HostArmada Hosting Review – Best Managed Cloud Hosting For Small Businesses

How to choose the best hosting server while launching a business website? It’s a million-dollar question! Yes, hundreds of hosting services exist in the industry, and everyone claims that they offer reliable service with maximum uptime.

I have been blogging over a decade, and hence I believe that I can pick the right server that boasts the latest technological features. I always prefer the cloud hosting type because it is flexible and scalable, with which we can easily upgrade the features when the site grows.

My next preferences are speedy and secured servers fortified with responsive technical support. Of course, my final requirement is affordability. When I was searching for a hosting company with all the conditions mentioned above, my search has been ended with HostArmada.

So, in this blog post, let’s see the qualities of this managed cloud hosting company, and it would help you decide whether to go with this web hosting or not!

HostArmada Hosting – Brief Intro


HostArmada is a new company that is independently funded and privately owned. HostArmada started in the year 2019; they aim towards providing faster, more reliable, and secure web hosting services. HostArmada is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies with the most creative and innovative approach for delivering cloud SSD web hosting solutions.

It provides various types of web hosting services like shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated web hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting.

Striking Features Of HostArmada

HostArmada provides brilliant features that help individuals and organizations to create and manage their websites more efficiently and effectively. Here, we would discuss just a few of them that I find most important.

1. Daily Backups

HostArmada provides a regular backup facility, which admittedly is a feature that is worth considering. In case there is a hiccup in the website, reverting to the previous version is usually tough.

However, with the help of a daily backup feature, it becomes easy to return to the last saved version. The basic plan provides seven-day backup. It is advised to opt for a plan which offers more backup days like 14 or 21 days, as it is more efficient and useful.

The daily backup facility is a great feature. If you are someone who loves to experiment a lot with your website, then rest assured, you would have this sorted with this company.

2. Cloud SSD Storage

The cloud SSD feature is a considerable benefit as it makes everything on your website quicker and reduces the response time. Sites that are hosted on HDD (hard disk drive) are slower in comparison to websites that are on SSD (solid slate drive). In general, it has been noticed that SSD websites are almost 300% faster than HHD websites.

All the servers in HostArmada are SSD to make the websites load faster and more efficiently. Cloud SSD technology provides 99.9 % uptime which is magnificent in comparison to other cloud hosting companies.

Cloud-powered servers provide optimal uptime, and there are hardly any hardware failures. SSD powered storage offers the fastest read and write. Hence, HostArmada is the perfect choice for people who want quick and efficient websites.

3. Cost-Efficient

The plans provided by HostArmada are cost-efficient and have numerous features. The most basic plan (start dock) starts from just $1.20 per month. While the prices can go higher up, the features also increase every time the plan is upgraded.

If you are someone new in the web hosting, then it is highly recommended that you properly analyze your needs before you finally choose your plan.

All the plans of HostArmada provide efficient and effective services. The plans provided range from 1.20 dollars per month to 2.69 dollars per month with the latest promotion. At times, the company comes up with some of the best deals and offers, and you can thus grab the hosting services at a really cheap rate. At the time of writing this article, all the services had a flat 85% discount.

4. Great Customer Support

HostArmada is well known for its web hosting services. The company has also been well appreciated for providing excellent customer services. Customer support is one of the key features that the customers generally look at while getting associated with any company that provides service.

The efficient after-sales services of the company are something that surely matters to the customers, and HostArmada knows it perfectly. HostArmada provides 24/7 customer care. The service is provided every single day of the year, and the team members are highly knowledgeable.

The average response time by customer care is somewhere around 10 minutes, and most of the problems are resolved in the first time you get in touch with the customer support executives itself.  Hence, HostArmada provides efficient and effective customer care services.

Pros Of HostArmada Shared Cloud Hosting

1. Less Number Of Users On One Server

For excellent website performance, the website allows only a few customers on one server. Due to the same, there is no extra traffic on the site, which allows a low server load.

2. Real-Time Support System Available

For quicker and safer data transfer, a human-powered technical support system is made available for the users to resolve any website related problems and issues. Also, it helps in downloading new templates and designs for the site.

3. One-Click Application Installation

It involves no additional fees for putting up your website. Also, the process is made super easy with the one-click installer, which helps users to put up their websites in literally no time.

4. Continuous Backups

Backing up the website is quite an easy task and does not require any extra hassle and trouble. However, with the Automatic Backup option, which is made available by the application, it becomes even more accessible.

The burden to back up the website is reduced from the shoulders of the user, which makes the entire process simple and easy.

5. Web Service Cache

With an intuitive and easy Cache system, the customer’s websites not only load quicker but also, they make use of the minimum facilities and resources, including the internet.

Even on smaller and cheaper plans, the company allows the customer’s websites to be visited by a much wider audience and web visitors.

6. Managed Web Hosting Services

With the managed Cloud SSD Shared hosting packages, the customers never have the additional stress that comes with the condition of the website. Also, the company ensures that the website remains up to date and perfect for use.

7. Multiple Cloud Storage Packages

For the cloud SSD storage hosting packages and plans, this company is the best in the business. It offers traditional SSD drives for cloud storage with RAID10 configuration.

It helps the users to maintain the data integrity of their visitors.

8. Easy To Use Control Panel

The company offers a cPanel, which has also become a benchmark in web hosting. It is easy to use and navigate, with a lot of reliability and durability.

It plays a significant role in driving the hosting service in the correct direction. It assists in growing the website on the right path.

Cons Of HostArmada Shared Cloud Hosting

1. No Reselling

In HostArmada, there are negligible chances of reselling the hosting plans for the user, which restricts the flexibility of the website.

2. High Renewal Cost

Another disadvantage that HostArmada has is that the renewal costs of web hosting plans and services are a bit high than usual.


In my opinion, HostArmada provides excellent hosting services at cheap costs. The costs are affordable, and they also come up with great deals from time to time. However, the storage option offered in all plans seems to be somewhat low. However, I believe that they will increase the storage size in the upcoming days.

The other plans, like web wrap and speed reaper, are better options as they provide unlimited websites and better storage options. Hence, buyers who can afford the plans should go for it as the services offered by HostArmada are excellent, but analyzing the needs before buying service is essential.

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