Top 8 Rio Olympic Apps To Stay Up-to-date In 2016

Are you searching for the best Olympic apps to get the latest updates from Rio? Read the post and get the top app to watch Rio Olympics live!

In 2016, you may hear many trending topics and other interesting news about movies, politics, etc. But, the people eagerly waited for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

From past few months, Rio Olympics has been everywhere on the social media and TV as well. The long wait for the various sports which are held in Olympics has come to an end.

The 2016 Olympic Games have started in Rio de Janeiro; these games offer a broad range of sporting events that includes the Athletics, Archery, badminton, basketball, boxing, swimming, and wrestling, etc. 

Here millions of people are eager to watch their country representing players to bring their nation pride, and some other enjoy watching the sports.

Many will attend the Olympics, and some would like to catch all the actions from their home. So here comes the best and top Rio Olympic apps for 2016 to get each and every update without missing a single event. 

8 Best Olympic Apps To Get Latest Updates

Check some excellent Olympic apps (for both Andriod & iPhone) to get streaming Rio 2016!


1.Rio 2016 App (Free Olympic App)

Rio 2016 app is the official app, and this is the best app for Olympics to look information about players, points, event details results and much more.

The official apps are always the best for any games as their view of expressing the games and activities are perfect, and you can see even a small event to famous events without missing any action.

This Rio Olympic app includes opening ceremony, Olympic torch relay, closing ceremony, and all the events that are covered in the Olympics.

It also gives the complete information, schedules and also other back end videos that happen after the achievement of after the events etc.

The Official Rio app promised to give torch daily news coverage, parties and other torch relay stories along with regular app features like the full schedule, all sports actives, and competition venues, etc.

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2. The Olympics – Official App

This is the Olympic games official app that provides the latest news and results along with the full schedule and results in time straight from the International Olympic Council.

This official app has everything you need to stay up to date on the Rio Olympics games, including results, competition venues, records, schedules, news and image gallery, etc.

You can even watch the videos of Olympics that you have missed; you can simply watch your favourite player video in this App.

Download the Olympics official for iPhone
Download the Olympics official Android App

3. NBC Olympics (Free)

NBC is one of the best apps to watch Rio Olympics that keeps on updated with Olympics videos, news, and activities; NBC has acquired rights from the International Olympic Council to broadcast in the USA. 

This is the excellent app for Rio Olympics as you may find all the fresh and exciting updates on the Games. Besides, it This App mainly offers Game highlights, news, and results in a transparent manner, and also it produces the information on how USA trials have progressed. 

You can also check out the unique videos, highlights and also the read the clear insight of video through articles and images.

Download the NBC Olympics official for iPhone
Download the NBC Olympics official Android App


ESPN is the largest sports network in the world. It offers many sports coverages around the globe. And it’s also covering the Olympics games as well.

ESPN is one of the best Olympic apps because of having a great quality and user-friendly experience. It is being used by millions of users around the globe.

It covers all live event in Olympics, and it also provides you with the region specific channel. For suppose if you are from India it focus on Hindi coverage and Indian-specific videos and highlights.

Now before setting up the app, you should choose your favourite leagues and by doing so, you can get a notification, and also you can make the video as your favourite and watch the action again and again without searching in its database.

You will get all the updated information in the ESPN Olympics app and I would say that it is one of the greatest apps for Rio Olympics to enjoy watching the games. 

Download the ESPN for IPhone
Download the ESPN Android App

5. The Score

The Score is the sports news app which is famous for its style of news production. This is the best app in Olympics live production, and it’s also dedicated to the exclusive live coverage of games and events.

If you are a sports fan or sports lover, then you will only love this app for Olympic because of its large amount of fresh updates and also the better and professional images of the site. You can even personalise the look of the app and coverage you receive.

For suppose if you don’t want to see all matches of badminton and only wanted to see your favourite players and the favorite team then you can choose them as the favorites, and their news and activities will appear in the first section of your news.

Download the Score app for iPhone
Download the score app for Android

6. NBC Sports

The NBC Sports app is the finest app for Rio Olympics 2016 since it will produce live streaming for every single Olympic event. This Virtual reality system came to this app this year.

And it will produce 100 hours of the game along with all the main events and opening ceremony covered in this app.

If you have already had NBC Sports app installed previously then you will automatically receive updates, you can simply opt them and just update your app.

Download NBC Sports app for iPhone
Download NBC Sports app for Android

7. Olympic Athletes Hub 2016

This Olympic app is specially designed to be a social network for all the Olympic athletes. You may join them, and you can use the app to follow your favourite players and get their status on the ongoing Rio Olympics.

It is an awesome app for Olympics that would let you start encouraging your favorite player and track there every process including their regular media pics to their social status etc.

Download Olympics Athletes Hub for iPhone
Download Olympics Athletes App for Android

8. BBC Sport

Everyone in this world may hear about the BBC. Now, in 2016 BBC has gone through an advanced stage and there now wanted to produce the 100 hours of endless games and highlights on their app.

They have developed their app in such way that users can quickly navigate to their desired game and desired players.

But there are few glitches in this app so you can opt it if you don’t want above apps or else you can try above apps.

Download BBC Sport on iPhone
Download BBC Sport on Android


The Rio Olympics kicked off its opening ceremony on Aug 5 and this Rio games festival will continue till the Aug 21st.  

There’s going to be the thousands of hours of world class performances and sports, and many world records were going down, and new records will open up on each and every season.

Now, you can watch Olympics on your Device! There are several apps to follow Rio Olympics and help the audience to keep their focus on the Olympics games. Thus, you can watch Olympics without cable subscription. 

I have listed the best Olympic apps which are currently used by many users. If you think you have any other apps that work better than these essential apps for the Rio Olympics 2016, then let me know in the comment section as I always give value to my user’s opinions.

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