7 Best Movies Like Hunger Games To Watch For Maximum Entertainment


Are you like to watch gaming movies?. Then, movies like hunger games are the best choice to watch and experience the survival thriller. The hunger games movie is a death game with 24 participants from 12 districts of a nation.

In hunger games, each district can participate with one male and a female, so a total of 24 tributes. It is a survival death game movie with a mutual relationship between the participants for defeating others. There will be one winner; however, hunger games allow two winners.

The movies like hunger games always provide a thriller experience while beating other participants in the game. A tournament like competition is continuous until all the participants have been defeated.

Finally, the winner experiences unusual scenarios in the survival thriller movies. The hunger games movie is a dystopian action film entirely based on the novel by Suzanne Collins.

Top 7 Movies Like Hunger Games To See At Free Time

Here we have the list of best survival game movies like hunger games. These genre films can guide people’s win-win attitude through their competitive nature. We have a unique survival game series in each film with a single winner.

Most of the movies listed here are action thrillers with death games. These movies expose backend operations in every game. The shooter games survival movies are action thriller that provides an exciting experience.

1. The Road

The Road is the post-apocalyptic survival film directed by John Hillcoat. It is one of the best movies like the hunger games. The screenplay moves like a man and his son looking for survival after an unexpected incident in this movie. They travel on roads to the host and think it will be warmer than the current location.

However, years earlier, the man’s wife gave birth to a son. Then, there was a shooting by a gang of cannibals. She saves the family after the survival from the shooting, and the man is left with one bullet. Further down the road, there will be an underground shelter found by the boy. The shelter is full of canned foods and supplies.

They move further along the road after helping the blind older man with food found in the shelter. However, when the boy falls asleep, the food supplies are stolen. The wife narrates that they have followed the boy and his father for some time. Finally, they survived with the good guy’s adoption of the boy.

2. The Tournament

The Tournament is one of the best movies like hunger games. It is a British action thriller movie during its independence. The movie screenplay moves like a group of wealthiest and most powerful men are together to enforce the law for criminal underworlds. They control the media as well. The complete entertainment purposes, they create the tournament.

Participants are selected from Special Forces, serial killers, athletes, and contract killers for each tournament. The tournament last is twenty-four hours if no one wins. The natural disasters, terrorists outages, and accidents make the tournament more thrillers. The current tournament is more complex with the influences of organizers and competitors.

Scott Mann directs the tournament movie. The tournament takes place every seven years in a specific location. Hunger game movie fans love the tournament as well.

3. Ender’s Game

Ender’s game is one of the science fiction action movies like hunger games. The ender is a cadet who participated in the battle school with other teams. The movie screenplay moves like humanity preparing to attack an alien homeworld. Formics attacked Earth and killed millions of people.

So the cadet ender trained to attack the alien homeworld. Meanwhile, other teams were preparing for the same in the battle school. The ender and another cadet Petra are looking to lead the Salamander army to destroy the alien world. Unfortunately, one of the battles led by Petra without Ender was in failure, and finally, Ender rescues the mission. During the resting period, ender plays a computer game for mind solidness.

The simulation starts ender finds his feet on the homeworld and destroys the entire world with a chain reaction. As a result, he killed the whole population of an alien world. In the end, the formic queen gave a queen egg. In later years ender protects the queen egg and grows a formic world. Many mysteries in the screenplay make the movie more interesting, like hunger games.

4. Super 8

Super 8 is an American monster thriller movie. It is one of the best movies like hunger games. Moreover, Super 8 is the destructive zombie film that gains the most reaction in American movies. The movie tells the story of American teenagers. Super 8 movie screenplay starts with deputy sheriff lamp and his fourteen-year-old son Joe, his wife, and his mother were killed in an accident while filming train depot at midnight.

Joe escaped from the accident, moved into the town, and found his friend Charles watching their derailment footage. The giant creatures escaped the train. Alice’s father tells them about Joe’s creature and rebukes him. Meanwhile, electrical and electronic instruments were stolen in the town. Later, we found the alien crating underground tunnel system from the missing electronic equipment.

In the destructive zombie short film, the children made the super 8 at the movie’s end besides the roll. Hunger games movie fans love Super 8 the most with an unexpected experiment in the screenplay by the teenagers.

5. Death Race 2000

Death Race 2000 is the best movie about the car race as per the reconstructed civil law in the American government. In 2000, five specialist drivers were participating in driving advanced cars. High-powered cars are infamous for violence, gore, and being stuck. It is one of the best movies like hunger games. Moreover, the fans of hunger games like death race too.

There was a complaint that the death race killed most of the drivers who participated in the race. The Nero hero has killed while runs over points turn to be a bomb. Frankenstein is the un destructible champion of the death race. He is hesitant by his complaints, finally hits Bruce with his car, drives it to win, and gets applause from the crowd.

6. Death Cure The Maze Runner

Maze Runner – The Death Cure is one of the good movies like hunger games. It is the American dystopian science fiction action movie that breezes the hunger games movie fans. Gladers are immune to the Flare virus, which destructed the population most. To retrieve other immunes from the carriages, an organization is responsible for capturing and experimenting with immunity to children.

A group makes a wall in the last city to protect the people against the dangerous virus attacks. Outside of the wall, people were protesting against the immunes. The organization opens fire on the protesters, captures the group, and then hides them. Moreover, they make a promise to cure them against the virus. Finally, the group reunites the immune and provides massive responsibility toward society.

7. The Starving Games

The Starving Games are the best movies, like hunger games in comedy sub-genre movies. The movie screenplay moves like Kantmiss practices archery in the forest. Her boyfriend Dale surprises her with an arrow that accidentally hits the wizard. They returned to their home district. The children were afraid to play the game because of the injuries.

There will be a death game in the 75th annual starving games with a single winner in archery. A team participated with friendships, love, and enmity to kill other contestants in the game. In the end, Katniss is the only survivor and wins the competition. The starving games are similar to the hunger games with the complete satisfaction of its fans.

Conclusion – Movies Like Hunger Games

By wrapping up the movies like hunger games, these movies have a competitive nature in different genres. Moreover, many movies are death games like hunger games that end up with a single winner. These movies engage the fans with a winning attitude even in the worst situation. Winning the competition prioritizes love, friendship and all other emotions.

The Starving game movie is the best movies like the hunger games. It is an archery competition to find a single winner in the end by killing other participants in the battle. The hunger games movie lovers always like the movies that were listed above. For example, the tournament, the starving games, and Ender’s game are the best choice to watch out for.

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