Online Artificial Intelligence Classes for Machine Learning

Online Artificial Intelligence Classes

Online Artificial intelligence classes and courses are becoming popular nowadays. There are many PG diploma courses available from recognized institutions. The AI classes include machine learning, deep learning, and then business specialization. Moreover, experts and professionals in that field can easily teach AI and machine learning with online classes. We can get an excellent learning experience in a short period.

UpGrad, Udemy, and EDX, like online course teaching platform, helps to educate online artificial intelligence classes faster. Based on the ability to learn new skills, we can keep secrets and then select course duration for the same course syllabus. Moreover, group learning and certification from recognized institutions are also possible with Online AI classes and courses. The live session, self-paced videos, and then project exercises make the AI classes more effective while learning Online.

Best 7 Online Artificial Intelligence Classes

The best AI and machine learning classes should contain Deep learning, NLP, and then strategy building. Moreover, these courses are specially designed for working professionals to learn in their free time as well. The live tanning with professional workshops and assignments gives a greater learning experience for the students. Furthermore, we can plan the learning path by selecting on-demand professionals to teach online classes on Artificial intelligence.

1. AI and Machine Learning from Great Learning

The great learning provides a PG diploma course in twelve months duration with online artificial intelligence classes. It helps to build a successful career in AI and machine learning. PG diploma courses from Texas and then McCombs are available both online and classroom with job postings for better learners. Moreover, live career mentorship helps to choose a career path while learning. The industry sessions, case studies, and career coaching programs on AI make the online classes more effective.

Features of AI classes at Great Learning

  • The online class includes Python, NLP, deep learning, machine learning, Computer vision, and then neural networks.
  • It is designed for working professionals with eight industry sessions and then six hackathons.
  • We can learn anytime and then anywhere with online video classes.
  • Weekly online mentorship with professionals is available.
  • It offers the opportunity to network with people with the same interest.

2. UpGrad AI and ML best online Artificial Intelligence classes

Upgrad offers an executive post graduate diploma program in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is one of the bestselling online artificial intelligence classes from UpGrad. This course includes deep learning, NLPs, AI building strategy with fifteen plus industrial projects, and then programming tools. It is a 13-month program with fifteen hours of weekly training. It is designed for working professionals with many case studies.

Features of AI and Machine learning from UpGrad

  • We have live coding classes with profile-building workshops.
  • It is an exclusive post-graduate program from IIIT Bangalore.
  • We can customize the learning path with effective mentorship from experts.
  • In-class content has been developed by the faculty and then industry leaders with video lessons.
  • The 20-plus program tools, language, and then libraries are available for greater learning.

3. Udemy Artificial Intelligence A-Z

The online AI course from Udemy on how to build AI makes a better impact on AI learning. It covers the basics of deep learning, machine learning, and then data science withal intelligence. We can create powerful AI for real world applications. This course helps to create AI applications like a self-driving cars. Moreover, it helps to understand the theory behind artificial intelligence. Furthermore, The online Artificial intelligence classes help to master the arts of creating AI models.

Features of Udemy Artificial Intelligence A-Z

  • This course contains 19 sections of 130 lectures with a learning path bonus in it.
  • It provides deep Q- Learning with visualization.
  • The AI course includes intuition tutorials and then code templates with real-world solutions.
  • Deep convolutional Q-Learning can be learned in this course.
  • We can gift this course to our friends and then colleagues.

4. AI for Everyone from EDX

The AI for Everyone course from IBM is available at EDX. This course helps to master the basics of Artificial intelligence. Moreover, it includes the concepts of machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. It is a self-paced course we can accelerate the speed of the course. The EDX offers AI professional certificate after the course completion. Exams and assignments during the course learning help with practical learning.

Features of AI for Everyone from EDX

  • The IBM’s foundations of AI course certificates give mastery in AI and then its applications that use to transform our lives.
  • It describes the issues behind ethical concerns around Artificial intelligence.
  • The experts and professionals give a lecture on deep leaning and Machine learning.
  • We have unlimited course materials access for online artificial intelligence classes.
  • It has the audit track help to offer free classes with optional upgrades.

5. Udacity Artificial Intelligence Course

Expand the AI skills with an Artificial Intelligence nano degree from Udacity. This course helps to learn the AI concepts like search, optimization, planning, pattern recognition, and more. We can learn fundamental AI algorithms in three months. It covers the environments for AI programming and problems with Python. The classical search and automated planning algorithms help in NASA mars rovers. We can learn about searching in a multi-agent environment using AI.

Features of Artificial Intelligence from Udacity

  • It helps to learn the foundations of AI. In the end, we can create a Sudoku solver.
  • The classical search with planning, optimization and problem-solving are available.
  • We can do planning scheduling for modern automation and logistics operations.
  • A technical mentor is available with industrial experts for teaching.
  • The student community connects with real-world projects.

6. The Elements of AI

The Elements of AI is a free online artificial intelligence classes program. We can learn about how AI affect our job and even life. It offers courses like the introduction of AI and building AI with algorithms. The basic python programming skills are recommended for learning the course. It offers a series of AI courses for a broad group of people. More than 750,000 learned the free elements of AI courses, and the course is available in more than twenty-plus countries.

Features of Elements of AI

  • It is available for graduates from more than 17o countries.
  • The online community helps to learn by building AI courses that will connect the students.
  • Minna Learn is an online learning company from Helsinki university.
  • It is a free online AI learning and building AI program.
  • More than forty percent of women participants make a great impact on AI learning with Elements of AI.

7. Intellipatt AI deep learning

The Artificial intelligence course from IIT Madras is available with online classes. This course can be learned using Trendsflow, which has collaborated with CCE and IIT madras. We can learn machine learning and data science using hand one projects. These online artificial intelligence classes make a person into a successful AI engineer. The AI course includes convolutional neural networks and their applications.

Features of Intellipatt AI Deep learning

  • It provides fifty-plus live sessions within six months of the course duration.
  • Two hundred plus self-paced videos and project exercises are available with the course.
  • Better industry mentors with three guaranteed interviews.
  • We can learn AI from IIT faculties and industry practitioners.
  • Intellipatt peer learning with the class notification is available for successful completion.

Conclusion – Online Artificial Intelligence Classes

By wrapping up the online artificial intelligence classes, we have many online universities and courses offering platforms to Learn AI. The post graduate program in artificial intelligence and machine learning helps to learn AI better with online classes. Moreover, it requires an undergraduate degree in Python. Machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, and AI strategy building are the core concepts we have learned in these PG diploma classes.

In the end, The executive post graduate program in machine learning and Artificial intelligence. It is one of the best AI learning courses with online artificial intelligence classes. It is specially designed for working professionals with live coding classes. The dedicated student success mentor and industry-leading professional help learn AI better with these artificial intelligence online courses. It is a 13-month program with profile-building workshops.

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