Best 7 Learnworlds Alternatives to Turn Knowledge into Income

Learnworlds Alternatives

Are you searching for the best platform to create and sell online courses?. The Learnworlds alternatives are suitable platforms to build, organize and promote online courses. Moreover, teaching and coaching lessons on-demand will be added advantage when selecting the best one. It is the best place to monetize our skills and experience to our audiences. The Learnworlds helps to interact with learners with videos, ebooks, assessments, surveys, certificates, and more. Furthermore, it helps to create a community for learning.

Much like Learnwords, The other platforms help to sell online courses as bundles or memberships. We can do the promotional features for online classes with upselling, cross-sell, coupons, and different payment plans for membership subscriptions. Moreover, these platforms provide white label licenses to build our brand for online courses. Integrating many third-party tools helps connect the entire marketing strategy with best sellers. 

Top Learnworlds Alternatives to create online academy of courses

Here we have the seven best Learnworlds alternatives to sell online courses. Moreover, we can create an online academy for learning courses with these platforms. Live teaching, on-demand class scheduling, assignments, Surveys, and then Polls are the right opportunities for student interactions. These Learnworlds alternatives already have course materials, forums, and learner’s area for organizing multiple courses. Furthermore, the mobile application helps to learn the courses anywhere and anytime.

1. Thinkific – one of the suitable Learnworlds alternatives

Thinkific -learnworlds alternatives

Thinkific is one of the best Learnworlds alternatives that help turn our expertise into revenue using an online course. It is the right platform to create an online course and even an academy of courses. Moreover, we can market and sell courses with this single platform. It offers a membership subscription and courses bundle to sell courses with easy learner access. Furthermore, a better learning experience has been provided by this platform with live lessons, quizzes, and then assignments. Thinkific uses custom course templates with drag and drop editing for course creation and then management.

Features of Thinkific

  • Create the perfect online courses with drip scheduling  the content and then uses membership options to promote it.
  • A Thinkific apps store helps to integrate different applications such as automated emails, CRMs, and then payment gateways.
  • The student data analytics helps to know about complete course details and then its process.  
  • Thinkific plus is available for employee training, customer training, lead generation, and even academy creation.     
  •  We can create communities and memberships for interactive learning.

2. Kajabi


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that helps to turn our knowledge into income. It is one of the       better Learnworlds alternatives to create and market online courses. Moreover, students can have revenue-sharing features with their affiliate promotion for online courses. We can create online courses, coaching sessions, and then podcasts. It provides opportunities to promote and sell it using community  and membership sites. Kajabi helps grow the educational business with a suite of marketing tools and then custom templates for course creation. We can use PayPal and then Stripe payments for payment processing with built-in CRM.

Features of Kajabi

  • Kajabi University is available to get on-demand training for creating courses from zero to launch.
  • It provides websites, email, pages, pipeline and then mobile applications for marketing the courses.
  • We can manage employees like course authors, learners and then promoters with suitable payment systems.
  • Moreover, the student analytics is available with course tracking.
  • It is the right platform for creators and entrepreneurs to create an educational business. 

3. Teachable


Teachable is a suitable Learnworlds alternatives to create online courses and then coaching lessons. It helps to transform our experience into knowing the business. Moreover, teachable helps to build online courses, make a brand and run educational businesses. Best payment gateways used for authors, learners, and then promoters finance management. It helps in monetizing our knowledge into in-class features with promotional options. We can build online courses and classes as products or subscriptions for its promotion.

Features of Teachable

  • Customizable sales page builder with eCommerce we can do the function with the best payment processors.
  • Mailchimp and Zapier-like tools integration uses for course promotion with customer management.
  • We can optimize the learner’s engagement with quizzes and then certifications.
  • Grow the online courses selling a business by integrating affiliate platforms.
  • Better community support is available with student analytics and insights.

4. Talent LMS


Talent LMS is a suitable replacement for Learnworlds to create online training and coaching classes. It is the best platform for organizational training like an employee, onboarding, sales, partner, and then remote training. This platform helps in growing our best team with effective communication. The learners can join with simple clicks and learn anywhere and anytime. Moreover, It is the platform that can convert the training into local languages for easy learning.

Features of Talent LMS

  • We can ready-made online courses with group learning with interactions.
  • It is the right platform for customer training with feedback assessments.
  • Employee onboarding can easily organize with Talent LMS.
  • It offers customer support training with our business support teams.
  •  Talent LMS is the right platform for the remote training with groups.

5. Podia


Podia is a suitable Learnworlds alternative to creating online courses and marketing strategies. It helps in building websites and creating online courses. So we can sell systems and digital products. Moreover, this platform is used to host communities. We can create a website with an email service for selling online courses. So we can sell downloads, coaching lessons, and then community websites with the course. It helps to grow business by creating courses and webinars. This platform uses to scale the revenue with affiliate programs.

Features of Podia

  • Podia use to create courses, coaching classes, ebooks and webinars.
  • Moreover, professional course creation platforms help to create courses with lessons, files, and then video uploads.
  • We can sell digital downloads like audio, video and ebook files using Podia.
  • The free custom websites and course templates are available to create landing pages for the promotion.
  •  It has a built-in email marketing service for course promotions.

6. Graphy


Graphy is a suitable alternative to Learnworlds for creating custom websites for online course creation. Moreover, it helps to sell the courses by launching applications. We can generate multimedia courses with live classes. We can make instructor-led, scheduled courses with drip contents. This platform helps to protect the course content for selling with privacy. So, the membership subscription is available for selling the courses. Moreover, it helps add quizzes, assignments, PDFs, and Media files for learner interaction during the course progress.

Features of Graphy

  • It provides customizable and no-code websites to launch our online course.
  • Mobile apps help in learning the courses from anywhere and anytime.
  • In Graphy, we can collect earnings directly with banks and then integrate payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
  • It uses built-in marketing tools with seamless integration of third-party services as well.
  • We can create private communities for the promotion of courses and learner’s interactions.

7. LearnDash


The LearnDash is one of the better Learnworld alternatives for creating online courses. It is the best learning management system designed by e-learning experts. This platform uses to structure the online courses with sections, lessons, and topics hierarchy to deliver this to audiences. Moreover, certificates, quizzes, and assignments provide better interaction during course learning. LearnDash offers complete control over selling online courses with one-time sales, subscriptions, bundles, and memberships. The PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkouts payment Gateways are available with other 300 plus Woocommerce options.

Features of LearnDash

  • We can create impressive online courses with drag and drop course builder.
  • Advanced quizzes with dynamic content delivery make better interaction while leading.
  • The on-demand in-person class request is also possible with LearnDash.
  • Automated notifications, awards, forums, leaderboard helps in a better learning experience.
  • It is the most trusted WordPress LMS for marketing and payment tools integrations.
  • We can manage the course with a learner group management and their analytics using LearnDash.

Conclusion – Learnworlds Alternatives

By wrapping up the Learnworlds alternatives, it helps  create, promote and then sell online courses. We can create live coaching sessions with quizzes and surveys like interaction tools. It makes a better learning experience. Moreover, analytics and tracking tools integration uses to monitor the course progress with learner’s follow-through. Many platforms have in-built email marketing services along with Payment gateway integration to promote and then sell  courses.

In the end, Thinkific is the best Learnworlds alternatives to building online courses and live classes. Apart from that, it has custom course templates and a drag-and-drop builder for course creation. We can sell the course as a bundle or subscription using landing pages with different payment methods. Moreover, Thinkific apps and Thinkific plus provide extended  course creation, and sales promotion features with affiliate earning opportunities. These things make Thinkific the better Learnworlds alternative.

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