Interesting Things You Should Know About Integrals

It may seem like an age-old question, but have you ever wondered in your math class, “When am I ever going to use this in real life?”

The applications of basic arithmetic or finance are obvious, but calculus frequently leaves us scratching our heads in confusion. In this article, we are going to discuss integrals as well as Integration Formula.

There’s one thing you need to understand: even if you don’t sit down every day and solve a difficult differential equation, calculus is all around you. Did you know that our ability to model and control systems gives us extraordinary power over the physical world?

The language of engineers, scientists, and economists is calculus. The work of these professionals has a significant impact on our daily lives, ranging from microwaves, cell phones, televisions, and automobiles to medicine, the economy, and national defense.

What Are Integrals?

According to mathematician Bernhard Riemann, “Integral is rooted on a limiting procedure that estimates the area of a curvilinear region by breaking the region into thin vertical slabs.” More information on integral calculus can be found here.

Let us now try to figure out what that means:

To understand differential calculus, consider the slope of a line in a graph:

In general, the slope formula can be used to calculate the slope. But what if we’re asked to calculate the area of a curve? The slope of the points on a curve varies, and we need differential calculus to find the slope of a curve.

You must be familiar with calculating the derivative of a function using derivative rules. Wasn’t it fascinating? Now you’ll learn how to use the Integrating rules to find the original function the other way around.

Types Of Integrals

  • Definite Integral
  • Indefinite Integral

Definite Integral

A definite integral is one that contains both upper and lower bounds. On a real line, x is only allowed to lie. The Riemann Integral is another name for the Definite Integral.

A definite Integral is written as:

Definition of Indefinite Integrals

An indefinite integral is one that does not have any upper or lower bounds.

If F(x) is any anti-derivative of f(x), then the most general antiderivative of f(x) is known as an indefinite integral and is denoted,

F(x) + C = f(x) dx

Properties of integrals 

Integrals, definite and indefinite, tend to define the working methodology to solve various real-life problems. When it comes to definite integrals, a couple of properties are mentioned below for better understanding. 



These two properties are based on definite integrals enabling users to integrate the function provided and apply limits (upper and lower) to determine the net result of the integral. Perhaps, this takes a well-defined approach as both limits are known in prior and the only need is to solve the function. The definitive integral holds for odd and even functions. 

When it comes to indefinite integrals, there are several properties out of which a couple of them will be listed here. 

  • The approaches followed to integrate and differentiate are contrary to each other. This means that differentiation is the reverse. 
  • The result of integrating sum obtained from two different functions produces a value that is equal to the sum of integration when functions are individually taken and calculated. 

Another key point to note in indefinite integral is that the constant is always taken away from the integral sign and then calculated outside.

Solving integrals after knowing these properties can adequately help! 

Methods Of Integration

  1. Substitution Method
  2. Integration by partial fractions
  3. By parts
  4. Euler substitution
  5. Reduction method

Applications Of Integrals In Daily Life

  • Differential calculus is often used in medical science to determine the actual rate of increase in a bacterial culture when different variables such as temperature as well as food origin are changed.
  • Application in Physics – Integration is extremely important in physics. For example, calculating a sports utility vehicle’s Center of Mass, Center of Gravity, and Mass Moment of Inertia. To calculate an object’s velocity and trajectory, predict planet positions, and comprehend electromagnetism.
  • Calculus is used by statisticians to evaluate survey data in order to assist in the development of business plans for various companies. Calculus allows for a more accurate prediction of the appropriate action because a survey includes many different questions with a variety of possible answers.
  • Application in Research Analysis- Calculus is used in research analysis by operations research analysts who observe various processes in a manufacturing corporation. They can assist a company in improving operating efficiency, increasing production, and increasing profits by taking into account the value of various variables.

Integrals In Engineering

In addition to various applications mentioned above, engineers from different domains tend to use integrals to calculate some important dimensions like thermodynamics, heat and mass transport, reaction kinetics, and momentum transport.

While chemical engineers use integrals this way, structural engineers use integrals to determine materials required for construction and also towards estimation of support system needed to protect the building at any cost.

Civil engineers have used integrals for Eiffel Tower to detect wind resistance and then improve the resistance of the building. Electrical engineers use integrals to design and develop circuits meant to enable devices to function appropriately. 

What Are Integration Formulas?

The integration formulas have been broadly presented as the six sets of formulas shown below. Essentially, integration is a method of connecting parts to form a whole.

Among the formulas, a few basic ones are : integration formula, integration of trigonometric ratios, inverse trigonometric functions, the product of functions, and some advanced integration formulas.

Integration’s invertible operation is differentiation. To learn more about this topic, you may also visit

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