Best 6 SendGrid Competitors For Effective List Building


SendGrid is a cloud-based email marketing service that provides communication and marketing solutions to any business environment with some drawbacks. So we look for SendGrid alternatives. SendGrid uses whats app, SMS, voice, and videos along with its email delivery. 

It uses API to integrate email marketing campaign features such as analytics and tracking of email delivery and custom application integration. The SMTP API is used for the integration of client email service with SendGrid. It has free 100 email delivery in every per day in its API plan for email delivery. It has separate programs for email marketing and its automation. 

Why To Look For SendGrid Competitors?.

Even though SendGrid has many email delivery methods to send bulk emails and marketing automation services, it needs technical knowledge to use many features. The API integration, email segmentation, tracking of old emails needs to be simplified for easy usage customers.

The customer support is categorized as P1, P2, P3 levels, and it is limited to business hours needs time to get solutions from the service providers.

The basic plan available with 10,000 free email delivery in its email marketing services is helpful for small businesses. Still, the no email validation in the primary program and limited validation in various plans makes us pay for every stage of business email deliveries. These things make us check out the competitors for the SendGrid email service.

Excellent SendGrid Competitors To Bulild Email List Quickly

The SendGrid uses two email services for the business people for lead generation and sales purposes. The first one uses the SendGrid email API service to deliver bulk email delivery using SMTP and API to factor authentications and spam filtering. 

The second one is email marketing campaign design and its automation of email delivery with drag and drop email designs. It can easily integrate many analytics, tracking, testing, and segmentation tools for marketing automation. The below list of competitors has provided these services with their unique features.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the perfect competitor for the SendGrid email service. Mailchimp uses three different services based on customer usage for their simplicity. It uses email marketing campaign service and signup forms for promotional emails. The second one uses an eCommerce email service for customer engagements with trust-building. The third one uses transaction email service to buy custom management details with their relationship building for upsells. 

Features of Mailchimp

  • Mailchimp uses webform creation tools, online store marketing tools and email scheduling tools in its email marketing service.
  • It provides free email delivery and its transactional email service upto 500 contacts with validations.
  • Email creation, lading pages signup form, digital ads like PPC delivered via Facebook, instagram using the marketing campaign.
  • Podcasting series, video tutorials series can be delivered by automated scheduling.
  • CRM, A/B testing, analytic tools and form creation tools are also available in Mailchimp.

2. AWeber

AWeber uses three email services as SendGrid competitors. It provides email marketing to collect email by landing page creations and notifications. AWeber’s email marketing automation service uses customer segmentation, auto newsletter broadcasting, and follow-up marketing campaign to build customer relationships. The third-party tool integration by API and analytics and tracking of emails are available within the dashboard.

Feature of AWeber

  • The free service is available until 500 signups, and we can send 3000 emails delivery per month in a single list.
  • Email splitting by behavior automation using tagging, personalization, click tracking, etc.
  • Drag and drop email builder with 100+ email templates. The landing page design with sign-up form customization is also available in AWeber.
  • Advanced subscriber, audience and message analytics with the web page and email tracking are also available in AWeber.
  • The experts provide 24/7 email, phone and chat customer support.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Content email marketing service is the best competition for SendGrid with its email service in eCommerce websites. It uses email services for websites, social marketing, eCommerce, and marketing automation. Constant contact uses these services for four purposes communicate, build signup forms, sell eCommerce products and share the thoughts with customers.

Features of Constant Contact

  • It provides a first-month free service, email and email, and a plan that includes many email marketing and automation features.
  • Unlike SendGrid, there is no restriction on monthly emails sent to subscribers.
  • Drag and drop signup form design with popup and 3000+ email marketing and analytics tools integration is available.
  • ThevReal time tracking, analytics with Ecommerce marketing and customer interaction email options such as RSVP, coupons and polls are available.
  • List management with import and segmentation by behavior, Automated series emails for welcome and marketing is available.
  • Customer support available with chart, phone, resources and expert adviser addon.

4. Sendinblue 

Sendinblue uses three services in its email marketing strategies; one is communicating with people by email marketing. The second one is to personalize customer segmentation by CRM, transactional email, and marketing automation. Finally, convert people by signup form, landing pages, and Facebook ads. It is one of SendGrid’s competitors in email automation services.

Features of SendinBlue

  • It has many pricing plans with a restricted number of emails delivered every month—also, some of the features added in higher-value plans. Free service is available upto 300 emails per day.
  • Mobile friendly email design, SMS marketing and no daily sending limit in email delivery are available in email marketing.
  • The contacts are managed by segmentation and Sales CRM with personalization, search, custom signup form, and shared inbox.
  • Email API, SMTP relay, WebHooks, SMS API are used for transactional emails.
  • Marketing automation using workflow editor, real-time reporting and tracking with many tools integration.
  • Email, Phone, GDPR compliance, multi-user and SLA are available for support and integrations.

5. Active Campaign

Active campaign is an ideal competition for SendGrid email marketing and automation service by its automated marketing campaign and follow-up emails. It uses a technique if a visitor visits a page for more than one hour, it will send an email as learning more about the exciting page. It is the best way to segment your contacts based on their interest by finding their engagement level. It provides email service for marketing, sales, and automation for b2c, B2B, and eCommerce businesses.

Features of Active campaign

  • It is available with 14 days free trial without asking for any credit card details.
  • The email marketing service is available with 125+ email templates, landing pages with drag and drop design options.
  • SMS marketing, newsletters, split automation with event tracking are available in the marketing automation section.
  • We have a lead import option with sales emails automation, a mobile CRM app, Lead capture, and conversion reporting for the sale campaign in the sales automation service.
  • Sales CRM sync, SMS service followup, customer success pipeline, personalized in-app messaging is available in active campaign.
  • The customer support is available with many modes such as Chat, email, Facebook messenger, chatbox workflows, Unified inbox, agent agreement by inbound and reporting chat transcripts.

6. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an excellent SendGrid competitor for email marketing and automation tools. It uses a drag and drop email template builder with mobile optimization techniques. We can catch emails by high-impact designed email templates with marketing strategies. Its automation has been done using segmentation by personalized behavior, transactional emails, and interest. The analytics and CRM tools are integrated for tracking and follow-ups.

Features of Campaign Monitor

  • It has three plans for email service with core features restricted with limited emails per month, unlimited email senders, and advanced segmentation.
  • The core features have form builder, mobile optimization tools, A/B testing, and real-time reporting with a world view.
  • Advanced features include automated emails, transactional emails with tagging, dynamic content, scheduling, segment locking and link tracking options.
  • It has customer support in email, phone, training videos, help center and deliverability modes.
  • The API integration is used for advertising, billing, CMS, CRM, ecommerce, reporting and analytic tools. 
  • Email validation, email testing, personalization, lifecycle management, analytics, event and surveys are used for contact management.

Conclusion – Best SendGrid Competitors

The SendGrid provides email API and email marketing campaign and automation service and SMS, Whatsapp, audio, and videos engagements. It gives bulk email automation and delivery service with API and SMTP. The best SendGrid competitors will replace these services with ease of use and contacts management.

We found that many email service providers offer email marketing automation in particular ways by going through the above list. Mailchimp is the best SendGrid Competitor because it classifies the campaign by its services, such as email marketing for lead capture, eCommerce for upselling, and transactional emails for product sales automation.

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