10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs To Join In 2022


Are you interested in online games? We can earn money using the best gaming affiliate programs in 2022. These programs are beneficial for teens to play online games and make money from that too.

Online gamers and streamers are using gaming websites and related accessories to play online games. It makes fantastic real-time experiences.

So now we can suggest the best tools and accessories in Youtube, social media to play online games. It will help us to find suitable games to choose our friends to play in real-time.

Many gaming providers and product resellers offer affiliate programs to promote gaming accessories and related products using that particular game.

How to earn money from gaming affiliate programs?

You can join the affiliate programs provided by the gamming partners and their accessories resellers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. If a sale is closed by our referral of gaming products, you will get paid a specific commission from that sale. 

The best gaming affiliate programs may provide commission from 5% to 50% to their affiliates to promote their products. Every program has different cookie tracking periods and pay-out methods to pay the commissions.

Now we will see the best ten gaming affiliate programs to join in 2022 and beyond!

10 Best Affiliate Programs In Gaming Niche

We would see the best commission rates and cookie tracking period for every affiliate program in this list. It also provides gaming products and accessories for gamers and streamers to play the game. This article tells about gaming affiliate programs with the products available to promote.

1. Razer Affiliate Program

Razer is one of the best gaming affiliate programs that doesn’t require any initial payment to signup. This program also offers special incentives apart from the regular commission for the affiliate promotion. 

Razer affiliate program has a wide range of creative text links and banners for the promotions of gaming products. It provides the best offers for online streamers as well. We can promote the products like Gamming laptops, mobile devices, and then systems. The gaming peripherals like Mice, keyboard, audio, mouse mats, and controllers.

Commission Rate: It gives 10% commission for each sale in Respawn products, 3% for peripherals, USD 5$ for systems and mobile devices.

Cookie Period: 30 days

Pay-out: 23 days after the end of the month in which the commission is locked.

2. Leprestore Gaming Affiliate Program 

Leprestore is a game-boosting service that is offered for many war games. These referral programs are available only for players to boost the game character for the players in the game. COD warzone, destiny 2, Tarkov, Apex legends, and New word are the games that are available to boost the characters.

They also provide leveling boost, character boost, class, gear, profession, and craft boost for every gaming environment for the gamer and streamers. In addition, the world of war crafts provides many boosters for the players. All the boosters are available in Leprestore loyalty referral program.

Commission Rate: 3 % for every booster

Cookie Tracking: all time

Pay-out: Leprestore coins or equal $ can spent to buy boosters.

3. Logitech Gaming Affiliate Program 

Logitech provides many gaming products and accessories from the best technology brands. We can join the program immediately once they are accepted as an affiliate, we have access to the product we need to promote.  

The Logitech is provides gaming products such as Gaming mice, mousepads, audio, streaming gear, driving, space, flight, farm, and gamepads for online gamers. We can also promote entire Logitech brands LigitechG, Astro, Blue, and Ultimate Ears.

Commission rate: from 4% up 10% for every product sale

Cookie period: 30 days

Pay-out: Affiliates are paid after 90 days from the sale completed.

4. Nerd or Die affiliate program 

Nerd or Die is one of the excellent gaming affiliate programs for Streamers to promote steam panels for online gaming. This program also includes chats and social media for steamers. It uses four different affiliate promotion methods from tier 1 to tier 4. 

Every method has a different affiliate commission rate from 10% to 30% based on referrals. In addition, each tier program has some extra features for promotion, such as marketing tools, affiliate portal, and free products. In addition, they offer streaming overlay, banners, and widgets for promotion.

Commission Rate: 10% to 30% per sale depending on the tiered plan

Cookie period: not specified.

Pay-out: by PayPal minimum pay-out of 10 USD.

5. Zygor Guides Gaming Affiliate Program

Zygor Guides provides the best gaming affiliate program with commission per sale and recurring commission as well. If we subscribed to Zygor guides, they would pay 42.99$ for every new customer referral and recurring commission.

The guides are available for the world of warcraft, leveling & loremaster, dragons & gear, dailies & reputation, gold & profession, pets & mounts, and titles & achievements. It also provides in-game guides, web guides along with a forum and live chat support. Promotional videos, images, and PPC material are also available.

