How To Speed Up A GIF? – A Complete Guide


GIF is trending in recent time; It stands for Graphics Interchange Format which is the most relaxed way to share a short and catchy animation across the internet.

The GIFs are the best way to showcase your emotions and entertainingly communicate the message.

People are using GIFs across various social media channels as a form of memes and illustrations to describe any given scenario.

The speed of GIF can add more value to its effectiveness.

If you want to edit and Make GIF fast, you must have the original file. You cannot open and use the existing GIF file since it has only one frame of animation.

Why Increase GIF speed?

GIF is the most effective way to transmit multiple images in a single file, and it is a great alternative to showcase small creative animations.

GIFs are easy to make and small in size. A GIF runs only for a few seconds, but it can be huge in size which eventually has a negative effect on the page loading speed. Thus the GIF speed editor tools are required! 

How to Speed Up A GIF? – Ultimate Guide

With a slow internet connection, the situation can be worst. You don’t want to disappoint your visitors with a blank page, and it is advisable to avoid using static images for GIFs, it usually consumes huge space and can eventually affect the web page’s loading time.

Are you planning to change GIF speed online?? here are the best possible choices and tools that work as the GIF resizer. 

Top 3 Ways to Speed Up GIFs – Manual Methods

Undoubtedly GIFs look cool and are trending, and it is the most preferred choice to communicate the message. GIFs manage to grab more attention as compared to text and regular images.

Here are some manual techniques which can be used to speed up GIFs without affecting the final quality.

Resize the Images

Smaller images have a faster loading time as compared to the big and bulky images. Hence, reduce the dimension of the image, crop it and if needed resize the same. GIFs are usually a collection of static images, make sure to edit each image and reduce the size

Reduce Frame Rate

Another smart way to make GIF fast is to minimize the fame rate, and it can be done with the help of any editing tool.

Lower The Colors

You can reduce the total number of colors in each frame, experiment out the best option without compromising on the image quality and affecting the final file size.

Top 4 Ways to Speed Up GIFs – Alternative File Formats

If your website has huge collections of GIF, it is better to convert all of them into a better performing alternative file format. Here are the best alternative format for GIF speed up. 

1. MP4 Video Format

Now the videos can be played on the browser without external plugins, all thanks to the HTML 5 video format. This is the reason, MP4 format is popularly used by most of the web developers. Convert the GIF files to MP4 and reduce the file size up to 95%. The best part about using MP4 format is the small loading time and high quality.


APNG format is the extension of PNG format which looks similar to the GIF, but it supports more file colors. The overall compression algorithm of APNG is also best, and all the leading browsers support it.

3. Pure CSS

If your website has a good number of simple GIFs which are used majorly for building user interface elements, then it is best to replace them with graphics and shapes. Use pure CSS to replace them, since it is a resolution independent choice it works best without affecting the final quality.

4. WebP

The WebP format uses the perfect blend of lossy and lossless compression. Hence the final images are smallest in size. All the leading browsers highly support webp except internet explorer and Safari.

6 Tools That Works As GIF Speed Changer

GIFs are easy to develop and can be compressed in a smaller size. Here is the list of best tools which help reduce the size of GIFs without affecting the quality. In short, these tools make GIF fast.

1. ImageOptim

This tool is designed exclusively for the Mac users, with the help of ImageOptim you can increase GIF speed. The compression algorithm automatically reduces the GIF’s size up to 80%. It flushes out unnecessary color profiles and added metadata. The final size is smaller and great in quality.

2. EzGIF

The EzGIF works as a reliable GIF speed changer, and it is a smart web-based solution which speeds up GIFs. Apart from increasing GIF speed, the same tool can be used for editing, optimizing and compressing the files into various formats.

3. Radical Image Optimization Tool

The Radical Image Optimization Tool is popularly called as RIOT which offers complete control over the optimization process, and it is a reliable image optimizer which can be used for GIF speed changer.

4. CDNs

Another popular practice to speed up the GIF is to optimize them, convert and increase their delivery using CDN. The CDN comes extremely handy to fetch the GIFs from the server and then cache them. Hence wherever the user request for that particular file, it gets delivered to them via nearest CDN edge. This eventually makes GIF fast.

5. Photoshop

To edit a GIF using Photoshop, you must have the original PSD file. You cannot use the existing GIF file because it has only one animation frame. Once you open the original file, you can work on the speed, size, frame, etc. without affecting the final quality of the GIFs.

6. Convertio

This is another fabulous Gif resizer tool which can covert both audio and video file format, and yes, it is the best choice to speed up GIFs.

Wrapping Up

GIF is here to stay forever if you are a developer or a designer who makes use of GIF regularly, then these tools to increase GIF speed mentioned above and tips come extremely handy.

So, you have learned how to speed up GIFs and get more eyeballs, right? Share your valuable thoughts in the comment section! 

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