List Of 10 Best Movitube Alternatives To Watch Movies Online

Are you tired of going to movie theatres? Do you think that movie tickets are a bit too overpriced? Do you wish to watch movies from the luxury of your home or perhaps on the go? Looking for Movitube alternatives?

No doubt that Movitube is a fantastic online movie streaming platform.One can enjoy watching movies at their leisure. The picture quality of the film is good enough, if not ultra HD.

A few features of Movitube are: [tie_list type=”starlist”]

  • Affordable (less expensive)
  • Accessible (can be accessed anywhere and anytime)
  • Contains an extensive database of movies
  • Online streaming helps save device space
  • Saves money spent on going to movie theatres[/tie_list]

But a few issues with Movitube is the fact that it has a smaller database of movies when compared to other movie streaming platforms. It also demonstrates a lower opportunity to stream TV series.

Overall, Movitube is stated to be less user-friendly according to the internet movie streaming community. So how else can this be overcome?

Where can one find a better movie streaming platform? Below are 10 of the best alternatives to Movitube that overcome its limitations. 

Top 10 Sources I Recommend As Alternatives To Movitube For Watching Flims

Movitube Alternatives

1. HBO Now

HBO Now is a fantastic movie and TV show streaming platform that allows users to access HBO content online. The app and website work on a subscription basis.

One can access famous HBO original TV shows like Game of Thrones and Ballers. This Movitube alternative advertises itself as a cord-cutter, which means that it replaces the need for cable TV services. One can use HBO Now on a variety of platforms, at the same time.

Top Features

  • Slightly more expensive (unless you use a third-party service like DirectTV)
  • Platform exclusively for HBO original content and other (non-HBO original) movies as well
  • Can be used even on Kindle, Apple devices and gaming platforms like Playstation and Xbox
  • Subscription can be gifted
  • Available in selected countries

Visit HBO Now

2. Big Star

Big Star is an online platform and mobile phone application that allows users to watch films and series online. It contains an extensive collection of both old favourites and new releases.

It is available on both Apple devices and Android devices. Big Star, like most other famous streaming platforms, provides users with a search engine that allows users to search for movies classified under genres.

Top Features

  • Large database
  • Available on Apple and Android devices
  • User-friendly
  • Good search engine
  • Regularly updated

Download Big Star For iOS

Download Big Star For Android

3. YesMovies

YesMovies is a show streaming website that does not require users to register or pay a subscription to access its online content. It allows users to watch old favourites and recently released films online for free.

This Movitube substitute has a powerful search engine that allows users to search for their favourite films or TV series. YesMovies is banned in a few countries, so one would be advised to use proxy servers or VPN to access the website.

Top Features

  • Massive collection of movies and TV series
  • User-friendly
  • Frequent updates

Visit YesMovies

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another feather in the cap of major global conglomerate Amazon. It is a top-rated online streaming service that provides users access to unique Amazon movies and web series, and also other documentaries.

This Movitube alternate website allows users to access movies and TV/web series on multiple devices at a time. It is also relatively cheaper than other service providers and is also user-friendly.

Top Features

  • Minimum subscription fee
  • User-friendly
  • Extensive database of movies and web/TV series
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Smartphone application and online service provider

Visit Amazon Prime Video

5. ShowBox

ShowBox is a fantastic movie streaming service. What makes it unique and user-friendly is the fact that it is a mobile application that can be used to stream your favourite cinemas and TV shows.

It is an excellent alternative to outdated Movitube. Another fun thing about ShowBox is the fact that it is free! So one can enjoy watching their favourite movies and TV shows for free (unlike most streaming platforms that charge users).

Top Features

  • It’s free
  • User-friendly
  • Smartphone application
  • Large database of films and TV series
  • Regular updates
  • Supports multiple platforms

Download ShowBox For Android


It is a movie streaming site that allows users to watch films and TV series for free. It requires to be opened using VPN or proxy servers in most countries.

It contains only high-quality picture quality media content. This Movitube replacement site is ad-free, and one does not have to worry about their time getting wasted. It is frequently updated, and hence this makes an ideal movie streaming website.

Top Features

  • Free
  • User-friendly
  • Huge collection of shows
  • Ad-free
  • Frequently updated
  • Does not require registration

7. Movie4K

Movie4K has a massive database of television series and movies. It allows users to access online media content anywhere and anytime. It is banned in a few countries but can still be accessed using a proxy.

Movie4K is very frequently updated, and so one can watch all the recently released films. Movie4K allows users to search for old favourites and uses a powerful search engine.

Top Features

  • Powerful search engine
  • Extensive database of movies and TV series
  • Very frequently updated
  • Watch recently released movies online

Visit Movie4K

8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a software and online streaming platform that allows users to access their content for free. But it comes with a catch; it has an outdated database filled with old movies and series. Flims and series that are decades old and have been long forgotten. Tubi TV can be accessed on multiple platforms.

This best Movitube alternative site allows users to select the picture quality in which they wish to watch movies or series. This is particularly useful when the user has a slow internet connection.

Top Features

  • Free
  • Vintage movies and TV series database
  • Can be used on multiple platforms

Visit Tubi TV

9. 123Movies

123Movies is a movie and television series streaming platform. It is available for free and allows users to access video content online for free at any time and anywhere.

It has a frequently updated database of films and is very user-friendly because it allows users to configure their movie and TV series watching experience.

Even though the original website has been shut down, clones and copies of the original site are available online. In the case that one is not able to access the website regularly, then the usage of proxy servers or VPN can help locate the site.

Top Features

  • Free
  • Vast database of movies and TV series
  • Video viewing configurations
  • Powerful search engine
  • Frequently updated

Visit 123Movies

10. JustWatch

Unlike the other Movitube Alternatives in this list, Just Watch is not an online streaming platform. It is a guide to movies, TV series and web series.

It is an extensive database that contains all you need to know about your favourite cinema or series and where you can find it. It enlists the place and fee for watching the particular content. In other words, it functions as the phonebook for movies and series.

Top Features

  • Search engine for movies and series
  • Price list
  • Cinema guide
  • Frequently updated
  • User-friendly

Download JustWatch For Android

Wrapping Up

Finally, when it comes to streaming videos online, one can easily pick a reliable service that best suits them. This is with regards to the membership fee, size of database or collection of films and TV series, availability of hit movies and TV series, picture quality, availability of subtitles, loading speed and the overall user-friendliness of the streaming platforms like Movitube alternatives. 

So one no longer has to worry about not knowing where to watch movies and TV series; you have got the better replacements for Movitube! You may also get entertainment with the anime movies dubbed online. Which one would you like to visit or install to get amazing film-watching experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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