Why Should You Purchase Quick Heal Total Security? (Complete Review + Price)

Do you want to know the performance of Quick Heal Total Security 2016? Read my complete review!

Computers today have evolved from just being personal devices kept in homes. Personal Computers, laptops, mobiles and other digital devices have shaped the face of modern age. But as they all are good things have certain costs attached to them.

In the case of computers, the biggest threat is of losing your data and other relevant information due to Virus and malware. This is indeed a very important and disastrous thing to happen. Newbie and geeks all go through this kind of situation. 

So what would you do to stay safe from malicious programs? The answer to this is getting a good yet best in quality premium Antivirus software for your computer.

There are several paid Antivirus available in the market to help you, but I would recommend you to go with Quick Heal Antivirus. The Quick Heal Total Security price is affordable.

I have already discussed and suggest you read Why you should not use Free Antivirus software! So, don’t opt the Quick Heal Total Security free download. 

 I have been using Quick Heal Internet Security since the year 2010, and the service has been top notch.


In this post, I will be highlighting the best features that make Quick Heal Total Security Antivirus the best Antivirus out there in the market today.

Without further ado, let’s get into the Quick Heal Total Security Review!

Quick Heal Total Security Review

Quick Heal Technologies is the leading IT security concern that has designed several security products for computing devices. These unusual virus defense products are best suitable for all types of businesses, offices, and personal computers.


This dynamic security company is mainly focusing on computer and network security solution for more than 20 years, and now, it is extending its range to cloud-based and some advanced security to prevent the malware before it hits. 

Quick Heal Technologies offers several products for computing and mobile devices like Quick Heal Internet Security, Quick Heal mobile security, Quick Heal antivirus free download, Quick Heal Mobile & Tablet Security for Andriod and much more.

I’m glad that this high-class security for the computer is being developed in India and continued to grow its global presence by setting its office in USA, Japan, UAE, and Kenya.

It has more than 7 million users worldwide and offers an excellent 24 x 7 customer support through Phone, SMS, Chat, Email and Forum. It has been awarded as the India’s best security defense against cyber threats.

Best Features of Quick Heal Total Security Antivirus

I have been using the Quick Heal  Pro version on my 3 personal computers for the past 6 years, and thus I have decided to do the Quick Heal Total Security review in an in-depth manner. 

Well, there some reasons to download Quick Heal antivirus as it the best service for everyone. Let me tell you its highlights now!

1. Easy Installation & User-friendly Interface

One of the reasons why I liked Quick Heal Total Security Update is simple, user-friendly setup and interface. Whether you are going to use the Quick Heal Trial Version or Quick Heal Antivirus Pro version, the configuration and interface remain ever easy and friendly.

This is perfect for novice users who will enjoy its consistent and simple design. Installation time for Quick Heal Antivirus Free Download is pretty good and appreciable as compared to some other top antivirus software products.

You have a variety of features at your disposal with easy actions and functions for quick access to the main dashboard. 

When Quick Heal Antivirus application is opened, it will display the security and system status to report progress from the past and most recent scans.


2. Advanced File Scanning

The scan feature of Quick Heal Total Security is impressive as it has the ability to scan all the files in few minutes without eating much system resources. It has advanced DNA scan to monitor unsafe programs, detect and block the threats.

Besides, this vibrant scanning technology would let you find and fix the vulnerabilities of your system. Out of all, Quick Heal Antivirus Free Download secures your system from external drives such as USB, pen drives, and Mobiles.

This because maximum chances of getting infected are from external devices, and Quick Heal scans them to keep you safe.


What I personally like is the boot time scan. Rootkit and Malware do not get caught when you perform the full scan option, but Quick Heal antivirus free download boot scan will check from your Kernel. It is one unique feature that not many antiviruses have this feature.

3. Parental Control

Parental Control is one of the excellent features of Quick Heal antivirus software that I admire a lot. If you are a parent, you can have a complete control of your computer. 

