Is It Possible To Manage Everything Without A Personal Car?

The city’s inhabitants suggest more tow trucks, rearranging traffic lights, closing the city center to trucks – what ways to rid the city of traffic jams do not offer. What if we stop using cars altogether? The author of this material tried to get answers to questions that worry him personally, using his personal experience.

For almost a week, The author of this article turned from a driver into a pedestrian. The transformation was sudden. Two years ago, there could be no such impetuous emotions, for the author of these lines was sure that the car was just a means of transport.

When deprived of some component of his life, it is natural that a person begins to regret it. But since the chances of turning back into an active motorist remain pretty slim, we have to look for the pluses in the pedestrian life. So, let’s break down what advantages a car-free person has.


Economy – Of course, getting to and from work by bus, and even by cab or rented car, is cheaper than driving your own car. After all, it would be best to consider not only the cost of gasoline but also the cost of consumables, washing, insurance, sudden repairs, and so on. Today there are many car rental services with a wide range and price range. Renty is an excellent option if you want to rent a car in Dubai.

Freedom of movement over short distances – Yes, you can get to remote locations faster by car than by public transportation. But a person’s feet are a much more convenient device to pass a traffic jam, turn into the right alley, even if there is a “brick,” and, most importantly, park right in the office.

No fines – Of course, pedestrians get fined, too. But the chances of running into a strict inspector in a motorist are much higher, as well as the size of the fine.

Expansion of consciousness – After riding on buses and coaches for a week, you can see how many beautiful people there are in our city. The driver has one car, but the bus is different every morning, with other people and different stories. All in all, public transportation is an essential thing if you are a creative person and are looking for new emotions and experiences.

But on this beautiful note, the pluses, perhaps, end. Now let’s see what joys of life are deprived of the motorist.


Morning warm-up – It’s a long-forgotten feeling when the bus leaves right out from under you. You can, of course, try to catch up with it, but more often, this athletic feat pleases those who have long ago taken a comfortable seat, not you.

A year ago, I would have necessarily added that gymnastic exercises have to be done in the bus cabin itself, but I’m not going to lie. For example, this morning, I even got an empty seat. Probably, of course, because it was late in the day.

Strength training – The motorist, in addition to driving himself, has the opportunity to load all the things he needs in the car and go for a road trip. On the other hand, a pedestrian is forced to carry his stuff on his shoulders.

Running with jumping – Another athletic exercise for exercising city dwellers. The most trained people live, of course, in the center. To maximize the capacity of the streets, the time allocated for pedestrians to move along the roadway has been reduced to a minimum. This is why pedestrians must stand in traffic jams and not sit like motorists.


The experiment shows that the pedestrian is a thrifty, spirited, and athletic person. However, the motorist has an undeniable advantage: he has much more time at his disposal.

With a car, you can do many more things than without it. Taking the child from kindergarten, shopping, visiting friends in the countryside – all these things are available to those who drive.

On the other hand, if you don’t own a car, you may rent a suitable one and do your work. Just relax and enjoy the journey! Any thoughts? Could you share them in the comment section?

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