Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels – Which is best for Sales Funnel Creations in 2022

Groove Pages vs Clickfunnels

A successful product launch requires the best marketing and sales funnels. The groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels comparison gives the best platform for sales funnel creation and management. The Groove Pages provides websites, funnel builder, CRM, hosting, and then membership sites for successful funnel building for digital product launches. 

In the case of Clickfunnels, we have web page builders, different funnels, marketing automation, shopping carts, and an easy-to-access dashboard for all the funnels with its process. The best funnel builder should have multiple landing pages templates and email services integration for customer relationships and conversion. Let us find a suitable funnel provider for digital product selling.

Why is a Groove Pages better than Click funnels?

The Groove Pages offers funnel builder, cart, and payment gateways with groove ads services for successful product sales. Moreover, It has the below advantages over Clickfunnels.

  • We can easily sell products and online services using Funnels with CRM in Groove Pages.
  • Sell unlimited products with upselling, down-sell, bumps using membership sites with multiple pricing plans.
  • Funnel builder is available to create unique sales and promotional funnels with drag and drop options.
  • CRM provides automated marketing campaigns with email, SMS, and voice calls.
  • It is easy to sell online courses with hosting support using Groove Pages.
  • It provides free access without credit card details.

Why is Clicckfunnels preferred over Groove Pages?

Clickfunnels are better than Groove Pages for funnel building and successful conversion during digital product promotions. Moreover, It has below benefits than Groove Pages. 

  • Clickfunnels provides a sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs and marketing people.
  • The drag and drop web page editor is available to create multiple follow-up funnels.
  • It uses smart shopping carts to upsell products on checkout pages.
  • The email marketing service helps run an automated marketing campaign with Facebook marketing.
  • The funnels are available for marketing agencies, coaching, ecommerce sales, and then lead generation.
  • A 14-day free trial is available with 30 days money-back guarantee.

A quick comparison of Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels

Before analyzing the features available for sales funnels creation and its management during digital product selling, we should look at a quick comparison between these two platforms. The comparison table helps to find the right choice to create funnels during product sales or online course promotions.

FeaturesGroove pagesClickfunnels
Funnel buildersDrag and drop funnel builder, Website builder, 17 apps to engage convert and sell products.Sales funnels, Follow-up funnels, Drag and drop page builder, Etison editor for high conversion.
Products and websiteOnline courses, membership sites, Free websites for ecommerce productsEcommerce products, Membership sites, Coaching, Marketing funnels
HostingVideo hosting is available for funnel pagesWe should use tthird party hosting
Shopping cartsUpsell, down sell, order bumps, Multiple memberships pricing with Groove pay.Shopping carts, subscription pricing plans. Upsell, exit checkout offers, Multiple payment checkouts
CRM and MarketingGroove CRM available with email marketing serviceAutomated email marketing, Facebook automation, Email, social, text with desktop notification Easy to access dashboard
Affiliate managementAvailable for product promotion.Smart backpack affiliate programs
Support    Blog, Training and tutorials, Groove digital academyBolg, documentation, Facebook group, live chat support
Free trialFree access available14 days free trial, 30days money back guarantee

Groove Pages Vs Click Funnels detailed comparison

Bothe Groove Pages and Clickfunnels are the best platforms to create sales funnels and other promotional funnels. Moreover, they use different support tools for high conversion during online course promotion or digital product sales. The detailed comparison helps identify the necessary features for successful funnel management with automated marketing campaigns. Finally, it provides the best funnel-building tool among Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels. 

1. Best Funnel Builders

For promoting online courses and digital product sales, automated marketing with sale funnels is a vital element. It associates with lead pages, landing pages, builders, and then CRM tools when it comes to funnel creation. For example, in Groove Pages, we have multiple funnel-building options listed below.

  • Groove funnels help create multiple funnels for sales and promotion with lead generation.
  • It uses Groove Pages, groove mail, and groove sell apps to create landing pages, engagement, and conversion during the funnel process.
  • Groove Pages have a website builder funnel builder with drag and drop options.
  • The video hosting on sales pages with social proof increases conversion.

In the Case of Clickfunnels, We have an Etison funnel builder with drag and drop options for high conversion funnel processing. It uses a web page builder to create lead generation pages, checkout, sales, and upsell pages. Moreover, we can create membership subscription pages with multiple pricing plans. In addition, the smart sales funnels and follow-up funnels are available with lead generation, sales, checkout, upsell and thank you page templates.

Verdict: In the Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels funnel builder battle, Clickfunnels is the Winner. The reason, It has sales and follow-up funnels with Etison editor for higher conversion on landing pages.

2. Products Options and Website

Every funnel requires products or business services to promote or sell online. For example, we can use a lead generation funnel to collect business leads for marketing the product. So the funnel service should provide options to create product delivery pages or membership subscription options to deliver online services.

