MemberVault vs Thinkific – Which is Best Learning Platform with Coaching?

MemberVault vs Thinkific

MemberVault vs Thinkific comparison helps identify the best platform to sell online courses. Both the platforms provide the best options to sell courses online with minimum third-party tools integration. While selling the online courses, we need to support the learners through student-teacher interactions. Even providing the live coaching session helps learners to learn the concepts quickly.

Both platforms provide the best promotional methods for online courses by replacing necessary marketing tools. They have email services, marketing automation with funnel pages. The customer and sales tracking features can replace the zapier like customer relationship tools. Moreover, they offer websites for course creation and promotions.

Why is Thinkific preferred over MemberVault for an online course?

Teaching online with live sessions, courses and subscription programs are easily set up using Thinific. Moreover, it helps to promote these teachings to make revenue from them. We have many reasons to choose Thinkific over MemberVault. Some of them are listed below.

  • The Thinkific provides a custom domain for online course creation. We can even link the existing website with a custom domain for promotions.
  • The content creators, authors, coaches, and educators benefit from teaching, course creation with online academy creation.
  • Thinkific replaces many marketing and customer tracking tools to sell the teachings to learners.
  • Stripe and PayPal help accept payment from the learners apart from third party shopping carts.
  • Community support helps make online academies easier, even for new course creators.
  • Free trial is available for 30 days with core features of online course creation and then promotions.

Why is MemberVault is better than Thinkific for online courses?

The MemberVault is the best platform to sell online courses, one to one coaching and membership sites. It has the below advantages over Thinkific.

  • MemberVault provides a website to create, sell and then deliver courses quickly.
  • It is a highly engaged and better relationship building platform between teachers and then students.
  • We can create the best marketing funnel with an email campaign with the marketplace.
  • The gamification and automatic leader boards help to increase learners’ course completion rate.
  • It removes many tools for promotion, marketing, sales tracking, and student relationship building with online courses.

At the end of this comparison article, we would find the best platform to create, market and sell online courses with customer engagement. A quick comparison of these two platform is in the table.

WebsiteCustom domain with course templatesWebsite with lead pages
Student experienceCommunity, quizzes, certificatesQuizzes, leader boards, library
PromotionEmail campaign, lead pages, promotional couponsFunnel pages, email campaigns
PaymentPayPal, Stripe with PayoutsPayPal, Stripe
Online academy supportAvailable with Thinkific plus support no
TrackingStudent and course tracking even with app stores Student tracking with zapeir
SupportCommunity, helpcenter, Email and phoneEmail, help center
Free trialavailableavailable

MemberVault Vs Thinkific Detailed Features Comparison

Online course creation and its promotion help content creators to teach concepts. These online course creation platforms provide many features to convert the teachings and lessons into courses or even product bundles to sell it online. Moreover, they provide marketing and promotional tools for such a work. 

So the content creators, authors, teachers and coaches can sell their knowledge with these platforms. We know selling information online requires many tools support apart from course creation platforms. These MemberVault and Thinkific replace many supporting tools integration to sell such information. We will find these features of MemberVault Vs Thinkific below.

1. Courses Setup and Website Templates

Selling online teachings requires a website, course templates, and promotional lead page templates. Moreover, these teaching are created as a course or membership bundle or live sessions. So depends on the content delivery, we require website templates to deliver teaching to the learners.

The Thinkific platform for courses creation, teaching, and content delivery has below options.

  • It provides a custom domain with course templates for content delivery.
  • Live lessons can be taken using the best web interfaces.
  • We can set up courses, membership sites and online subscription programs to sell teachings.
  • We can link exiting course websites with custom domains for promotions.
  • The drag and drop course editor helps organize the course content easily inside the learning area.
  • Custom styling options are available to set up interactive multimedia lectures and then coaching sessions.

MemberVault uses the website to create online courses quickly with teachings and coaching lessons. These lessons are arranged as courses and modules with product templates. We can create a membership site or even a product bundle for marketing and selling the courses. That helps to make revenue for the content creators and then teachers.

Verdict: Thinkific is the Winner over MemberVault for online creation and its content delivery to the learners. Because, it uses many ready to use templates with drag and drop course editor whereas, MemberVault has website course creation with membership options.