Yes, you can restrict your kids from visiting unwanted websites, limit them to access some specific applications like media files, games, etc. and implement time-based control (prevent accessing the computer on particular days/time)

You may easily configure the parental control settings as shown in the below image!


4. Improved Data Protection

Even though the Quick Heal Total Security price is logical, it boasts enhanced data protection features. I adore its privacy protection feature in securing my sensitive data, firewall characteristics in blocking the malware, Email and web security features that let me stay safe and sound on the internet.

I perform safe online banking activities without any hassle as it offers the secure desktop session to hide my personal data from hackers. Also, its browser sandbox helps me to chunk the malicious file downloads. 

You may use the desktop shortcuts as shown in the below image for safe browsing!


It’s not just a simple antivirus program! Its has the core protection like AntiMalware, AntiSpyware/Adware, and Anti-phishing and Anti-Rootkit features that act against all types of computer viruses.

5. PC Tuner

PC Tuner of Quick Heal Total Security is the best speed optimizer to boost the performance of the PC. It is one of my favorite tools as it efficiently cleans the junk on my PC and performs defragmentation as well.


I often use this fantastic optimizing tool to speed up my PC 🙂

Other Admiring Features Of Quick Heal Antivirus

Follow are my personal viewpoints/experience that would add value to this Quick Heal Total Security Review!

  • I can export my configuration settings of Quick Heal from my personal computer to laptop
  • When the system runs in the safe mode, I can stop the unauthorized users accessing my system and modifying the security settings.
  • Its Anti-keylogging feature is very helpful to me as I can do the online banking and shopping activities without the fear of keyloggers who could record what I type on my keyboard.
  • I have added my Quick Heal enabled personal computers to RDM (Remote Device management) to get notifications for malware infections.
  • You may also register your system for the “TrackMyLaptop” service to find and get back your stolen computing device.
  • I should tell about its customer support! They are providing the tech support in different ways, and I can easily get their phone support to solve my difficulties.
  • I like its handy tools like Hijack Restore, Track Cleaner and Creating Emergency CD. “Create Emergency CD” is a great and handy tool, by selecting this option you can create an emergency CD of Antivirus Quick Heal, and it helps you much time.
  • Last but not least! I get Quick heal Total Security update on the daily basis and always protects my computer and Laptops from dangerous viruses. 

System Requirements

To get better results, make sure that you system has good configuration line 32 bit/64 bit OS, more than 1GB Hard Disk space, CD/DVD drive and reliable internet connection to get Quick Heal total security update regularly. 

Quick Heal Total Security Price

If you want to keep your system secured, it is worth spending money in getting this premium antivirus software. Quick Heal Total Security price is around 1000 INR for 1 year. 

Even thought the Quick Heal antivirus free download full version is available, I would advise you get the premium software to protect your valuable data and fight against privacy concerns. 

You may check the Quick Heal Total Security price on Amazon or Flipkart to get discounts. 

Check Quick Heal Total Security Price on Amazon

Check Quick Heal Total Security price on Flipkart

After purchasing, you may download Quick Heal Total Security on your PC in just a few clicks.

Final Words

Quick Heal Total Security is a powerful and very user-friendly antivirus software that protects your computer from the threats like Trojans, Malwares, Worms, Spyware, Hackers and much more.

You can get Quick Heal Total Security update on the daily basis to act against new and unknown threats. It has full system scan will scan your entire PC to check for any threats. You can also do a custom scan to select the particular drive or directories you want to scan and look for any threat. 

As my final verdict, I would strongly recommend you to buy Quick Heal Total Security Antivirus premium version instead of getting Quick Heal Trail version. Yes, its services are top of the tier and offer the best resources for you.

What is your opinion about this Quick Heal Total Security review? Do you agree that the Quick Heal Total Security price is reasonable? Which antivirus software that you use for your PC? 

Are you pleased with its features and performance? You may share your views/experience in the comment section.

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