  • In Groove Pages, we have Groovemember that helps create a membership site or online course with subscription options.
  • Groove video and Groove cart apps help sell products with upselling and downsell options even if they use order bumps.
  • It provides a free website with landing pages.
  • Groove Pages provide free hosting for landing page videos.

While Click funnels use membership sites and lead generation page options with landing pages, it uses a step-by-step funnel process that focuses on one product and directly deals with customers. First, generate leads using marketing campaigns like Facebook automation and follow-up funnels to find the right time for sending sales letters with dashboard management.

Verdict:  In the Clickfunnels Vs Groove Pages product sales and website battle, Groove Pages is the Winner. Regarding product selling options for promotions, Groove Pages uses 17 apps with membership subscription options. Moreover, it has free video hosting for sales page videos and other funnel conversion videos.

3. CRM and Marketing

The best marketing and sales funnel needs to have customer relationship options with automated marketing campaigns.

In groove pages, we have the below features for promotions and sales funnels,

  • Groove mail is for email automation,
  • Groove webinar is for product or service presentation,
  • It uses groove video, proof, and pipes for product promotions and sales management.
  • The groove mapping helps to manage multiple funnels for automated conversion.
  • Webinars, booking, scheduling, live steaming, and surveys help online coaching websites.

The Clickfunnels uses below marketing and CRM options in funnel creation

  • Lead generation pages with multiple form page templates.
  • Follow-up funnels with text, email, social and desktop notifications.
  • Upsell pages checkout offers for higher conversion.
  • We can create Squeeze, sales, order, and thank you pages for sales funnels.
  • Facebook marketing automations,
  • It uses automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Smart CRM is available for customer relationship building.

Verdict: In the Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels CRM and marketing battle, Clickfunnels is the Winner. Even though Groove Pages use multiple apps for marketing and customer relation, Clickfunnels has better marketing and CRM options.

4. Affiliate Management

The main goal of the funnel is to increase conversion with automated marketing campaigns. So to increase conversion on landing pages, we should use funnels. It would be easy for the promoters and affiliates to achieve more sales using landing pages. Both the funnels tools provide affiliate management options.

In Groove Pages, we have a Groove affiliate app to promote products and business services. We can manage the affiliates and secure orders with checkout pages using groove affiliate. In addition, the groove pay helps to manage affiliate payments.

When it comes to Clickfunnels, we have Backpack Affiliate programs to manage affiliates in product promotion. We can create different affiliate commission plans in backpack programs. It helps create regular, super, and launch affiliates with JV programs for product promotions. In addition, we can use banners email swipes with pricing plans for affiliates. 

Verdict: In the Clickfunnels Vs Groove Pages affiliate management battle, The Clickfunnels is the Winner. The reason is, It uses a Backpack affiliate program with multiple affiliate commission plans and ease of access affiliate area.

5. Support and Pricing

The pricing and support make customers use the tools with confidence. The Groove Pages uses digital groove academy to generate traffic, leads, sales, and then revenues for the business. It is a free CRM with a marketing automation platform with funnel creation apps. Only the platinum plan at $1997 needs to be purchased with lifetime licenses. It provides the Facebook community with support with helpdesk applications. We can also have a mobile application to use Groove Pages for our online course promotion and sales.

In Clickfunnels, we have $99 per month with 14 days free trial. Moreover, it provides 30 days money-back guarantee. The platinum plan is available for $297 per month. When it comes to support, It has blogs, Facebook groups communities with live chat support to build sales and follow-up funnels for product promotions.   

Verdict: The Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels support and pricing is the tie. The reason, The Groove Pages is available for free access for a lifetime. Moreover, we have a digital academy and Facebook group support; While Clickfunnels also has a blog, tutorials, Facebook group, and live chat support with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict: The Clickfunnels is the Winner of the battle between Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels. Most of the battles Clickfunnels wins over Groove Pages for funnel creation and its associative process for digital product promotions. However, Groove Pages win only in product sales and website support for funnel creation.

Conclusion – which is best in Groove Pages Vs Clickfunnels

By wrapping up Groove Pages vs Clickfunnels comparison for funnel creation for online product promotion and its sales, Both the platforms offer supportive apps and funnel builders to create and manage multiple funnels. However, Groove Pages have free access and 17 apps for funnel creation with membership subscription options.

In the end, Clickfunnels have the necessary landing pages, funnel templates, CRM, affiliate programs, and then shopping carts for successful funnel creation with marketing automation. Moreover, It uses Etison editor with lead generation options. So, Clickfunnels is the best choice to promote digital products like online courses using funnels with membership subscriptions in Groove Pages vs Clickfunnels.

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