Top Lightweight Antivirus To Get In 2019

Our devices are most important as they carry all the important details in it. Losing these details is something that you will never risk.

But what if viruses and malware find a way to your computer? Scary isn’t it? You may say that you have an antivirus on your computer but ask yourself whether it is an updated version.

Nowadays with modernization along with the technologies the hackers and their viruses are also developing frequently.

They often find a way to come and corrupt your device. So it is your foremost duty to protect your computer using the best-updated antivirus.

Now that you have decided to read this article let me assume that you are searching for the best.

YES! I am going to tell you the best light antivirus software that does not steal much of your storage.

What Is Lightweight Antivirus?

Having too many apps and files can risk in the operating speed of PC. In this fast forwarding world, we don’t have time for slow loading computers.

2019 is near! We all want a net that is even faster than 4G how will we expect to sit idle and wait for our device to load. Frustrating isn’t it. That’s why lightest antivirus is used.

They can easily be installed. They only need a few megabytes in your hardware. New updates are automatically done. Scanning is quick and easy. Ram usage is comparatively low during the scanning process.

Remember lightweight antivirus needn’t be that better in a detection rate and heavy memory antivirus needn’t be the best either. The best is which makes you and your device risk-free.

Best 7 Small-Sized Antivirus Programs 

Here is the list of Top 7 Lightweight Antivirus!

1. Avast Antivirus (9,706 KB)

Avast is a trustable anti-malware and anti-virus software that has been in this field since 1988. They are more experienced in dealing with the threats than any other software.

This anti-virus software is Fast, light and also having strong & powerful protection. It is in fact, one of the best lightweight antiviruses with cloud-light & robust protection.

This software is packed with advanced protection, machine-learning virus protection, threat-detection network, password manager and other useful tools to protect PC.

You can find regular updates in Avast Antivirus just because they strive to protect devices from the latest antivirus & malware threats. So, they often consider updating their software. This best lightweight antivirus software is having quite a lot of features to protect its users from security threats.

Avast smartly detects the devices which are connected to your network and carefully learns about the functionality of those devices.

If Avast finds any unusual behavior, then it will take real-time action on removing malicious attack, and it will shut down your device to stop malicious virus entering into your devices. So, with this cool feature, you can happily stay safe while browsing the net.

Apart from the above features, Avast also has some useful features which we have to talk about.

Features Of Avast Lightweight Antivirus

  • Webcam Shield.
  • Sensitive Data Shield.
  • Ransomware shield.
  • Do not Disturb Mode.
  • Secure Line VPN.
  • Secure DNS.
  • Intelligent Antivirus which can quickly detect all kinds of virus.
  • Cyber Capture.
  • Secured Home Network Security.
  • Anti-Spam which prevent spam activities.
  • Secured Firewall.
  • Easy Browser Cleanup.
  • Password manager who can help you to manage passwords.
  • Data Shredder.
  • Avast has a new Game Mode.

Compatibility – Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

2. Panda Cloud Antivirus (9,706 KB)

Panda Cloud Antivirus has solved more than 250 million threats. It is a lightweight antivirus powerful enough to secure the PC. It works mainly by cloud computing, so it’s incredibly safe.

Most of the traditional antivirus always struggle to stop the new virus or malware which sneak through them. But in panda antivirus, you can prevent the new malware by its smart technology which is mainly based on the AI monitors and Big Data.

They often monitor all the devasting malware threats and sort them out at the earlier stags, so most of the people are steadily trusting this Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Panda Antivirus is also the lightweight antivirus which you have to try to protect your system from harmful malware threats. It has the ability to identify all the unknown risks, APTs, API’s and lifeless attacks as well with its Next Generation AI Based Machine Learning system.

The best part of this panda cloud antivirus is it continuously monitor for malicious threats and kill them as quickly as possible. You can gain total control of this software and everything happening on Network as well. So, you can avoid massive data leaks and breaches.

Along with these pandas, antivirus is also has a game mode so it will not disturb you while you are in gaming mode. With these unique features and its lightweight body has made this antivirus software as particular Antivirus.

Features Of Panda Cloud Antivirus

  • Real-time Antivirus Protection.
  • USB Protection to safeguard your PC.
  • Panda Rescue Kit to help you recover your PC.
  • Powerful Gaming mode option.
  • Privacy Auditor.
  • Performance optimization along with cleanup option.
  • Password Manager to safeguard your passwords.
  • File Encryptor to ensure your safety.
  • Virtual Keyboard.
  • Safe browsing option.
  • Device tracking.
  • Personal firewall to prevent unauthorized access.
  • File Shredder.

Compatibility – Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux.

3. Webroot (9,949 KB)

Webroot is a lightweight antivirus which mainly focuses on protecting the PC from new attacks. It usually does not require any significant updates and occupies an only a small amount of storage.

They are quick in installation process and scanning. It uses only 3,823 KB when it is ideal. This is one of the best antiviruses you can trust for not slowing down your PC.

Apart from that, the most exciting aspect of Webroot Antivirus is it has the best endpoint security and threat intelligence program. This service will help you to protect your systems and business in this online world. It is an award-winning antivirus which has robust cybersecurity algorithm which stops threats in real time.

