How To Write An Essay Fast?

How to write an essay fast? – It’s a million dollar question among the students. If you too wonder about the same, then this piece of content is for you! 

Writing essay is not rocket science, but it can be tricky at times. Sometimes you might feel that 24 hours is not enough to write an appealing and readable essay.

If you don’t have good practice or speed, it can affect the quality of the essay. It can be majorly due to lack of planning and preparation. 

9 Useful Tips To Write The Essay Quickly

Before getting started with writing an essay here are some quick essay writing tips and tricks which can help you to write a winning article fast. 


#1. Planning

Before getting started with writing an essay, plan the time well. If you have just 1 hour to write the essay, take out at least 15 minutes to plan, allow 30 minutes to write the body. Makes sure you consider at least 5 minutes to proofread the essay aloud.

If you have more time, you can always redistribute the time as per your convenience. Make sure to spend at least good 20-30 minutes to research and structure the essay. If it is last minute essay writing, don’t skip out the essay outline and revision part.

#2. Read Essay Topic & Instructions Carefully

It is a very significant part of essay writing, make sure to read the topic of the essay before getting started. When you are in a rush, there are more chances of skipping and skimming the question.

This is the common phase when you are under pressure; you do want to end up writing a long essay which is nowhere near the question. If the essay is a question, read the subject well, if you missed out this step, you would be again forced to redo the entire activity.

When it comes to Essay writing tips, start with analysing the question first, select the right answer, do well research and brainstorming before writing the reply to the essay. Before getting started with the essay outline, make sure to read the necessary instructions well.

Read the common words like “compare”, “discuss”, “analyse”, “describe” etc.; this will help you to focus on the right task to write a descriptive and long essay.

#3. Keep Research Material Handy

Writing a long essay is not easy; it needs a lot of detailed research. Prepare the workspace, get ready with the books, get relevant printouts, search the web with relevant keywords and the concept which you are going to use in your essay.

All this will save you from wasting your precious time.  Since, you don’t have the entire day to write an essay, keep the content descriptive, simple and to the point. Do a  detailed explanation only when it is needed.

#4. Spend Quality Time on Essay Outline

This is another important factor which you should not miss. Always give proper structure to the essay, spend 30% of your time to outline the essay. Make sure to include the introduction part and the conclusion.

Divide the essay into small paragraphs of 3-4 lines; it helps to increase the readability and also looks appealing. Every subheading should contain relevant pointers, evidence, example, summarisation and proper structure to the next paragraph.

Sum up the statements into single small yet readable sentences, avoid using the large sentence; you can end up waffling the entire essay. This is eventually going to waste your time as well.

Before writing the essay, keep the idea clear in your mind i.e. what you are going to present in the essay. Eventually, whatever you are writing in the essay should be focused towards your goal that is to justify the particular question with the relevant answer.

#5. Include Introduction & Conclusion

Writing a conclusion is as important as writing an introduction. For writing an introduction, begin with writing a solid quote, relevant catchy anecdote, or  2-3 statistical sentences. Make the transition from introduction to paragraph gracefully.

In the conclusion part, summarise the entire essay and provide the right argument which you have shared in the body part of the essay. Always end the essay with a final sentence before submitting the essay.

It is better to write the introduction and conclusion part at the last; this is because you would have enough data to conclude your argument once you have written about it. You would be more familiar with the terms and information. If you are searching for how to make your essay longer? Never skip the detailed introduction and conclusion.

#6. Write Document Directly

If you have less time to write a document, it is best to write the essay directly into the document. Anyway, you don’t want to double up the work, especially when you have less time. Hence, begin with writing the essay directly into the document.

Select the right Essay outline templates which can add more readability to your final write up. Always include bullet pointers or single word summary sentence at the end of each paragraph.

This works as a brief about the subheading. Make use of filler sentence and neat presentation. Give a proper structure to your notes; it is usually done when you pick the right essay outline templates.

#7. Mention References

Spend good 50% of your time to write the essay, support every point with proper evidence and research work. Connect each part of the essay properly, avoid writing a big chunky paragraph.

If your essay needs the reference, make sure to add relevant point reference along with the bibliography. Do this as you write the essay, this will save a lot of research time.

Whenever you write an essay with research statistics and quotes include that as well in the footnote. Moreover, you can also mention the details of a research book, material, bibliography, website link at the end of the final document.

#8. Proofreading While You Write

You can save time to proofread the content by checking each sentence and paragraph for typo, spelling and grammar issues. Once you have finished writing, you still must proofread the final write up to rule out chances of error, grammar and spelling mistakes.

Always read out loud while final proofreading of the essay, this will help you to ensure the flow of writeup. The final proofreading will usually take less time since you have already checked the essay as you go along.  This trick comes handy for last-minute essay writing.

#9. Avoid Copy Paste

The internet is full of data and relevant information, copy pasting the essay is super easy, but plagiarism is not only unethical but also is a wrong practice. An essay helps you to learn the depth of topic which you can easily consolidate into small paragraphs and pointers.

Researching and writing the essay in your own words will help you to prepare you well for future examinations too. Even the teacher can easily use google to find where you have got your write up from. Coping the essay is not worth the risk. Always create a quality essay with readable Essay outline templates.

Wrapping Up

These are some helpful trick which works best when you want to write an excellent essay fast. Do the planning well and stick to the time limits, keep the research work handy and never skip proofreading and revision. I hope this piece of content would help you write the essay fast and efficient. 


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