Alternative Ways to Remove Bookmarks from Torch Browser

Remove Bookmarks from Torch Browser

Torch web browser is one of the finest browsers that provides search and share features for internet browsing. It has a bookmarks toolbar to save web pages and files into the bookmarks folder. We can add, save and remove bookmarks with a single click. There are many alternative ways to remove bookmarks from the Torch browser. We can see those methods with torch browser features. This internet browser helps to find images using Media grabber options. 

Moreover, the torrent files are downloaded using the torch torrents download. Furthermore, the torch player helps to play videos before it downloaded completely. So, we can achieve a buffer-free video-watching experience with torch browser. This article discusses the unique features of the torch browser like torch music, game, and Facelift with bookmarks toolbars. We can add this bookmarks toolbar to another browser. 

How to Remove Bookmarks from Torch Browser

The torch Browser has a bookmarks toolbar that helps to save web pages and essential websites with browser cookies. Moreover, it is the better browser with drag and options for search and share. The accelerator is available for faster download of torrent files with the torch browser. The torch browser bookmarks help to import bookmarks from different browsers. We can play hundreds of torch games with buttons available. Furthermore, this browser supports customizing the Facebook pages for custom profiles and fabulous looks. 

We can remove bookmarks in the torch browser in the simple steps below.

  • Open the torch browser and click on three horizontal lines at the top right side of the browser. 
  • Go to the history options in the menu. We have clear browsing history options to delete all bookmarks. 
  • Moreover, the dropdown box helps to select the beginning time to remove the browsing history from the browser.
  • Close all tabs in the browser and hit the menu button to clear history and bookmarks.

Apart from the normal history and cookie clearance method, the following steps are the alternative ways to remove bookmarks from the torch browser. Moreover, the torch browser helps to change or delete bookmarks on web pages using the torch browser. Sometimes we may be unable to remove the bookmarks of a web page done by a wireless service provider.

  • First, open the home screen of the browser using the browser icon.
  • Click bookmarks and then highlights them in the browser.
  • We can use edit options to change the bookmark and save changes.
  • The delete option uses to delete bookmarks from the torch browser.

How to import Bookmarks into the torch browser?

The Torch browser provides options to import existing bookmarks from various browsers. Moreover, we can import favorite sites using the search history from our old browsers. We can import bookmarks for the settings of the torch browsers. Just choose the areas we want to import into the torch browser bookmarks. And then click the Import button to complete the process. 

We can find our bookmarks in the browser setting bookmarks. Here we need to choose the show bookmarks bar. It contains the bookmark items we have added to the bookmarks bar and will be displayed behind the address bar. Moreover, we can set up the browser’s home page, which will be shown when we open the browser for search and share.

Torch Browser bookmarks for Webpages

We can bookmark web pages we frequently use while searching on the internet. So, it helps to open the web page instantly with torch browsers. When we use the web page on the torch browser, it will check the web page that has been used frequently and then gives suggestions for the book marking the web page to use later even faster in the following search. 

On the web page, we can use add bookmarks link available in the browser to save the web page with the title and name to categorize our bookmarks. Moreover, t helps to keep bookmarks in a separate folder. By clicking the folder, we can see the list of bookmarks. This list can be shared using Facebook and social media sites. 

Add, Rename, or Remove a Bookmark Folder 

The alternative way to remove bookmarks from the torch browser is to delete the entire bookmarks folder created for web page bookmarks. To add, rename or delete the bookmarks folder by selecting the bookmarks in the torch browser. We need to highlight the folder and delete bookmarks using the delete options. 

Moreover, to add a new bookmarks folder, we can use subfolder creation options. Furthermore, we can rename the folder concerning the bookmark page categories. The browser interface has multiple languages support with preference options. We can also use default fonts and encodings to search and share in the torch browser.

Special Features of Torch Browser

The torch browsers have special features for media search with Media grabber, torrents, video player, music, games, and Facelift. We can search, think, and share with our colleagues using social sharing sites. The drag and drop feature with multiple language support makes the torch browser the best with an effective user interface.

Media Grabber

The media grabber helps to download videos, audio, and image files even quicker during the search and share in the torch browser. Once we find the video or audio on the internet, we can save it using bookmarks and download it quicker with download accelerators. The media grabber can download images faster without external programs, converters, or extensions. 

Torch Torrents

We can download torrents directly from the web browsers using the torch browser. There is no additional software required to manage the torrent downloads. So, torrent downloading is now simplified with a torch browser.

Torch Player and Music

The torch player helps the most for media lovers to stream videos faster during the download action. It helps to directly play the torrent videos using the torch torrent and torch player. Moreover, torch players used to play partially downloaded videos.

Free music player helps to listen to songs better from thousands of music websites. We can play entire albums, YouTube videos, and music audios from our favorite bookmarks. Moreover, it helps to create our playlist to listen to music and videos. The browser has better control over play, pause, switch the song, and volume control.

Torch Facelift and Games

The torch Facelift help to redesign Facebook pages by using torch browser buttons. We can change background, colors, and fonts to make custom profiles. Moreover, it offers incredible themes for better Facebook profile pages. The torch games button helps to play many games with fun. We can play puzzle games, card games, racing games, and much more using a torch browser. There is no need to wait to download the game. We can play the game instantly with this browser.

Drag and drop, Search and Drop feature with Download Accelerator

The torch browser has a drag and drop feature to surf the internet. Moreover, we can share links and photos with our friends. It helps provide searches on YouTube, Wikipedia, Image search, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Furthermore, it helps to share the search founds with Facebook friends and Twitter followers. The built-in download accelerator helps to download torrent files quickly and even for Media grabber downloads.

Conclusion – Alternative ways to remove bookmarks from Torch Browser

By wrapping up the alternative ways to remove bookmarks from the Torch browser, it can help to delete the entire bookmark folder using the torch browser. Moreover, We can delete the bookmarks by clearing the browsing history. This browser allows to search and share features with drag and drop options for internet surfing.

Furthermore, unique features are available with that browser along the buttons like media grabber, torrent, player, music, games, Facelift, and download accelerator. So, we can use this browser to faster download videos, games, music, and media files. We can share the search results with Facebook friends and Twitter followers. We can add, change, and remove bookmarks using the torch browser.

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