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Essential Office Supplies For A Comfortable Safe and Healthy Environment


As we pass through 2021, we see offices slowly opening around the globe. While former offices might be considering calling their employees back to work, many offices might be opening from scratch.

Opening a new office includes new office supplies, furniture, and other essentials. You can check out office supplies at office supply stores such as Southwest Business Products, if you are thinking about stocking, furnishing, and upgrading your office post-Covid.

Read on to learn more about essential office supplies that can make your office a better, comfortable, and safer place for your employees.

1. Disinfecting Spray

You need to disinfect the entire office before you allow employees inside the office premises. We recommend that you hire the services of a cleaning squad before you open the doors for your employees. Afterward, make sure to include a disinfecting spree every day to maintain a clean office.

We recommend opting for a pleasant scented disinfecting spray which is easy to use as well. All you need to do is spray the surface, wipe the surface, and you are all done! The benefit of a disinfecting spray is that it kills 99.99% of germs and is quite effective against influenza, corona, and other viral infections.

2. Privacy Screen At Workstation

Due to the ongoing pandemic, and people still getting vaccines, privacy screens have become more important than before. The benefits of privacy screens are two-fold: firstly, you get privacy, and secondly, employees can come to the office and avoid cross-contamination while keeping a personal space around them.

Typically, the privacy screen is shatterproof; whereas, the translucent screen allows the inlet of natural light along with maintaining an interruption-free work zone. Besides the privacy screen, you can also integrate a privacy panel, especially, when you are working in an open office environment with open office desk layouts.

3. High-Back Task Chair

When your employees return to the office, they will want to feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible. A high-back chair allows for a healthy posture and provides the back with the much-needed support while sitting for longer hours. A high-back task chair is essential for people who cannot stand or are physically challenged.

The high-back task chair is perfectly designed for multi-functional purposes. The breathable mesh allows for comfort, and the padded layers on the seat allow for comfortable seating. The high-task chair is perfectly crafted for a custom fit.

4. Antimicrobial Ergonomic Keyboard

The most used surface of modern offices is the keyboards, which is why you will have to pay special attention to this area if you are planning to open your office anytime soon. With the inclusion of an ergonomic antimicrobial keyboard, you can give your hands improved comfort and decrease the risk of developing carpal tunnel.

Your employee will be excited to work and feel comfortable during office hours. Additionally, no one has to worry about the spread of bacteria and getting sick. The keyboard is nothing like your regular keyboard – it comes with one-touch internet access; whereas, the 16-characters buffer allows for fast-typing.

5. Antimicrobial Ballpoint For Help desk

All offices have help desks where potential clients and customers can ask questions, get information, and ask for appointments. Your receptionists will appreciate it if you include a ballpoint counter pen, which is antimicrobial as receptionists come in contact with several people per day. When visitors have to sign papers, their hands can carry bacteria and contaminate the ballpoints.

With the antimicrobial ballpoint, your receptionist or employee will have the peace of mind that they won’t come in contact with viral infections. Also, the antimicrobial ballpoint comes with rubber grips and edges, which is vital for the prevention of bacterial growth.

6. Get Interior Plants

As oxygen is considered more important during this pandemic, get some stylish interior plants so that your office staff will get a refreshing atmosphere while working. If you search online, you will get tons of plant suppliers to keep inside your office and create a pleasant atmosphere. 

Wrapping Up

If you were running an office in and around the US and Canada, then it is high time to reopen with a lot of safety arrangements after the Covid 19 Pandemic. Not only these ideas, you may also consider installing the Vivint smart home to get a complete security solution for your office. 

Don’t forget to make arrangements for your employees to breathe the fresh air in the workspace. I have shared some essential office supplies to make your office secure and comfortable. If you are looking for more ideas, let me know, I’ll share some useful strategies. 

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