MemberPress Vs Wishlist – Which is Best for Membership Site Creation?

MemberPress Vs Wishlist

The MemberPress Vs Wishlist Member comparison provides the right membership plugin for WordPress membership site creation. Are you looking for the best WordPress plugin to sell digital products like online courses and downloadable?. Both have special features in terms of sites setup, Integration of tools to sell the products via WordPress. Moreover, customer support provides an added advantage to choosing the right one.

Why is MemberPress better than Wishlist Member?

Memberpress is the better choice over Wishlist Member for downloadable products-based membership sites in WordPress. Because it has the below reasons,

  • It protects WordPress sites with community forums such as bbPress with partial open content.
  • MemberPress provides credit card payment options to sell membership courses and then digital downloads.
  • We can use it to protect WordPress multisite with many subdomains.
  • It has an easy affiliate plugin that uses an affiliate program set up for the membership site promotion.
  • We can create a pretty pricing table for digital product selling.

Why is Wishlist better than MemberPress?

Wishlist Member is a good choice to create online membership courses and sell them. The reasons are listed below.

  • It uses multiple membership levels to deliver online courses using WordPress websites.
  • The Wishlist has many video tutorials and knowledgebase to set up membership programs like courses.
  • Multiple simple Integrations make the digital product seeing with WordPress easier.
  • It has Cheaper Pricing than MemberPress for a single site license.

MemberPress Vs Wishlist Member Comparison for Subscription programs

Both are suitable plugins to convert a WordPress website into a membership site. In addition, they are used to protect WordPress content such as posts, categories, tags, and media files. So we can easily create membership websites and subscription programs. 

We can also sell the subscription program with the help of many tools integration options available in these plugins. The best plugin is identified based on easy setup, features, Integration, support, and Pricing parameters are described below.

1. Easy Setup and Dashboard Options

The membership sites and online courses need a vast setup and configuration process. It uses to create a wordpress website and protect them with partial content marketing. The best content delivery should be available to the subscribed members. So the member management and content management play a vital part in their setup and accessibility.


MemberPress uses simple setup and configuration options for membership sites and community events.

  • It uses quick and easy installation, just like other plugins in the WordPress directory. It will automatically create pricing pages for selling the products it saves time. 
  • We can easily protect WordPress content with a few clicks, and the advanced access rules are available to deliver the content to various subscription levels.
  • It has customizable options for many pages insides the membership area as well as outside login pages.
  • A seamless, simple integration process is available with APIs, shortcodes, and then hashes. The payment gateways provide control panel insides the WordPress admin.
  • The member’s management within WordPress is simpler with corresponding levels of subscription. We can have a simple setup for the membership expiration notification and lifetime for levels.

Wishlist Member

It uses simple installation in a similar way to other WordPress plugins. The website protection is much simpler for posts, categories, tags, and media as well. It has membership levels pages to create multiple membership levels, protect content and deliver access to a particular level.

Wishlist members have multiple subscription levels for different pricing methods such as free, silver, and gold. In addition, it allows full Integration with email autoresponder service and payment system to sell products.

The member’s management is simple, and it has many video tutorials to set up every step in the membership site and online courses.

Verdict: The Setup and Dashboard options battle is a Tie. 

Both Wishlist and Memberpress use simple setup and configuration. Also, both use easy content protection and delivery options at different subscription levels.

2. Features comparison of MemberPress and Wishlist Member

Wishlist and MemberPress plugin convert a WordPress website into a membership website to sell online courses, digital products, community events, etc. For these three functions, it needs many in-built features with some add-ons and integrations.

MemberPress features

  • The unlimited number of courses with unlimited members subscription is available with a single license.
  • Built-in email automation for membership expiry, membership remainder, and signup notification.
  • No additional plugin for subscription management with recurring billing as well.
  • Powerful content protection is available in WordPress.
  • Drip content between higher and different membership levels.
  • Discount and trial coupons for product subscriptions.
  • Forum integration with two-factor authentication.
  • Developer tools with customization options

Wishlist Member features

  • 30+ in-depth video tutorials are available for membership sites and online courses setup
  • We can create unlimited members and membership levels with every license.
  • Maximum customization for the site, membership levels, and then its templates.
  • Drip content schedule with all WordPress content protections.
  • 50+ integrations for payment, email autoresponders, LMS, and page builders with CRM
  • Members management in WordPress Admin

Verdict: MemberPress Wins over Wishlist in features battle. Because both have many features for an online course like subscription programs, but in the case of downloadable products and community protection, Memberpress wins. It uses in-built email automation with many payment systems.

3. Integrations and Affiliate tool in Wishlist Vs MemberPress

Every membership site setup needs many support tools such as email service, payment, community protection, and management. Both Wishlist and member press have multiple addons and integration tools to create and sell digital products with a good support system.


  • It uses inbuilt email automation with many email marketing services integrations such as Getresponse, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Memberpress uses many inbuilt add-ons such as Course, gifting, developer tools, downloads, corporate accounts, importer, math captcha, etc.
  • It has many third-party payments integrations like PayPal, affiliate systems like Easy affiliate, CRMs like Keap.
  • MemberPress also provides lead pages Integration with necessary templates and pages to sell the membership programs.
  • Many LMS and learn dash are also available for online course creation.
  • Captcha, 2FA, and tax invoices with video protection tools are also available in the integration section.
  • the bbPress forum integration is also available here

Wishlist Member

The wishlist Member plugin has 50+ integrations for different services, which are listed below. 

To sell digital products, it uses many payment providers such as 

  • 2checkout,, etc.
  • Many third-party CRMs and email marketing services integrations are available for members management and email automations.
  • BuddyPress plugin integration is available for community building.
  • The DIVI and elementor page builders are available with idev affiliates.

Verdict: MemberPress wins in the Integration tools battle. Because Memberpress uses many inbuilt add-on integration services for all the membership services. It covers from subscription site setup to landing pages setup to sell it online along with third-party integrations.

4. Support and Pricing

Pricing and support are the essential part of online course and membership site creation. However, it needs multiple tasks and resources to get the complete creation of the membership site.

Support: MemerPress has a knowledge base with hundreds of tutorials. The membership license has email ticket support for technical issues that they will clear in 1 to 2 business days. Although it has a membership developer team for extra support, we need to hire an expert. 

As a Wishlist member, we have Many video tutorials to a setup membership site, online course, and selling the product with WordPress with hundreds of Knowledgebase tutorials. In addition, the support desk is available for technical difficulties with Facebook community support.

Pricing: MemberPress is available for $179 with a single site license. Moreover, they give 14 days money-back guarantee. However, Wishlist member is available for $149 with the single site license. It gives 30 days refund policy. Both have a restricted number of websites usage in pricing plans with all features access.

Verdict: Wishlist Member wins in Bothe support and pricing battle. Because it uses many video tutorials and helpdesk tech support for site setup, also it provides 30-day money-back with minimum price.

Conclusion – Which Is best in MemberPress or Wishlist?

By wrapping up MemberPress Vs Wishlist member comparison battle, Both have simple installation and many easy-to-use options for handling membership levels and subscriptions. Apart from that, MemberPress wins most battles to create a membership site, online course, community website, and digital product selling with WordPress.

The Wishlist member is best suited only for online course creation with great support and cheaper Pricing. So overall, MemberPress has all the provisions for membership sites with many inbuilt features, inbuilt addon, and third-party tools integration. So, in the end, MemberPress wins over the MemberPress Vs Wishlist member comparison battle. 

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