Monday Vs Slack, Choose The Best Project Management App


Monday Vs Slack comparison helps us identify the best project management app for our team management and workflow. The project management organizes complete tasks for a project manager, team, and individuals with time, budget, and work management. 

Slack is the best task management app with effective communication provisions by workstreams team management. However, Monday is the complete solution for project management to build, run, scale, and manage any projects’ workflow with effective time and work management.

The best project management app should be a good communication tool between its members. 

How To Choose The Best Project Management App?

The best project management apps should have a planning section for task management, team management, and resource management.

Once the planning is done, workflow management is a vital part of the project management app. It should provide the option for work release and review for completed works.

The tracking is the essential part of project management, with different stages of work assigned for review, approval, etc.

The reports are much crucial for appraisal and performance improvement. It should give how long it would take to complete the project.  

Communication by emails, meetings, and instructions should be performed with teams and managers.

It should be available at reasonable prices for client use.

Why Is Monday Better Than Slack?

In project management applications the Monday is better than Slack for the following reasons.

  • Monday provides with best project management workflow by monthly planning, weekly team iteration and performance review.
  • It manages complete project management in one place, such as planning, tracking and delivering the work by better event management options.
  • Monday uses simple project planning by time, task and team management and its priority level for organizing the event.
  • Quickly integrating with existing tools reduces the time for repetitive works and focuses on work completion.
  • We can easily view the project data based on the calendar, timeline and chart for review and meetings.
  • Monday provides 24×7 customer support with 14 days free trial.

Why Is Slack Better Than Monday?

In the comparison of Monday Vs Slack, Slack is better than Monday for the below reasons.

  • It is the best task management app to create and edit tasks inside the slack, and we can instantly convert any slack message into a task.
  • The task board has 5 sections for review of work suck as Planned, In progress, Editing, Publishing and Completed works.
  • The task priority, overdue tasks and performance reports are available in the channel itself.
  • We can set up priority-based goals for the task, and the reports can be reviewed using kanban task boards.
  • The app’s free version is available with limited features, and the best support is provided in the knowledge base.

Monday Vs Slack Comparison

The Monday Vs Slack Comparison is explained by four parameters available in both the project management apps. Its comparison parameters include usability, features, pricing, and support.

The best project management app reduces the time to check and redesign the task according to the business requirements. It should do this instantly using the app with higher authority approval.

Monday Vs Slack Workflow

Both Monday and Slack have many features for team management and tasks management. Here we will see the essential features of project management task boards, team and workflow management templates, and its usability for better performance.

Monday Workflow 

Ease of usability in tasks by team members and team member management by the project manager for workflow. It should be accessible easily by task boards and templates on Monday.

Monday has the team members, and project management is more straightforward with unique templates.

  • Monday project management app uses four steps in the workflow and monitoring the work by Planning, execution, launch and monitoring.
  • Monday uses quarterly review for the projects with approved rejected, in progress and new requests for team management.
  • The team management uses Gantt charts for effective time and workflow management based on the priority.
  • It also has sales CRM, Marketing, software development, HR management apps with unique project templates for tracking and monitoring.
  • Inventory tracking and remote workflow can also be available for team members with necessary tools integration.
  • The individual team member performance reports can be available for managers and individuals for planning.


  • We can visualize the complete projects with Gantt charts with many templates.
  • Video conferencing is available for communication and project reviews.
  • Notifications and alerts available for priority in workflow
  • It has third-party tool integration variables for work execution and processing such as calendar, zoom, dropbox, google drive, zapiar etc.
  • Discussion forums available for team members

Slack Workstreams

The usability is simpler with Slack task management. It uses workstreams for team management across various tasks. We can use Kanban charts for task review and team performance in Slack.

Task management and team management is simpler in Slack with Workstreams.

  • Easy task management with five different sections for adding a new task to track and monitor the workflow.
  • The main task can be subdivided into checkable subtasks and easily assigned to team members with its overdue date.
  • The performance report in the channel is used to identify the right team member to assign the high priority tasks.
  • Customizable task workflows using start and due date with notification updates.
  • We can move the work between task boards for knowledge sharing.
  • We can monitors tasks across calendars, teams, individuals using a smart filter. We can also label it for reference.
  • Team progress was monitored using flowcharts with kanban boards.


  • It used a steller bot to design the workflow and the teams for cross department collaboration with effective management.
  • The Kanban Board is used for review the workflow by flow charts with multiple chart comparison options.
  • The task boards option is used for all workflow transparency about created, updated, and completed tasks.
  • Smart goals and reporting across departments makes inspiration towards team members.
  • Intelligent notification is available based on the performance of team members.

Verdict for Workflow and Features

When we consider workflow and features for task management and team management, Monday provides a better solution than the Slack app. So Monday is the winner over Slack.

Pricing & Support of Monday vs Slack 

The pricing and support make the project management software usable by all the people, from small businesses to big ones. 


The price of Monday is slightly higher than Slack because Monday uses many templates for workflows such as planning, tracking, and reporting the work for both team members and the project managers.

Slack provides a free version of this app with limited features, and the pro version is available at 5.99 Euros per month. But Monday has provided only 14 days free trial; after that, they will charge 10$ per month for its recommended plan. 


The Monday project management app has various supporting modes: knowledge base, video tutorials, community forum and solutions for marketing, CRM sales, project management, software development, and creative design.

For faster support and solution, we can contact Monday to join the webinar, meet Monday in 600 seconds app, VIP training package and Success stories from team members.

Guides, tutorials, and professional services are available for account setup, training, onboarding, and tools integration with Monday workflow.

Slack uses a knowledge base with articles for different categories such as task management, visual monitoring, analytics and tracking, and Sync & integration tools. Email ticketing and one-to-one support are also available in premium plans.

Verdict for Pricing and Support

The Slack app is available at a lower price than Monday, so Slack wins, but Monday has better support than the Slack app. 

Final Verdict: Monday Vs Slack

By wrapping up the Monday Vs Slack comparison, Monday is better than Slack for Task management, team management, Reports Visualization, and Support systems. It also has many services such as Sales CRM, marketing, HR, Software management with multiple third-party tools integrations.  

SO Monday wins the battle of Monday Vs Slack Comparison. You may also check the Trello Vs Asana comparison to pick the best one!

Conclusion: Monday Vs Slack, Which Is The Best Project Management App?

Both Monday and Slack are the best choices for project management. Here, Slack is suitable for small businesses, and Monday is good for all types of businesses for its project management.

Slack uses the best task management with its task boards and needs workstream team management and kanban Charts for tracking and analytics. At the same time, Monday uses Project management with a quarterly review, task management, team member management with tracking using its various templates. 

The Monday project management app is the best choice than Slack for workflow management in small businesses and the bigger ones.

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