7 Cybersecurity Courses to Learn the Fundamentals

Cybersecurity Courses

Are you looking for the best cybersecurity courses?. This article covers the online courses on cyber security, hacking, penetration, networking, and cloud security. Moreover, cyber-attacks and network protection are essential to cyber security courses. The self-paced, easy-to-use video tutorials in the course help students learn quicker. These courses help to strengthen the home network security from the expert and industry leader’s explanations.

The Cybersecurity courses teach risk management, cryptography network security, and clouding security. The enterprise solutions’ authentication and then authorization methods give these courses a better advantage. Moreover, we can learn about cyber-attacks before we protect our system against malicious attacks. Malware, threats, and physical attacks are some of the cyber-attacks. So, these courses help to design security controls for its operations.

Top 7 Cybersecurity Courses for Network Security

Here are the seven best cyber security courses to protect our home network. These courses are offered by the faculty and then leading experts in the industry. The practical training and personalized support make students troubleshoot the security issues quicker. Fresh graduates, Working professionals, and then middle-level managers can learn the courses to protect our home or office network. Furthermore, certifications are available for people who complete cyber security courses.

1. Cyber Security course from Simplilearn

The cyber security course from simpli-learn helps to secure the network. The system has been designed with technologies, processes, and practices to help protect against network, computer, and then data attacks. We can save the network from unauthorized access and then hacker damage. This postgraduate program gives university certificates and community participation with career support. Introduction to cyber security program deals with principles, concepts, and challenges in cyber security.

Features of Introduction to Cyber security

  • Simplilearn provides many advanced cyber security courses with this course.
  • It offers self-paced learning with industry-recognized certifications.
  • 24×7 learners’ assistance and support from Simplilearn.
  • The course contains cyber security fundamentals, enterprise architecture, and then risk management.
  • It is a six-month course with industry examples and case studies.

2. Netacad Cyber security

The Netacad cyber security courses help the security professional to protect the network from cyber-attacks. We can enjoy puzzle solving with live working teams during the network protection. Netacad offers many courses on cyber security, such as Introduction, Essentials, cloud security, network security, and IoT security. These courses cover the most common issues in security like treats, attacks, and vulnerabilities. Moreover, we can secure and protect the network from data theft, damage, and disruption. Wireless essentials’ switching and routing help design, implement and support network security.

Features of Netacad cyber security

  • It helps to understand the security controls for networks, servers, and then applications.
  • We can connect with Facebook and linked-in community for community learning.
  • The proof of completion has available with certifications.
  • We get critical thinking and problem-solving skills with the CISCO packet tracker.
  • The professionals help to protect the network with better security design and then implementation.

3. Cyber security introduction from Great Lakes

The Postgraduate program in cyber security is available as a six-month course from great lakes. This course helps us work on real-world projects to learn current trends from industry leaders. Moreover, the lab session is available to implement the conceptual learning. Furthermore, the live mentorship from the experts in the cyber security industry helps to learn advanced security issues. This course includes the fundamentals of cyber security, risk management, and cloud and network security with cryptography.

Features of Cyber security courses from Great Lakes

  • It is a six-month course that helps design and implements a network security system.
  • We can learn the security essentials from faculty and then industry leaders.
  • The great learning provides real-world scenarios on cyber security.
  • Case studies and interactive training help to master classes in cyber security.
  • The security operations and incident management help to playback issues in network security.

4. Sans Cyberaces

The Cyberaces from Sans provide a gateway to cyber security skills. It helps to reduce the number of cyber-attacks and then increases network protection. It is available as an open course to learn from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the regular course material change keeps knowledge of recent network issues. The self-paced course has easy-to-use video tutorials for quicker learning of cyber security fundamentals.

Features of CyberAces Course

  • The security course contains operating systems, networking, and then system administration security.
  • Cyber security course is better engaged with students, military veterans, and then a wide range of participants.
  • It has many resources on technology, computer, and then security foundations to teach the essentials.
  • The isolated environment helps to learn from industry leaders.
  • Sans cyberaces is a free online course on cyber security.

5. StationX Security

The StationX is a better cyber security development platform and offers a security course. It provides better cyber security training with certificates. A dedicated career mentor helps to find the right path in the industry to build a better future. Moreover, the community of industry experts, instructors, and skillful learners can deliver high-quality training in security problems. The security course includes thousands of classes, virtual labs, and then practical exam simulations for better interactive learning.

Features of StationX Course

  • It teaches ethical hacking and penetration testing in the course.
  • Essential information in cyber security at clouds and then networks.
  • The course uses team collaboration with virtual labs and then exams.
  • The dedicated career mentors help to give the proper roadmap on cyber security problems.
  • The training makes students get top certifications with virtual lab experience.

6. Trebas cyber security

Trebas Cybersecurity courses make the students become the leader in this industry. It offers twelve month diploma program on digital security on the blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We can learn python programming, SQL, Hyper-V, and mobile simulators for practice with lab experiments. Moreover, risk management and problem troubleshooting with security produce high-quality professionals in cybersecurity. Furthermore, this training includes advanced technologies to protect the systems and networks from cyber-attacks.

Features of Trebas Cyber Security

  • It helps to learn the tools like Wireshark for cyber security.
  • We can quickly solve digital security issues on networks and systems.
  • It offers a better career as an informatics analyst and system security analyst with a top-rated certificate.
  • The community group is available with industry experts and then active learners for high-quality learning.
  • During the course progress, they offer secured employment in six months over 40 plus countries.

7. Isac Cybersecurity courses

The Isac Cyber security training courses with advanced nexus technology. Moreover, the self-paced course helps to deal with real-world security training. We can learn from a cloud-based virtual environment anywhere and anytime. It helps to build the skills from scratches, such as fundamentals, foundations, and CSX-P on cyber security. We can learn advanced cyber security technics for nexus labs. Isac provides multiple courses on cyber security in the live network environment.

Features of Isac cyber security course

  • The course contains the fundamental concepts of cyber security with network architecture.
  • It describes the risk management process with practical difficulties.
  • We can learn about different cyber-attacks that hack and damage the network.
  • It helps to identify security threats, malware, and vulnerabilities.
  • We can implement new technologies for network system protections at training Labs.
  • The course training labs simulated the file hashes, bit locker, password recovery, and SSH protection.

Conclusion – Best Cybersecurity Courses 

By wrapping up the best CyberSecurty courses, these courses help to learn about cyber-attacks from malware and then other threats. So, we can avoid damage and hacks and protect the network system from vulnerable attacks. Moreover, cyber security helps to prevent unauthorized access from hackers. Furthermore, We can simulate real-world security issues with advanced labs that help to produce professionals in cyber security industries.

Ultimately, the cybersecurity courses from Simplilearn provide a better impact for the learners with industry-leading instructors. It offers classes from fundamentals to advanced cyber security on networks. We can get recognized certification for ethical hacking and penetration to build a career in cyber security with a dedicated mentor. It makes Simplilearn the right choice to learn cybersecurity courses.

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