Commission rate: 50% per sale

Cookie period: 60 days

Pay-out: Commission paid every month.

6. Modded Zone Affiliate Program

Modded zone has many gamming controllers for online gamers and streamers. It uses share a sale affiliate network for the promotion of gaming accessories and controllers. This program has hundreds of controller designs such as Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation3 &4.

It does not only provide rapid files. Moddedzone also has addons for online gaming such as Drop shot mod, auto burst Jitter mod, fast reload mod, Active reload, Jump shot, active aim, jitter, quick scope, and autorun. All the gaming accessories are available modded zone website. We can promote it by joining ShareASale affiliate programs.

Commission rate: 10% commission for every sale

Cookie period: not specified

Pay-out: monthly with Shareasale minimum pay-out checks or direct deposit.

7. World Winner Gaming Affiliate Program

The WorldWinner affiliate uses the Commission junction affiliate network for the promotion of gaming products. It provides easy cash to refer an audience to play Worldwinner and get paid via the CJ affiliate program. In addition, we can use youtube, website, app, social media profiles to promote the game.

It has many different games to play and win prizes. The games include cards, bingo, wheel of fortune, spider solitaire, etc. It sent the commission amount once the referred player has deposited the amount to pay the game in WorldWinner. So we can withdraw the money whenever we need it.

Commission Rate: 25$ per every player we referred, the commission amount sent once the player deposits the amount.

Cookie period: nil

Pay-out: Withdraw the amount from Payoneer to the bank account.

8. Stream play Affiliate program 

The Streamplay gaming affiliate program provides graphic and sound accessories for affiliate promotions. It has premade overlays, webcam overlays, and animated graphics for the advertising. In addition, we can use affiliate banners available within the affiliate area and use them on websites. 

The graphics, stream packages, panels, and scene transition are also available for promotions. Affiliate registration is a free process. We can promote the products via youtube, social media, and even websites as well.

Commission rate: 30% for every sale that we referred via affiliate link

Cookie period: 30 days

Pay-out: No minimum pay-outs, whether 5$ or 500$ they will pay it via PayPal every month.

9. Greenman Gamming Affiliate Program

Greenman Gaming affiliate program has two different programs for gamming product promotion. The first is a business affiliate program to promote gaming accessories via the website and social media platform. It has dedicated account management with a product catalog for every product that we promote. The product available to promote is PCs, VR, and then gaming software.

The exclusive unique offers on products, links, and affiliate promotion banners are available within the affiliate area. The second is an influencer ambassador program with an excellent commission structure. It has weekly giveaways and special discounts for the influencers to promote the gaming products.

Commission rate: 5% commission for every sale 

Cookie Period: 30 days

Pay-out: It uses a commission junction pay-out policy with monthly payment.

10. Epic games Affiliate program

Epic games affiliate program is to provide support creators. The active video makers, streamers, storytellers, artists, and community builders participate in this affiliate program. We need to have 1000+ followers on social media to promote the gaming products. They also have accounts on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The creators can create content on Fortnite, the rocket league, and many games in the epic stores. The creators should create a creator code for participation. For Fortnite, the accepted creators can earn 5% of game purchase value. The rocket league provides 5% of the credit card spend amount by the customers.

Commission Rate: 5% commission forever sale

Cookie period: 14 days

Pay-out: Minimum 100 US$ within 12 consecutive month referrals. They sent the commission 45days after the end of the month.

Conclusion – Best gamming affiliate programs to join in 2022

The best gaming affiliate programs should provide a reasonable commission rate for purchasing gaming accessories by wrapping up this article. They also offer commission for playing the game as well if it is played for money. They provide gaming products for online streamers and gamers with good PCs, graphics, audio, mousepads, controllers, etc.

The razer is the best gamming affiliate program to join in 2022 on its excellent commission rate for gaming systems and peripherals. They have affiliate banners for the product available for both online gamers and streamers. Twenty-three days pay-out makes it the best gaming affiliate program to make quick money.

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