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If you are looking for the best visiting card creator, then this post is for you! You should know about the Moo business card maker with which you could create some excellent designs for your calling card.  

Business cards are essential in our daily life, particularly in the business world. They are vital in creating a positive first impression. Business cards usually carry key contact aspects of a business.

Complete contact details include an email address, and phone numbers are available on the card. These cards are handy, and anyone can find the company’s details instantly. You can turn them into direct marketing tools.

This means you have to carry some cards regularly in your air pocket to pass them to prospect immediately where you see them. It can make your business referable as well as trustworthy.

The primary purpose is that business cards provide people the ability to follow up with your company. They reveal that you are a professional businessman and keep you focused on your goal.

If the beauty and design of your card impress your friends, it will undoubtedly be shared by your friends. If that happens, it will undoubtedly help your business grow. Because they are inexpensive, they can be a marketing tool for small businesses.

How to make the perfect business card? It’s a million-dollar question! 

I have an excellent source to get the job done correctly and its Moo, let’s have a look at the feature of Moo Business cards so that you would like to go with them.

What Is Moo?


There are lots of websites here that create business cards. But not all of them are reliable for you and does not create the right designs for you.

Moo is an online company that creates business cards for your business. Their headquarters is in London. They grant all kinds of business cards and other printed materials to their customers in over 190 countries.

They offer business cards with original paper in Matte finish, Luxe paper with a black or white color seam, and, Super paper in Soft Touch finish.

This company can produce Business Cards, Square Business Cards, Letterpress Business Cards, MiniCards, Flyers, Postcards, Notecards, Gift Cards, Greeting Cards, Stickers, Letterheads, and some other accessories.

Features Of Moo

It offers you a wide variety of business cards. They have not only business cards, but they also have many designs such as Business card holders, Mini cardholders, Moo notebooks, Envelopes, white-label packing, and Mini card frames.

After you choose the template, you can customize the color of the text or background to create something that’s uniquely yours.

1. Design

They have a large number of models such as simple logo, sharp contrast, the line-up fancy, put, be a scene, on target, etc., You can also upload the full design by yourself, or you can personalize your basic outline.

2. Paper And Sizes

The Moo business card has four types of papers that are used to create a business card. They are like original, cotton, super, and luxe. Moo also allows the user to choose the size that suits better. Here Moo has four types of sizes, such as standard, Moo, square, and mini.

3. Convenience

The Moo is straightforward to access, and they are user-friendly too. They classified their cards by industries. So you can choose what type of industry you are.

It allows you to choose a layout from the given orientation and edit option. You can determine whether its portrait or landscape according to what you want your card to look like.

Shipping And Pricing

Their pricing of Moo business cards begins at 40 cents per card, with discounts possible for orders of higher than 200 cards. Users can upgrade paper types at an additional cost, varying from 8 to 40 cents per card.

Next day shipping is only accessible on particular products if ordering before 2 pm EST only on the US region. Delivery choices are reliant on the time of the order, so that it may vary somewhat from those seen here.

Moo business days are Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Please note, Next Day Delivery on Business Cards is not available with any Gloss finishes and is limited on Luxe paper to black and white seam colors only.

Here are the pricing details of Moo business cards according to the quality!                                                                                                   

# The cost of the Business cards – original Matte/Gloss is $72.49. And the price is the same for the Square business cards.           

# The payment for the square business cards with Luxe & rounded corner is $97.49

# The square business cards in Gold foil is $84.49, and it will take six business days to reach you.

# You may also go with the Flyers that cost $81.50 and Post Cards at $90.25       

Note: This estimate is only for 50 standards/matte business cards.


[tie_list type=”plus”]

  • Impressive matte finish
  • Great customer service
  • Custom “Moo-size” cards
  • Free carrying case
  • Best quality papers
  • Professional design services
  • Brand-new, custom products
  • Shop by size, paper or special finish
  • Quality and service you can trust
  • Business discounts
  • Touchy-feely finishes
  • One pack, lots of designs
  • Perks for bigger businesses
  • Free sample pack[/tie_list]


[tie_list type=”minus”]

  • Packaging
  • Type is not super-crisp
  • Expensive than other online digital printers[/tie_list]


Choose the best company business cards with excellent print quality that means they should print cards with particular colors, crisp pictures, and constant trimming around the corners.

Their service should give a variety of wholly designed and premade templates, with add-on features such as finishes, paper stock, sizes, corner shape, and spot gloss.

They ought to have responsive customer service and should preview designs before you commit to ordering. You should be ready to demand sample packs before you begin designing and ordering.

For me, Moo is a good business card maker. They make all kinds of cards you think of, and also they have many types and models so you can choose for yourself what you need.

But all their cards are high quality and expensive, so if you are looking for a low budget, this is not for you. You may utilize the business card makers to design according to your preference. 

I hope you have learned about Moo. And if you have any experience with the Moo before, share it with us. What do you think of this article? Did you find this article helpful? If yes, let us know in the comment box below.

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