8 Resume Writing Mistakes To Avoid In 2019 & Beyond

Do you know what you should avoid in a resume? What makes it bad? What are the common resume mistakes to be avoided? 

Well, I have shared some Resume writing tips, and in this post, let me tell about the mistakes to be avoided while writing the ideal resume for your job hunt. 

If your resume looks unprofessional, then there are high chances that you will get rejected for the jobs that you have applied for! 

I hope you aware of this fact and hence you are here to know the blunders to be ditched while writing the CV. 

Now let’s get into the topic! 

8 Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Resume For Sure

You should know that the recruiters don’t spend too much time to look at your resume as they need to screen a bundle of CVs for a single job opportunity. So, your resume should be crisp & clear and must avoid the following mistakes. 


#1. Writing Too much of  data

There is no specific rule for the resume length. However, if you are not limiting your details to 2 – 3 pages, then it would frustrate the recruiter due to data clutter, and they may reject you for filling too much of information.

Quick Fix – Give some white spaces for excellent readability and keep the points short. Highlight the relevant skills for the role and make a brief overview of your education and experience (if any). Write precise sentences with an action verb. 

#2. Adding Incorrect details

I have seen so many freshers are much interested in displaying their expertise and academic information in their CV, but sometimes they forget to include or update their contact information for communication. 

Quick Fix – You must mention the correct contact number, email, and home address to receive the interview results. Besides, don’t add your personal details like religion and marital status as well. Your LinkedIn profile matters a lot, and hence you may add your profile link that displays your talents through the endorsements and recommendations. 

#3. Using A Poor Template

A resume with the poor format and cluttered design doesn’t reveal your skills precisely. Moreover, it clearly tells that you are not careful and organized. An unprofessional layout would not have a logical progression and never give a good overview of your experience and education. 

Quick Fix – Use a modern resume template that represents your expertise and follow a good resume format. There are several templates available on the web, and you may pick the appropriate one for the job that you are applying. Also, ensure that everything is aligned correctly with the right font and size.  

#4. Adding Untruthful Skills

Freshers are so excited about getting a job, and thus they would like to list some specific brilliance that they don’t have. It is a great resume mistake to be avoided by job hunters. As we are living in a high-tech world, cross verifying the talents that you have mentioned is not rocket science. 

Quick Fix – To play the game safely, it would be better to tell in the resume what have you done and what you know. Describe your skills and knowledge adequately and be ready to demonstrate whenever needed.  

#5. Having Outdated Details 

No doubt that the resume with the outdated details will reach the trash. Not updating your new skills and experience is one of the biggest resumes mistakes that would spoil your chance of getting recruited for a suitable job position. 

Quick Fix – Your resume should be highly targeted to the position you apply for. Update your skills, work history, and recent talent certification that you have acquired. In simple terms, try to show that you are an ideal candidate with your current information. 

#6. Not Proof-reading Content

Printing your resume with grammatical errors and typos will never let you get your dream job. As it doesn’t make a good impression, you will not get into your passionate career. Even though the interviewer will scan your CV for a few minutes, they could find out the English faults. 

Quick Fix – Write your resume and check it with the proof-reading tool to catch the grammatical & spelling mistakes. Some of the best proof-readers like Grammarly can improve your writings and identify complex errors. You may also request your friends to check your CV or get help from the native speaker to correct the resume mistakes. 

#7. Not Having/Overusing Search Phrases

Do you know that your resume should contain the keywords that the recruiter search for? No? Some companies use “Applicant Tracking Software” to pick qualified candidates. To catch more eyeballs to your CV, its good to use the search terms naturally. However, do not stuff the keywords and try to rank on top for a particular skill; it would annoy the recruiter. 

Quick Fix – Use the right keywords in a limited manner so that your resume will be caught to the companies that are hiring for the position that requires the knowledge and experience you have. Avoid using the buzzwords that don’t make any sense. Place the skill-related company search terms in a logical way to please the interviewer. 

#8. Uploading The Same Resume For Every Job 

If you are not customizing your CV according to the job requirements, then it is one of the great resume mistakes because it will never you stand out at any cost. Different companies hire the candidates differently, and hence the sending the same resume to multiple jobs would not work.

Quick Fix – Try to craft a tailored resume by tweak your skills that match for a specific company. It may be a painful task, but the personalization matters a lot and get you the results quickly. 

Wrapping Up The CV Mistakes 

Resume mistakes are common by mediocre persons. However, they can be avoided through quick fixes. Resume writing is a significant task for job seekers as the CV plays a vital role in getting into the career. 

If you are a fresh job hunter, I would suggest you understand what type of resume do employers prefer and then make a good one that showcases your academic achievements and ability. If you could quickly present the details on your resume, then no one could stop you getting your dream job. 

I hope you have learned some major resume mistakes to be avoided and suitable solutions to fix them. Are they helpful? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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