How to Use Mobile as CCTV Camera?

Use Mobile as CCTV Camera

The smartphones have multiple applications to use mobile as CCTV cameras. Choosing the right android app helps to monitor the CCTV footage on mobile and desktops. So, we can convert our mobile into a CCTV camera for watching the home during the outages. We need to download the streaming feed on mobile to capture the videos. However, we should place the mobile in an exact location with an automatic power setup.

Moreover, we can monitor the home using the monitor app with connection ID. It helps to receive footage anywhere with login access to streaming applications. The mounting of the mobile phone can cover the exact area to be monitored using the mobile as a CCTV camera. So, we can use android and iPhone as CCTV cameras using the AtHome video streamer and AtHome monitor apps.

How to use old mobile as CCTV camera for home security?

We have three simple steps to using mobile CCTV cameras. Android smartphones and iPhones have many applications to convert them into surveillance devices for home security. The first step is to choose the correct Mobile application for video streaming and monitoring. The second one is to fix the exact position to monitor a location or home using mobile phones. Finally, mount the mobile with a stand and provide power to the devices to act as CCTV cameras for homes. The monitor application helps to receive the footage and live views using secured internet connections with access IDs.

Choosing the Right Mobile Application

There are many options for choosing the home camera apps for android and apple smartphones. Moreover, these applications help to stream live videos on mobile devices. We can store the footage with external memory support. AtHome is one of the best applications for mobile CCTV cameras for home surveillance.

  • It has two apps for video stream monitor to capture the video in a fixed location.
  • The second one is the AtHome monitor app helps to view the camera feed on mobile devices and tablets.
  • We should launch the apps on-camera viewing phones and CCTV camera phones with connection IDs.
  • The connection ID has been generated in the CCTV camera phone, and We can use it to log in with mobile devices we want to monitor the locations.
  • Moreover, we can monitor the camera feed using QRcode and the unique connection ID generated by the mobile phone to stream the videos.

Furthermore, we have the desktop client for the AtHome CCTV camera to access the video streaming from the desktop devices. Apart from that, this application has scheduled recording and two way talk features with mobile phone cameras. We can switch the front and rear cameras for steaming and monitoring the home during outings.

We can store the streaming videos on the micro SD card in MP4 format. This application helps to transfer the storage data into the computer in a scheduled time for footage tracking. We should use the Wi-Fi connection for the secured video transmission, and cellular data is not enough for this kind of process. This application helps to store up to 64 GB of data with micro SD cards.

Fixing the Mobile Camera Position

The mobile camera position will cover the area for the surveillance. We can use the front and rear cameras available on mobile devices for CCTV surveillance. The AtHome stream monitor application works well with both cameras. It uses to switch between two cameras while monitoring from remote locations.

So, we need to position the mobile to stream the video from home. The front and rear camera coverage are not affected by the obstacles. We should mount the stand without affecting both camera views and consider the materials placed inside the home. So we can get clear images in both the cameras during the live monitoring and footage. It helps to use mobile as CCTV cameras for home security.

Both cameras’ start and stop options can be scheduled using the mobile applications to stream the video captures. While the security camera runs with mobile devices, we should fix the height and camera angle to capture the entire location without obstacles. The perfect camera positioning helps to view most of the room using front and rear cameras.

Make sure that the steaming phone is connected to Wi-Fi internet, which helps to view the CCTV monitoring from remote places. The strong connection uses to view anywhere in the world with a secured QR code or connection ID generated by the streaming, mobile applications. Moreover, the faster Wi-Fi connection helps to view live streaming without buffering.

Mount the Mobile Phone with Power

Once we have fixed the camera position to cover the entire room for the surveillance. We should mount the mobile phone with auto power in it. Because the battery power is not enough for a long time of video capture and transmission. So, we should provide power to the mobile phone and an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection to the steaming mobile phone.

There are many ways to mount the mobile phone in a fixed position to use the mobile as a CCTV camera. Here we have the best method to mount a mobile CCTV camera below.

  • We can use mini-tripods to mount mobile devices. It helps to fix the camera position that covers the maximum part of the location.
  • After placing the right angles to both mobile cameras for surveillance, we can mount the mobile with tripods.

The power and internet connectivity plays a vital role while mounting the phone for home security and room monitoring. We should provide uninterrupted power to the steaming mobile phone for 24×7 room surveillance with the AtHome streaming monitor mobile application. Mobile phones with removable batteries are the right choice to convert a mobile into a CCTV camera. So we can provide 24 hours power to the phone using a power bank with auto charging during minimum power.

The AtHome monitor app helps to view the live streaming and footage anywhere in the world with 24 hours Wi-FI connection given to the mobile used for streaming camera feed. An effective security system with some tricks helps monitor mobile phone power and internet connection. So, we can access the surveillance data anytime, even with front and rear camera live views at any location.

Conclusion – How to Use Mobile as CCTV Camera?

By wrapping up how to use mobile CCTV cameras, we have multiple mobile applications that perform that task better. So while choosing the right application for android and apple smartphones, convert them into CCTV cameras for home surveillance. We should consider the footage storage and live monitoring features with front and rear cameras. Moreover, better camera positioning and phone mounting help cover the maximum surveillance area.

In the end, the AtHome stream monitor and AtHome monitor is the best mobile application for android and apple to use mobile as CCTV camera for home monitoring. We can use mini-tripods to fix the camera position and mount the mobile phone to monitor the room with mobile cameras. The uninterrupted power and Wi-Fi connectivity help to access the home surveillance at any location.

However, we should use the same application with QR codes and a unique connection ID generated by the AtHome streaming monitor application. It is the best-suited application to use mobile as a CCTV camera for home security during vacations.

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