7 Podia Alternatives To Sell Courses Online in 2022

podia alternatives

Are you looking for Podia alternatives to teach and sell courses online with the best student engagement?. Podia is the best plat for authors and teachers to create online courses and sell them online. In addition, it provides marketing and promotions features to sell the teachings as courses, bundles, or even as membership sites.

Podia has some disadvantages for customer analytics and live classes for students to learn the concepts better. These downsides make us look for a podia alternative open source for teaching a concept and selling courses online. Moreover, Podia provide opportunities to sell digital download, webinars, and coaching sessions with affiliate promotions.

Downsides of Podia online course selling platform

The downside of podia requires the best podia alternatives free to teach and sell courses online. So here we have some disadvantages of podia below.

  • Podia provides custom websites for online course creation with customizable templates for lead pages and promotional pages. However, it lags in course templates for organizing content types.
  • It requires third-party tool integration for customer analytics and course tracking.
  • The group training and online academy creation have been restricted with this content creation platform.
  • The users are restricted in each plan, and additional users require extra charges. So teaching as a team needs a better podia alternative.

Best Podia Alternatives To Sell Courses

Online course selling requires best hosting for course material hosting with different content types such as videos, multimedia docs and PPT. Moreover, it needs the best course template and live coaching interface to teach concepts upon student request. Email marketing and customer analytics with affiliate management tools are required to successfully sell online courses.

We should also have the best payment processors to accept payments from different countries. Here we have some of the best free alternatives to podia and replacements for online course creation and selling.


Thinkific is the best Podia alternative to turn our online teachings as revenue with its app stores and thinkifc plus. It provides a custom website with ready to use course templates for course content delivery and teaching interface. Furthermore, we can maximize the teaching revenues by offering employee and customer training with Thinkific plus. In addition, an email marketing campaign with a lead generation option increases the revenue by promoting courses online.

Features of Thinkific

  • Live sessions for coaching lessons with multimedia courses.
  • We can import existing course content in the custom domain of thinkific.
  • Students’ course reviews, quizzes, surveys, and voice-over presentations are available with unlimited courses.
  • Live classes with zoom and brillium exams integration help a better learning experience.
  • For sales and marketing, it has coupons with promotional offers.
  • Many tools integration are available with thinkific apps stores such as email, marketing, affiliates, tracking and analytics.
  • Free trial is available with community support and email, and telephone support is also there in Thinkific.


Gurucan is the best podia replacement to sell online courses and make high revenues with its marketing features. With Gurucan, we can create online teaching as a course, membership sites and even bundle to business online. It offers email, push notification, landing pages, and mobile applications to market online courses to get a huge return from it. We can create many kinds of online courses with one-many webinars by presentation or screen sharing. Moreover, it engages with chats and promo buttons for learner interactions.

Features of Gurucan

  • We can create unlimited products and content with a course builder.
  • It provides membership sites, contact bases, multimedia course content hosting, and unlimited user learning ability.
  • It integrates youtube and twitch for webinars.
  • We can do broadcasts, quizzes, home works with a custom domain and web interface.
  • Stripe and Paypal can accept payments worldwide.
  • Gurucan provide a help centre with priority support.


Learndash is a learning management system that is available as a good replacement for podia to sell courses online. It has options to teach concepts online with the best student interactivity tools. It uses a course builder for structured course content delivery to the learners. Student engagement is exposed by free choice, fill in the blanks, essays, multi-choice, and even quizzes. To sell courses, it uses multiple pricing models with different checkout methods.

Features of LearnDash

  • It uses a drag and drop course builder to organize course content delivery.
  • Dynamic content delivery with drip feed lessons and advanced quizzes.
  • Discussion forums, leader boards, assignments, automated student notifications and course points are available for quicker learning.
  • One-time payment, subscriptions, shopping cart, membership and course bundle helps easy access by the learners.
  • Different integration tools are available for marketing, analytics, tracking, and then customer management.


Techmore is one of the cheap Podia alternatives to create unlimited courses and sell them online with better student management. It provides a website with a mobile application for course creation and marketing. Techmore offers unlimited course hosting with live teaching for learners. We can create custom landing pages for course promotion with the best payment gateway integration to sell courses. Email marketing and student management tools are integrated with analytics and tracking.

Features of Techmore

  • Website builders with custom pages are available in tech more.
  • Native fully featured android and mobile applications for learning courses.
  • Customizing the course website with mobile apps and custom branding also helps to promote the brand.
  • Conversion optimized sales and landing page templates help to increase sales.
  • Emails, push notification, and coupon codes increases conversion during the course marketing.
  • We can collect payment via Paypal, Stripe and 2checkout for courses from different countries.


Kajabi is the best Podia replacement to sell the course online. Moreover, it helps create an academy of courses with multiple authors and teachers. It uses the best employee and customer management with course tracking. The kajabi affiliate management helps promoters to sell lessons and online courses. We can process the employee and customer payouts with paypal and Stripe. Kajabi mobile apps help to learn from anywhere and anytime.

Features of Kajabi

  • Kajabi provides websites, emails and hosting to deliver course content as a product or membership site.
  • The landing pages, marketing automation and analytics helps to replace many tools integration for selling online courses.
  • We can easily process payment in different modes such as one-time, subscription, instalments and even upsell.
  • We can track the courses and customers with custom reports using Kajabi.
  • Responsive course templates help to learn from any device.


Hyax is a good platform to sell courses and digital products online. The best podia replacement is to sell online courses with lead pages and sales funnels. It provides custom websites to create storefront pages with multiple templates are available in hyax. We can deliver the course content inside the membership site with one-time or recurring subscriptions. It uses customizable course templates for video lessons to teach concepts online.

Features of Hyax

  • Drag and drop builder is available to create a storefront with courses.
  • Unlimited video hosting with secured course content access even for downloadable files.
  • Mobile-friendly landing pages help to create promotional offers during course marketing.
  • Multistep sales funnels are available for course promotions.
  • It uses Stripe and Paypal payment gateways to accept payment from learners.


TalentLMS is the Podia free alternative to teaching online and selling courses. It provides a training interface for employees and customers for group learning. TalentLMS offers video conferencing tools integration like zoom. The responsive teaching training templates helps to learn from anywhere with mobile devices. It provides multi-language support so students can learn the concepts from their local. The customer training, partner training and on-boarding is available with TalentLMS. It is best alternative to podia with white label.

Features of TalentLMS

  • Easy course management with a content-friendly platform helps manage videos, PPT, and docs.
  • The best student assessment with quizzes and course tracking is also available.
  • It helps to deliver interactive courses using SCORM, xmi5 and xAPI.
  • The gamification of course progress with leaderboards and rewards helps better learner engagement.
  • White labelling is available to promote the brand even with mobile devices.

Conclusion Podia Alternatives

By wrapping up the Podia Alternatives, The podia are the best platform to teach concepts and create courses. It helps to sell courses with many supporting tools integration. Group learning and customer training is essential feature for teaching concepts online. Teaching as a team and customer tracking in podia is not upto the level. These downsides need a free podia alternatives and replacement to teach online.

In the end, The thinkific is the right podia replacement to sell teachings, academy of course creation and provide training to employees. For these functions, it uses thinkific apps stores and Thinkific plus. Moreover, it helps to get a huge return for the online teachings. So Thinkific is the best Podia alternative.

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