As this is a lightweight antivirus, it consumes no time for updates. Its lightning-fast scans will help you find the accurate virus information in no time. This software always tends to assist you in protecting your activities such as online shopping, banking, financial planning, and web browsing, etc.

Webroot also gives you access to tools such as password manager, mobile security and privacy protection tools. Most of the free Antivirus software will not provide the essential features, and definitely, they will not be as much faster as this special Antivirus.

Features Of Webroot

  • Quickly identify all the new malware with its intelligent detector.
  • Identify theft protection.
  • It only takes 20 seconds to scan, and it is 60x faster than, so it is called Lightning fast Antivirus.
  • Secure browsing option.
  • Real-time anti-phishing.
  • Webcam protection.
  • Password Manager.
  • Mobile security.

Compatibility – Windows and Mac.

4. ESET (93,616 KB)

It is a universally acknowledged protection software. Antivirus products and their firewalls are well known for ESET NOD32. They give quality products that can be useful in a lot of ways. This Antivirus is the perfect solution for the number of business and home devices.

ESET Antivirus is having a good score in Malware detection and blocking virus and malware in most of the tests. It is perfectly safe to use, and it is indeed suitable for lots of most of the businesses, and thousands of people are presently trusting this Antivirus service.

This smart antivirus is having lots of features, and it protects your computer effectively without causing any lag. It quickly recognizes virus, trojans, spyware, ransomware, and other phishing schemes and helps you to remove them instantly from your PC.

Although it has the best speed and high protection than most of its competitors the main drawback of this Eset node is it doesn’t include most vital security features in its premium tool as well. This tool is not having some essential tool such as spam filters, password manager, firewall and so on its ESET Smart security.

Features Of ESET Nod

  • Antivirus and Antispyware protection.
  • Proactive cyber protection tool.
  • Anti Phishing protection.
  • Keystrokes detector.
  • Scans while downloading files.
  • Secure browsing.
  • USB Scanning
  • Ransomware shield.
  • UEFI Scanner.

Compatibility – Windows and Mac.

5. Windows Defender (70,484 KB)

This is default software that comes along with the installation of Windows 10. It is very effective in guarding the computer against spyware, Trojans, Malware, Worms, and Viruses. It is free of cost and installs quickly.

Unlike another antivirus, it does not come up but does its work in the background. It only gives an alert when there is something that you need to take care of. The best thing about the defender is it automatically updates and protects your PC.

This tool has real-time protection, and so it will protect your PC for free. Compared to the older versions of windows defender the latest version which comes with the windows ten is light in weight and also useful in detecting and removing threats. This tool also uses a lesser amount of CPU and RAM usage.

So, most of the people use this inbuilt app for necessary protection. You will often get regular updates for the windows defender app because it is the product from Microsoft.

But this antivirus doesn’t have many functionalities than the standard and premium antivirus. While using this antivirus, you have to remember these things.

Features Of Windows Defender

  • Windows defender improved its tamper protection.
  • Registry and folder modification tampered.
  • Real-time protection.
  • Anti- Malware cleaning.
  • User Account Control (UAC) requests.
  • Secure Event Tracing.

Compatibility – Windows

6. F-Secure Antivirus (62,042 KB)

F-Secure is another lightweight antivirus which has made its presence felt in this highly competitive market. This Antivirus is having a good mix of tools in its premium versions along with its popular option tracking mobile security threats.

This antivirus is famous for its mobile security threats detection. Apart from that this tool is having a decent score at the malware test and has a fast scan option. This antivirus is compatible with both Windows and IOS.

Although this is having excellent features, this F-Secure also has a massive drawback that is it cant stop online threats. That’s the main and enormous disadvantage in this lightweight antivirus. But its slowly resolving this issue over time so you can find this F-Secure as helpful software as well.

Features Of F-Secure

  • Anti-malware feature.
  • Password Manager.
  • Anti-Spyware protection.
  • Network protection.
  • Virus protection.
  • A secured VPN.

Compatibility – Windows, Mac.

7. Avira Antivirus (207 MB)

If you are looking for the Award-winning lightweight antivirus for Windows and Mac, then your choice should be Avira Antivirus. 

Yes! It is the next generation malware protection that never slows down your system. It is simple, ease of use that repairs the damaged files with care.

Here, your private data will be protected against different types of malware through artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and endpoint scanner. 

Since it has great security, performance, and repair features, this small size antivirus has been awarded by a big tech giant like CNET.

Best Features of Avira Antivirus

  • Light & quick updates
  • Exceptional Ransomware protection
  • Cleans Adware and Spyware
  • Real-time cloud scanning 
  • Blocks infected and phishing websites
  • Browser tracking blocker
  • PUA shield to find out unessential apps
  • Won Top products awards 

Compatibility – Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Wrapping Up – Which Is The Best Lightweight Antivirus Software?

Don’t let your valuable data lost at any circumstances! Likewise, be safe from the intruders and malware programs. The computer virus is highly dangerous and hence you have to protect your system with a professional anti-virus program. Lightweight Antivirus software require less space in your PC and will not ruin its speed. 

I hope this list of small size antivirus applications will help you choose the best one for your computer. You may go with Avast antivirus or F-secure Antivirus software as they both are super thin. Let me know, which one would you like to get? 

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