How to Download Videos from Membership Site?

Download Videos from Membership Site

Are you surfing to download videos from membership sites?. This article guides us to create a video membership site and then answer how to download videos from the membership site?. There are many methods available to download videos. Online free recorder, desktop program, browser extension, and mobile application are the different methods to download videos from the membership site.

Starting a video membership site is an easy process from an Idea:

  1. Make a draft video script to create videos to upload to the membership site. The video creation must have a script, recording, and editing software.
  2. Audio recording and editing is also important factor when creating videos for a subscription site.
  3. The extra features like graphics and animation help us to create a video membership site.

How to start a video membership site?

To start a video membership site, we must have video recording, video editing, and audio recording with a computer and microphone. The screen recorder helps to create screencast videos for the subscription site. Software like Camtasia and Movavi screen recorder is the best choice to create and export videos after editing. Moreover, we can export videos in various formats such as Avi, Mp4, etc.

Once we have created new videos for the subscription website, we need to protect them by uploading them to video hosting websites. The video-sharing sites like Vimeo and Youtube now offer subscription unlock features. So, we can monetize the channel to make a profit as well. We should build a video membership site in WordPress with the best video hosting platform.

How to build a video membership site?

We can create a video membership site in WordPress CMS as well. It is just like a membership site creation using membership plugins. Moreover, the best video hosting platform helps to host the videos securely. The protected videos are embedded on the membership site. We can add membership plans to a paid subscription.

The payment gateway integration helps to make a profit for the membership subscription. We just added a purchase link on the membership site sales pages. The original videos are hosted on video hosting websites, and it is embedded in the protected WordPress website. It is done using membership plugins. The video tutorials and webinar videos are hosted on the right hosting platform for better video steaming during high traffic conditions.

We can download membership site videos and webinar videos using desktop applications and browser extensions. Moreover, the webinar videos can be recorded using online video recording software like Movavi screen recorder. It helps to record even zoom video calling as well.

How to add membership site for videos?

Once we have created a video using video recording software and exported it into multiple formats using the best video editing software. These videos are uploaded to the protected website using a video hosting platform. We can also use video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo to host videos for paid membership subscriptions. So, How to you upload videos to subscription sites?. The video can be uploaded or embedded into a membership website for paid subscription.

For this, we need to create a membership site with multiple subscription levels. The Thinkific like membership site creation platform helps to add multiple membership levels for teaching online courses with video tutorials. For example, gold, silver, and platinum are the three membership levels in the WordPress membership sites.

Each membership level must have different video content access on a subscription site. We can adjust the pricing for individual levels based on the membership level and video content. Moreover, we can use full membership and recurring billing for the membership videos.

How to Create Video Membership site in WordPress?

First, we need to set up a WordPress website with the necessary plugins. Then we should convert the WordPress website into a membership subscription site using membership plugins like MemberPress, etc. These membership plugins help to use different subscription plans with Pricing and content levels. Moreover, The video content can be protected with full payment access or recurring payment access. In recurring payment, the membership content must be converted into multiple stages. We should have access to the corresponding video content for each month’s payment completion.

Once we created the Membership levels and plans using the membership site plugins. Now we need to upload videos for each level and protect them with restricted access for other membership levels. Based on the membership plan, we need to deliver protected videos, either full access or recurring subscription access. We can use video hosting platforms or video-sharing websites to host membership videos and embed these videos into the pages of WordPress membership sites.

Membership video download and payment

Not all the membership sites provide video download options while creating video tutorials for subscription sites. Based on the payment plan, we should have download access. We can create different payment plans for the subscription. Moreover, we can add a payment link for each plan. Once we have subscribed to a plan, we should embed video inside the protected WordPress pages or posts. We can use membership home page navigation to access video content.

We also have a subscription option for other membership levels with different video content. So we must customize the membership site home page well to access all the membership content. Moreover, it should have the provision for complete access to the entire website. Well-customized website can help to organize videos for better usability. The video player and high-performance hosting make each member’s video membership site perform well.

The marketing tools integration and member’s management CRM integration with the membership site provides better options for promoting the video tutorials and webinars. Email marketing services help send follow-up and broadcast messages for marketing and sales promotions. Moreover, The automated marketing campaign help to promote the website well on social media websites and paid promotion.

How to make YouTube videos unlockable in membership site?

We can also use youtube videos and other video sharing sites like Vimeo videos unlockable on the membership site. However, These websites offer monetization features for video every video uploaded to the website. In youTube, we have a monetization option once we have a thousand subscribers on the channel, with the channel owner must have more than eighteen years.

It helps to upload newly created videos on YouTube. Later, protect it and embed it in the membership website for restricted access. First, we need to unlock certain features in our Youtube channels, such as Live streams, custom thumbnails videos longer than 15 minutes, etc. After verifying the channel, we should have access to the creator tools that helps us to create better videos. Moreover, we can unlock community tabs features once we have 500 subscribers on YouTube.

How to record video from paid membership site?

We can record videos from paid membership site using the Movavi screen recorder. It allows us to record videos from any website while the video is playing on the web page. The Movavi screen recorder has some extra features like record scheduling. Moreover, we can also record live events like webinars and video calling from zoom conference. Furthermore, it helps to record video from the browser as well.

How to download a video from membership site? 

Downloading a video from a membership site may have different methods such as free screen recorder, Browser extension, and desktop applications. Keepvid, 4K video downloader, and are some examples of downloading videos from websites. We can also use page sources to download videos from a membership site.

On the page source, we should find the MP4 file. Just copy the code, paste the URL into the browser, and download the video file for later usage. Moreover, Different browser extensions are available to download videos from membership sites. For example, the video download helper uses to download non-YouTube recordings.  

Conclusion – How to Download Videos from Membership Site

How to download videos from the membership site starts with building a membership site for videos. Creating a video membership site requires video recording software, video editing software, audio recording software, and a video script. Moreover, the mic and accessories with graphics and animation provide better video effects.  

We can use Thinkific software to create video membership sites with promotional features. Moreover, we can directly download membership site videos using browser extensions, the page source, and screen recording software like Movavi screen recorder.

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