Best 7 Movies Like Divergent To Enjoy Sci-Fi Thrillers


Are you like social science fiction movies? Then movies like Divergent will be the best choice to commit for entertainment. These movies always deal with ups and downs in society because of scientific classification and its effects. The divergent movie screenplay starts like there is a grouping of human communities with five different characters to form a powerful society.

When a child attempts sixteen years, his serum is tested to match any one of five groups. Moreover, the child can prefer his permanent group to live their life. One day Beatrice Prior underwent the serum test and found that she matched with three groups.

If more than one matches in the result, they are called divergent. The government thinks that they are not dependent on the government and are dangerous. The rest of the movie goes like Beatrice hides her actual result. The next day choosing ceremony, she selects a group and lives the life with consequences.

Best Movies like Divergent

The divergent like movies, help grow the fighting attitude for rights even in odd situations. Moreover, science fiction movies make more impact on society, especially if an experiment goes away from expected results. The intense fight back helps reorganize society with peaceful life. These movies guide people in finding a way to grow an organized society with successors to rule it. The audiences of divergent have exciting experiences by watching the below-listed movies.

1. Dune

Dune is one of the best sci-fi movies like Divergent to protect precious resources by controlling the melange. In this movie, more than three armed forces from different houses try to control the melange and take the resources from the planet. One of the kingdom’s heads tries to save the people on the planet and protect the precious resource on the planet. After his lifetime, he tries to find a successor to preserve the melange and the planet.

The young prince Paul is ready to go to the planet and save the melanges with the people. Moreover, Poul’s mother, the prince’s protector, is sent to the planet. Primarily she has controlled by a divine voice. The remaining story moves like how Paul and his mother face the holy war and protect the planet and its resources by controlling the melange. It is based on the novel dune was released earlier in 1984. The fans of divergent have a fantastic experience with dune.

2. The Fault In Our Stars

The fault in our Stars is the best movie like divergent that deals with tolerated people’s lives. It is a new age romantic film in which two cancer-affected teenagers are in depression. Their families ask them to attend the meeting at a weekly cancer support group. While attending the cancer support group meeting, two teenagers go away from the camp and try to live their life. The initial part of the movie says about the feelings of the cancer-affected person and their life.

Later, it narrates the struggles and happiness of living with another cancer-affected person till the end of life. The divergent audiences may expect many similarities, like when a person is separated from the society they were living in. They come out of depression by going away from their situation. The romantic movie experiences the same feelings as divergent.

3. The Circle

The Circle is an American technological thriller movie like divergent to change the world with an experiment. Mae is employed by a company that would try to improve the world through real-time monitoring with a quality camera installation in the wild. These camera installations in the city can find child murderers within 10 minutes. Later she founds that it will affect the living beings as well.

The remaining part of the movie tells about how to see protect the living beings. Moreover, it narrates how to rectify the consequences are made by the camera installations. Finally saves society from the evils effects of the program conducted by the company. The divergent audience may like the movies with similarities when we to change the world against human privacy. We will experience the consequences.

4. Nerve

Nerve is one of the best movies like divergent with a technological thriller. The adventurous environment in the movie with exciting screenplay entertains divergent fans. In this movie, a teenager, Vee is playing an online game with truth or dare. It has some rules with every dare recorded on the player’s phone and the earned money revoked when the player fails or bails to dare. The exciting lifetime exercises create a complex task for the rest of her life.

The later part of the movie tells about how she comes out from the complex environment. When circumstances get worst, Vee and her friends are into the game for the final stage. They are ready to shoot between them as well. The exciting entertainment thriller movie connects with divergent fans for life exercises. Nerve is one of the similar movies that create a social impact even by playing online games.

5. Seventh Son

The Seventh Son is an American fantasy movie similar to divergent. In this movie, an aged master needs an apprentice to train his art and help the later generation after his death. A professional monster trainer imprisons the witch mother, Malkin. Unfortunately, Malkin is humanity dependent on supernatural threats. So the Malkin begins gathering an army of teenagers. Malkin’s army attacked the city where Tom and his mother lived in.

Tom’s master tells the seventh son of the seventh son and the son of the witch. Those are the people who have the power to kill the Malkin mother. The later part of the movie fights with these trios, and tom wins over Malkin’s army. Finally, he will continue the work with the son of the witch. The divergent audiences like the movie seventh son for the search for the master to train his arts, and later it will transfer to the local peoples.

6. A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time is one of the good movies like divergent that narrate fantasy adventure. It is a science fiction movie based on the same name. The movie screenplay starts with a teenager; Meg Murry has a problem adjusting to school life. Meg and her younger brother Charles are gossiping about the school’s principles. They both and their classmate Calvin are in the house of Mrs.

The Mrs reveals that they spread negativity throughout the universe, including earth. While discovering scientific discovery, Meg’s father went into another space. Meg, her brother Charles and her friend Calvin try to find him in the space. The exciting adventure screenplay of a wrinkle in time movie gives divergent fans feel the best experience. The different space dimensions in the universe are portrayed well in the movie.

7. Minority Report

Minority report is one of the best films like divergent to form a crimeless society by the government. The science-fiction movie helps to find the criminals in the city before they attempt to commit the crime. The federal government will try to implement the system to find criminals soon. In operation, Precogs predicts the crime in 36 hours. After six years of execution in the city, the system indicates an innocent person as a criminal.

The later part of the movie shows how the person escapes from wrongly committed crimes on him. The exciting screenplay of the minority report movie may attack the audience divergent. The similarity in the movies is that every odd situation in the system dramatically impacts the system and even society. In divergent, a person with more than one quality suffers for peaceful living. However, in the minority reports, a suitable person is wrongly reported as a criminal in the city trying to escape from it.

Conclusion movies like Divergent

By wrapping it up, movies like Divergent, these kinds of movies are science and technology action thrillers with full entertainment. Generally, these movies have the screenplay to make an advanced society with new technology. However, the consequences faced by society after implementing the new plan got worse in one situation. So, the odd situation helps identify whether the change is good or bad for society.

In the above list, we have the best movies similar to divergent. The audiences of divergent always enjoy science fiction drama with social impact. Therefore, dune movies have the best match with the divergent movie. Moreover, the Minority report movie commits divergent fans through its exciting screenplay.

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