2. Web Hosting and Student Experience

The course content hosting and learners experience helps content creators to run successful courses with course creation Platforms. MemberVault vs Thinkific has the best options for student interaction and learning.

The Thinikific uses live classes, random quizzes, drip schedule with on-demand coaching sessions. The assignment and course completion certificates can increase the learners’ responses. Thinkific apps stores have note-taking, survey, discussion, and exam apps for better interactions.

MemberVault provides better learners engagement with gamification of tests and quizzes. The leader boards in this platform help for course tracking with drip schedule. The learner’s area has a file-sharing library to access course materials. It also provides automatic rewards for quiz responses increases student interest during the course progress.

Verdict: Thinkific vs MemberVault Student Experience and hosting battle is a Tie. Because both the platforms have good learner interaction and responses by quiz and rewards, Thinkific uses assignments, community learning, whereas MemberVault uses leader boards and a library for learners experience.

3. Marketing and Promotion

Online course success depends on marketing, and promotional methods are available in course creation platforms. That makes revenue for content creators by reaching larger audiences. 

In Thinkific, we have emails services and funnel campaigns to promote online courses and teachings. With customisations, the page editor helps create lead capture pages for the course promotions. Moreover, Thinkific has promotional coupons to increase sales. It provides product upsell options on checkout pages. 

MemberVault provides a marketplace to promote online courses, membership sites and lessons bundles. We can set up email marketing campaigns to promote the courses. Website pages help to create lead pages for the sales funnel setup. So it replaces many tools for the course promotions such as email marketing, funnel pages and customer relationship tools. The MemberVault shop helps to promote courses with sales tracking.

Verdict: Thinkific Vs MemberVault marketing and promotions battle is the Tie. Both platforms have many tools integration for email campaigns and customer tracking. MemberVault uses marketplace, whereas Thinkific uses promotional coupons and apps stores. 

4. Payment and Security

The payment and security option helps learners process the course payment anywhere and access the course materials. Moreover, while running the academy of courses, the affiliate payouts, employee payouts should be processed by the best course creation platform.

 In thinikfic, we can use its payment system to accept payments via credit cards and bank accounts. The Stripe and PayPal processors are available to process the payment for promoters and employees of the academy. The course admin and site admin can process the transaction details. The sale page template is integrated with checkout page links with upsell offers.

When considering MemberVault, we can use PayPal and Stripe integration to process student payments. We can use one-time payments, recurring payments with coupon codes and trial periods to sell courses. We can accept multiple currencies from the students.

Verdict:  Thinkific wins the payment and security battle over MemberVault. The platform uses PayPal and Stripe for payment processing with students from various countries. However, Thinkific process with its system as well. Moreover, it can process the affiliates and team members payouts for the successful running of academy courses.

5. Pricing and Support

The pricing and Support help easy accessibility Thinkific Vs MemberVault features for course creation and new creators. 

The Thinkific provides 30 days free trial with $79 per month for its best plan. We can test-drive all the core features of online course creation and then promotional techniques. The community support with the help desk makes it easier for the new content creators to create an online academy of courses. Email and telephone support are available with Thinkific. The Thinkific plus helps create a courses academy with revenue generation, lead capture, and employee training support.

The MemberVault provides free options with all core features. However, it can be restricted to 3 products, and 100 people participated. The best plan is available at 49$ per month for online courses creation and its selling. It has a help centre and documentation support with email when it comes to support.

Verdict: Membervault is the Winner in Pricing, and when we look at the support, Thinkific is best with community support to create courses academy. Moreover, the Thinkific plus provides added advantage. 

Final verdict: Thinkific is the Winner in the battle between MemberVault Vs Thinkific. Even though MemberVault provides a tough fight with the promotion, marketing, student experience and websites, The thinking overcomes it with apps stores and Thinkific plus support. Moreover, a new content creator can create a courses academy with Thinkific support. 

Conclusion – Which is best in Thinkific vs MemberVault comparison

In the summary of MemberVault vs Thinkific, both are the best platforms for online course creation and promotion. Moreover, they provide the best learner experience, responsive quizzes and tracking. When considering the course delivery and academy of course creation with promoters and employee management, the Thinkific is the best choice. Thinkific provides the best support for course creation and selling even for the new content creators. In the end, Thinkific is the Winner in comparing Membervault vs Thinkific.

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