best SEO hosting services that help to build a website and comes with one click feature and excellent tools. The plans are affordable and reliable. It is a managed cloud hosting service which is a perfect choice for small as well as medium level projects.

In short, Cloudways hosting offers efficient deployment, management, and application monitoring. The overall update is also high, which has a positive effect on SEO.

Top Features Of Cloudways Hosting 

1. Robust ThunderStack

Cloudways works on ThunderStack, a perfect blend of Apache and Nginx web server which ensure high speed and performance of the website. The overall page loading time is fast; the SEO factor of the page gets a tremendous boost.

2. 1 Click Feature

This is another excellent feature of Cloudways; it works on the one-click operation and makes your job easier and faster. With the help of 1 click feature for can provide access to any app, revert it, test it without hampering the live session, develop mirror copies of files and data, provide access to servers, etc.

3. High-Speed Processor

Cloudways hosting understands the importance of speed. Hence it implements Intel Xeon processors to provide thunderstorm speed. Moreover, the dedicated IP on the cloud boosts website speed. No doubt, Cloudways is the fastest SEO hosting service for specialized businesses. 

4. High Network Security

The Cloudways hosting offers rigorous security since all the visitors trust your website with their crucial personal information and credentials.

Hence, Cloudways makes use of dedicated secured VLANs and firewalls to provide end to end data security with periodic backup. This ensures there is zero loss of critical information.

5. SSL Certification

With every web hosting, Cloudways offer free SSL certificates and HTTPS. The new Google algorithm provides preference to the WordPress website which has HTTPs and SSL as it is the safer option for the visitors.

6. Excellent Uptime

The Cloudways provides 99.9% uptime to the WordPress website. In short, your site is always live, and you don’t need to worry about the drop in traffic when the site is shut.

Note: Cloudways can improve your site loading time through advanced Cache settings, PHP 7 & HTTp/2 ready servers, Pre-configured PHP-FPM, and CloudwaysCDN. 

As it is the super-fast hosting, I’m recommending Cloudways as the best SEO hosting for WordPress and other CMS users. Grab the Cloudways Black Friday offer and take your business site to a new height.  

2. DomainRacer Web Hosting

DomainRacer is one of the affordable and SEO friendly Cheapest hosting plans in India company to offer 21x faster LiteSpeed high-performance platform and cloud Linux environment that help to boost the website SEO.

It offers a very affordable and reliable hosting plan that comes with SSD disk space, free SSL certificates, a one-click feature, and many other excellent tools.

Top Features of DomainRacer Web Hosting

1. Free LiteSpeed Technology

DomainRacer, one of the important key features, is to get 21x faster LiteSpeed cache technology, which ensures high performance and great speed of the website. The website speed is one of the SEO factors to boost your site.

2. Unlimited SSD Space

DomainRacer web hosting offers unlimited SSD hosting services with their plans. SSD is the latest data storage technology that everyone prefers. Because of SSD, your website works very faster. It is considered one of the critical factors in SEO for the site.

3. Powerful Control Panel

The DomainRacer provider you to easy to use and user-friendly control panel interface, it is used for efficiently managing the hosting and allowing you to access a range of modules including Files, Databases, Web Applications and more.

4. 1-Click Installer

If you start a website, then a one-click installer feature makes your operation is more comfortable and faster. The one-click Installer gives you access to install any kind of application like WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

5. Data Centre Choice

The data center location is the most crucial factor when choosing your data center server. DomainRacer offer top monitoring 7+ countries data center server in India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Germany, and France. You can your preferred your data center choice as per the location.

6. Free SSL Certification

Every web hosting is concerned about online security. An SSL certificate improves your website security, DomainRacer offers free let’s encrypt SSL certificates without any additional cost that helps builds trust for anyone visiting your website.

7. 99.99% Uptime Commitment

DomainRacer all Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers enable us to provide you the commitment of 99.99% uptime to the website. Their primary concern is providing 99.99% uptime.

3. FastComet Hosting 

FastComet is another popular name when it comes to high-performance cloud hosting with a responsive tech support team. A reliable option to boost the website SEO. It also offers free domain transition and renewal.

Top Features Of FastComet Hosting 

1. Powerful C Panel

The FastComet Cloud offers powerful and straightforward cPanel for efficiently managing the hosting. The single point and click management make website management super easy. The C Panel is available free of cost with FastComet Cloud.

2. Cloudflare CDN

The content of the WordPress website gets distributed on free Cloudflare CDN and helps to speed up the overall site performance. When you are planning to expand your business CDN is a must.

3. Data Security

The daily and weekly backups help your data to be secured. There is zero loss of any data, and the best part is you don’t need to pay an additional charge when you are choosing Fast Comet cloud hosting.

4. GUI

Another added benefit of opting for FastComet is the friendly user interface and access to awesome templates. Even a non-technical person can work on the dashboard with ease.

5. SSD Cloud

The FastComet Cloud offers 300 % better website performance. There are very fewer hosting providers who provide SSD only servers. It helps to get higher Google rankings and organic traffic.

3. InMotion Hosting 

The InMotion is a fast, reliable, and affordable web hosting option. This web hosting helps to boost the overall website SEO performance and comes with excellent features.

Top Features Of InMotion Hosting 

1. Minimum Down Time

InMotion follows build in redundancy and generates three copies of the data. The overall downtime is exceptionally less, and the WordPress website gets good SEO ranking.

When you see massive traffic, InMotion handles it with ease by installing reverse-proxy caching and precise server configurations. The bounce rate is also incredibly low with InMotion hosting.

2. DDoS Défense Protection

The InMotion offers complete security to your site and data; it incorporates DDoS Défense protection to ensure all the crucial data and credentials are well secured from malware attacks, spammers, and hackers.

3. Burstable RAM

InMotion is the best web hosting which reduces the bounce rate. During a traffic spike, the burstable RAM adapts and acquires the resources when it is needed.

4. SSD Servers

The 100 % SSD VPN servers provide incredible speed and boost the overall speed of the website 20 times faster.
A web hosting provider has a crucial role when it comes to SEO of the WordPress website.

Wrapping Up

Do you know what the best SEO strategy to be followed in 2020 and beyond is? It is to offer the best user experience for your readers. 

Yes, apart from the content quality, Google and other search engines give high rankings to the sites that follow technical SEO like server response time, site loading speed, SSL, and bounce rate, which are strictly related to the web hosting of the site/blog. 

Hence, you should always opt for trustworthy, reliable, and quality web hosting to boost your SEO performance. The hosting services that I have listed in this blog post are the best providers that can skyrocket the SEO achievements. 

I use Cloudways hosting for my blogs, and hence I could do well in the SERPs. You can also do the same 🙂 

So, which SEO hosting would you like to choose for your business site or blog? Share your thoughts in the comment section, let’s discuss! 

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