How To Choose The Best Game Server Hosting?

Gaming is trending in recent years, gone are those days where people played few regular games to kill boredom, only for fun and entertainment. The scenario is not the same anymore, and now folks love to play multiplayer games and earn cash, rewards, and money.

It helps to solve complex scientific and social issues as well. People now totally enjoy playing online games. Multiplayer games increase social activities, and it helps the players to meet online and build strategies.

Gaming is the best possible way to kill boredom and loneliness, and the players can get int some real-life gaming competitions and meet like-minded people and also make great money.

What Is A Game Server Hosting?

Before getting started with gaming, it is crucial to select the right gaming server hosting. A game server is either on a local or remote server which allows the clients to play multiplayer games.

The game server hosting providers are the companies which provide game servers on rent so that you can enjoy playing the game without any interruption.

Types Of Game Hosting Server

The game server hosting can be categorized into two kinds.

1. Listen Server

In the case of Listen server hosting, the server operated as the game client, and the players can host and participate in the game simultaneously.

Listen servers are operated by individuals and connected via LAN. It is best and recommended only for a small number of players.

2. Dedicated Server

The dedicated game server hosting is the best choice if you are planning multiplayer games. You have full control over the game and can also update the content.

A dedicated server ensures high performance and offers you more flexibility. The best part is, you are not competing with anyone on sharing the server and bandwidth.

When it comes to playing multiplayer games, the game client takes care of graphics, sound and control part whereas the computer on the server keeps a tab on the players which includes keeping track of rules, gaming positions of the players and the game action.

Tips To Buy The Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting


Slow loading speed is the worst when it comes to gaming, and nobody likes lagging in the game. Just imagine you worked hard to reach a particular level of the game, but you didn’t get a chance to play due to the slow internet connection.

Game enthusiasts take gaming too seriously, and you don’t want to lose out the game due to technical glitches or internet issues.

Hence, it is must to opt for a good game server hosting, which primarily focuses on the game. Here are the factors which contributes majorly while selecting the right game server hosting.                         

1. Performance

Performance matters a lot if you want to enjoy the uninterrupted game; speed is a significant factor. It is must for the server to be superior in quality so that it supports the uninterrupted game.

The game server should support high-quality hardware along with SSDs. It is must for the server to be hosted on robust infrastructure, and the network provider should also be Tier 1 with sufficient bandwidth.

Performance is not a choice, and it is mandatory, each game needs different performance; hence make sure you have enough powerful supporting server before you get started with the game.

A game can be only played smoothly if the processor is super powerful, hence opt for server with is at least a minimum of Intel Core or similar powerful CPU.

2. Reliability

While selecting the best game server hosting, price is an essential factor which should not be missed. Another critical factor is uptime; it helps to enjoy the uninterrupted game online.

Avoid opting for the game server hosting, which is offering uptime less than 99%, and they are unreliable. Look for a game hosting plan which efficiently covers

  • Setting up firewalls
  • Regular system updates
  • Optimizations
  • DDoS protection

3. Easy Management

It is mandatory for an efficient game server hosting to offer best features like automatic updates without rebooting the server, and one clicks installation, the update of the operating system, choice of control panels for administration. Plan to spend more time or games instead of spending time on servers.

4. Anti Cheating Software

If you allow other folks to access your server, it is must to have an efficient anti-cheating software, and it will protect you well against all the hackers and cheaters who can manipulate your code and ruin your game.

5. Support

Best game server hosting usually provide the best supporting system and have a team of professionals who can solve technical queries and issues 24 x 7 all 365 days of the year.

Now you don’t need to worry about handling the technical glitches if you are planning a game during weekends or late night, the support team is always there is help you when you need them.

6. Do Research 

It is one of the essential factors which you should consider before investing in a game hosting server. There are many companies which promise to offer the best services at an attractive price.

Find the best game server hosting, research well and analyze the best in terms of performance, uptime, speed, and cost. Read the user experience and review before choosing the right gaming server. 

Additional Best Features To Look In a Game Server Hosting

You may also have a look at the following qualities while buying a dedicated server for gaming purposes. 

  • Real-time Server Backups
  • Enterprise DDOS Protection
  • 24/7 Prompt Technical Support
  • Server located In Multiple Locations
  • Refund Policy Within 24 Hours
  • Affordable Price and Excellent Performance
  • Control Panel With Administrations
  • One-Click Installation
  • Excellent Hardware
  • Support Multiplayer Game
  • Remote Management
  • Storage Capacity
  • Bandwidth
  • Processor

Wrapping Up

Selecting the right game server hosting is must to enjoy the superb gaming experience. It helps the players to achieve their goals naturally.

Moreover, with a smart server hosting, you can connect, send messages and also compete against each other efficiently.

You can select the best game server hosting based on their performance, speed, bandwidth, uptime, and technical support capabilities.

I hope you have learned how to choose the best game server hosting in 2019 and beyond! Share your priceless thoughts with us! 

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